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What Are Some Enriching Activities / Hobbies That You Enjoy Or Have Improved Your Life And You Wish

What activities could enrich our life?

I answered this question thinking it was about depression but they are good things to do and have anyway:Love, understanding conversation, exercise , nutrition. Sleep, being around people. Seeing color and sun. Watching funny shows. Getting something done every day no matter what is going on. You need accomplishment. Yoga does wonders for well being. Meditations teaches you that you can change yourself and you brain patterns. I would recommend a decent walk in nature or at least outdoors every day.While your shit. Get help regularly and have a doctor do a blood test and check vitamin levels and for anything focal to be causing you to be depressed. Good luck.

What can a young Christian do for fun without feeling bad.?

I'm in my early twenties and ready for god to change my life. I don't want to go to clubs anymore, no more sex partners, no more drinking and smoking. I'm ready for a change and I want to know how do I go about having a good time on the weekends like events that are not booty shaking and drinking related. I'm 20 years old and want a change. Give me some ideas please!

How do I lead life in a colorful and positive way?

Good on you for noticing that what you're doing isn't enough and that you're willing to take action on it. Not everyone listens to their inner GPS and even fewer do something about it.This would be my advice:Use the passion formula: Talent + Values + Love = Passion.What this means is simply that your passion will be found in the intersection of what you’re naturally good at, what your personal core values are and what you love doing.Talent: A great way to uncover what you're really great at is to do a free Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory. Another is to ask the people who know you best. What do they consider you extraordinarily good at? What would they come to you for help with?Values: If you're going to be truly passionate about something it has to be aligned with your personal values. Ask yourself what your top 5 values are and write them down. Here's an extensive List of Values to get you going.Love: Write down everything that you're naturally drawn to do. It doesn't matter how big or small. Do you have any suppressed longings for something you deep down want to do? What would you do if you had all the time in the world, all the resources you could ever need and knew you couldn't fail?As you explore your talents, values and what you love doing look for the places where they intersect. This is where you'll find what will truly make you come alive.Then it's all about experimentation. Go after what you find. Get a book on the subject and immerse yourself."You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club." - Jack London

How to move on when you have no love life?

I'm a seventeen year old who has never been in a real relationship and never had a first kiss. Literally every one of my friends has a boyfriend or girlfriend and my love life is nonexistent. Recently I had a crush on a guy and it started going somewhere but he ended up choosing his best friend over me, and now they're back together (not only was I rejected but now I have to watch the most amazing guy I've ever met swoon over someone who's better than me). All I do is watch Grey's Anatomy and eat food. I'm depressed. How can I still enjoy my life when I'm surrounded by obsessive teenage relationships and have only depressing feelings when it comes to love?

I am 24 yo male and have no hobbies. I don't know what it's like to have a hobby. How can I start making new hobbies to enrich my life?

The easiest way to find hobbies enjoyed by peers in your age group is to join some sort of club.Most clubs have separate divisions based on ages and generally will feature more of a certain demographic than others for example if you join a bowling league you can expect to be around more males rather than a theater troupe which would be more diverse.There is a huge variety of hobbies a person can have and even odd hobbies may be completely fascinating to you. The best advice is to try everything and see what you like and what you dont like. Narrow it down by choosing the hobby based on the activities you like for example if you enjoy sports and competing but not team sports try joining a solo competitive sport like fencing if your not competitive then maybe rock climbing . If you like art or musical activities and like being in groups considering joining or start a band.Hobbies are extremely easy to find and once you realize you have a passion for them then they will start to enrich your life in ways that you can imagine such as broadening your horizons, taking you on adventures, or building character.Cheap hobby suggestions: Drawing, Reading, Sports, Running, Calisthenics, Hiking, Nature Watching.Good luck!

Am I socially defective?

No you are not socially defective. Who says you have to choose between happiness and success? Yes, you can have both! Stop taking your achievements for granted. Be proud and confident. You appear to enjoy many activities, therefore, use those activities to meet people. I'm sure there are many people at work who would like to include you in their weekend fun. Put away the happiness vs success attitude and you will be fine. Take Care