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What Are Plants Used Preservative Food

What is a preservative?

Well, it probably won't kill you, but your roommate has a point. Why load yourself up with chemicals? It is no good for you.
Natural preservatives are okay, but synthetic aren't Your best choice is always fresh fruit and fresh foods over canned and processed foods any day.

What is the best natural preservative used in food?

Rosmary extract is a kind of very good natural food preservative, it is 100% extract from rosemary , the active ingredients is rosemary acid (water soluble) and carnosic acid (oil soluble) . All of them have the function of anti-oxidant and anti-biotics. It is 3–5 times anti-oxidant effencie than VE and Synthetic preservatives BHA ,BHT. It is a kind of strongest natural anti-oxidant herbal extract in the market .It also has many advantages. 100% natural , very good stability , good heat resistance.To know more about rosemary extract

Is bat guano used as a preservative in soda?

It is an effective fertilizer and gunpowder ingredient due to its high levels of phosphorus and nitrogen and also its lack of odor.
its not used in anything consumable.

Can citric acid be used as a preservative?

yes, vitaminC is an acid(ascorbic acid) and citric acid has been used as a preservative for a long time. people use lemon juice which is high in citric acid to preserve fruits and certain meats. it acts as an anti oxidizer

What kind of food preservatives are used for rice noodles?

The traditional food preservatives used for rise and noodles is propionate, sorbate, benzoate. The mainly function of them oxidation of oil. But many investigated show that Artificial preservatives are have toxic to our body , if we always get it , will cause tumor and so on .There is a kind of natural preservatives which exactly extract from plant rosemary , it not only has strong function of anti-oxidant but also has the function of prevent Cardiovascular, improve our memory and so on .And the value of anti-oxidant effencie is 3 times of Artificial preservatives and 1–2 times of VE.So use rosemary extract in food preservatives is the trend in future .There are 2 natural ingredients which extract from rosemary extract , they are rosemary acid(water soluable ) carnosic acid(oil sulable). Different products will use different ingredients.Know more about where to buy rosemary extract .How to find the Wholesale rosemary extract suppliers in china?

Which chemical is used to preserve plants in herbarium?

I have learnt that there are few methods of preservation used in preserving leaves and flowers. They are air drying, chemical drying, faceup drying, facedown drying, sand drying, pressing foliage and flowers and drying and preserving with glycerine or shellac and finishing with plastic spray or by wax.Flowers and foliage are normally dried and subsequently treated for preservation. Chemical drying involves the use of borax, silica gel, detergents, cornmeal, alum or other compositions available off the shelf. This is to ensure for the retention of the natural shapes and reduction in shrinkage and colour. It takes between one to three weeks for drying. The method of drying varies with the kind of flower.For preservation of foliage, glycerine is added to high temperature water at 1:2 ratio while stirring. The stems are kept in this solution between 2-6 weeks for full absorption by the dried foliage. In another method shellac is used to coat the dried foliage by spraying, dipping or brushing for preservation. One may use hair spray instead of shellac. This can be further finished by using plastic spray to prevent absorption of moisture.It is learnt that glycerine method is widely used in herbariums around the world and some use borax – silica method. You may go through the book “Preserving Flowers and Leaves” by Francis R Goun.

How can lactic acid act as a food preservative? Isn't is supposed to make food curd and ferment?

Because it's an acid and most pathogenic bacteria don't survive in acidic environments.It's true you find lactic acid in fermented foods, but these foods were fermented in order to prevent spoilage. The lactic acid got there from lactic acid creating bacteria fermenting the food, and it's this increase in acidity the preserves the food.As for making food curd it's the acid that does that. You can use lactic acid, or citric acid (lemon / lime juice), or acetic acid (vinegar) to do the same thing.All lactic acid is, is a type of organic acid created in nature by bacteria. You will find these bacteria in your gut, in yogurt, cheese, and other fermented foods like sauerkraut and kombuchaa.

Sodium benzoate is a food preservative. What are its formlula and its solubility in water?


One gram of the salt is soluble in 2 ml of water

Can you give cut flower food to potted plants?

can you give cut flower food to potted plants to make them healthier?? Or is that something solely for cut fresh flowers....:?? Doesn't say on the packet that came with the fresh cut flowers.