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What Are My Rights Or My 14 Yr Old Sons Rights To My Late Ex Husbands Life Insurance Or Other

When my estranged husband dies will I be responsible for his funeral arrangements?

I was in the process of getting a divorce my husband died. Am I responsible for his funeral? I have no money to pay this.This saved my marriage: Save My Marriage TodayMarried people are not responsible for the individual debts of their spouses unless they have taken on the debts themselves, like when you co-sign a loan. So, even though you were still married at the time of his death, you aren’t responsible for your husband’s funeral expenses.If you make funeral arrangements for your husband, make sure that it is clear that you are acting as the representative of his estate and not individually. Don’t put any of these expenses in your own name. Funeral debts are a debt of your husband’s estate and should be paid before anything is distributed to his heirs. Whether your husband died with or without a Will, as his surviving spouse you will be in a position to inherit from your spouse after his final expenses — including funeral costs — and debts are paid.My brother’s wife is dying of cancer. We just found out, she doesn’t have life insurance. He doesn’t have enough money to pay for the funeral, what can we do?

If you know for sure, that your ex husband is driving with no license because of numerous...?

That is bull he lost his rights and if he didn't follow through poo on him.
Perhaps it sounds like his parents are the ones that wish to see your grandson and that should be set up with your daughter and them...they really should have that right and that way the ex isn't involved. Also if this is set up remember the little one will feel he is stuck in the middle so NO slamming of the ex in front of the kiddo with his parents (should be done private with them and let them know that she would like them in their grandsons life, but with the ex not giving any support and driving with no license and other issues she would sooner work with them for visitation) and make it as pleasant as possible for him on all sides, but as far as the ex goes...he has no rights. They can first get him for driving without a licenses and the other driving issues and then nail his butt on child support. Right now he is just the sperm donor and he has a lot of growing up to do.
Don't let him get away with his crap because in the long run he is showing his son that doing all the wrong he is doing is right. "well dad did that and nothing happened to him".

Best wishes!

My husband recorded my 13 year old in the shower?

Ok here goes
My ex and I have split custody. He has them 1 week me and my new husband have them the next. My daughter is 13 but built like an 18 yr old. She was home and we were having dinner and talking about who will shower first I said me first. Well I wasn't ready so I told her to go ahead. I was helping my husband with his taxes and I had to pee. He acted kinda weird and asked if she was dressed. I said no. I went to pee and when I sat down I noticed his phone was in a basket across from the glass shower. I picked it up and saw it recording. I told her he had been wondering where his phone was. I immediately confronted him. The kids went to their dad's the next day. My husband is very upset and distraught he can't eat or sleep. I'm hurt and angry. This is the love of my life. My high school sweetheart. He keeps telling me he was curious but as soon as she went in there he started to freak our and wanted to stop the recording. I believe he feels bad but now idk what to do. I want to believe him. She loves him a lot. I told him I can never leave him with her alone and haven't been sleeping in our bed. She comes home Ina few days and idk what to do. He has mad an appointment with a counselor which he did on his own. I've been on a roller coaster. I'm mad then sad then hurt then worried. Is it possible he is as disqusted with himself as I am? Can we make this family work? We have such a connection. We were apart almost 20 years Our feelings never changed. Idk what to do.

My ex 13 yrs later, continues to hinder...steal from us?

Here is what I would do. I would advise him that I was going after the back child support. This is how to figure it out so it will scare the crap out of him. There is enterest that is added on the balance of the unpaid amount each month., They do it like a credit card. Enterest on balance and not on principle. Add it up from the time he started missing (which was probably in the begining). Let him know the amount and tell him you are filing with the attorney general office. You know where he is all the time and will give that information to them. He will go to jail for a long time.

After you figure all that up, use that as a bluff. Whether you contact the AGO or not, use it against him. Tell him that he is not wanted in your lives and if he does not either sign his rights away or dissappear, you will hang him in court. If this is in person, get that angry look in your eyes that says "Don't push me. I am not bluffing". Look him straight in his eyes and don't blink or look away. Don't show any emotion except for the determination you will do what you say. It will scare the pee out of him and he will think twice about having anything to do with you and the kids again. Back child support NEVER goes away. Even if the kids get married and get a family of thier own. The child support is from their childhood, court ordered and NEVER goes away unless it is paid. Also, every month it does not get paid, the enterest keeps growing. You have leverage here to make him go away. Money seems to be his god and he will think twice about making anymore trouble for you.

What are the child custody and alimony laws in India?

Since the child is infant the custody will be with mother, unless proven that she is not able to take care of the child. The custody will go to mother irrespective of who files for divorce. You will get visiting rights. Once the child is of 7yrs you can again file child custody petition and battle it out. Also there can be various possibility which a lawyer would be able to guide you the best.If she is well educated and can join some job and earn than you might not have to pay. But you will be asked to pay an X amount for the child support. If she is filing for the case and if you have a good lawyer he can turn the table around and can make sure that you dont need to pay. Also alimony depends on your earnings and not the whims on fancies of your wife or her lawyer. They can ask for anything they want and they will do as more the money the lawyer is able to get to your wife the bigger chunk of commission is taken by the lawyer.If you love your wife and you want her to stay my only suggestion would be talk to her no matter how influence your mother in law is. She is your wife and now the equation have changed that you need to make her understand. Go for marriage counselling and try to sort it out. Try and make your wife understand that for your child sake. It will be traumatic of the child later on.Also if your MIL is causing the trouble rest assured if you get divorced and she marries someone else the same thing will happen there as well.