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What Are Some Examples Of Individualism In Animal Farm

Why can't liberals learn from "The Giver" and "Animal Farm" that socialism fails?

A Pig still like a pig regardless of the slop they eat or how ugly the other pigs look.
It isn't so much as policies as much as the hate they have for the truth.
Which goes to show they have no "TRUTH" in them.
It is all about getting something for nothing and being in control of taking from the workers and giving some to the poor while they pocket the rest for themselves.

Why did so many socialists and communists turn to fascism?

The dynamics are complicated, but I think George Orwell (who was actually a socialist) goes through the process very convincingly in Lord of the Flies and Animal Farm. I could never finish Lord of the Flies. It was too dark. Animal Farm is a good read.I don’t think Trotsky turned to fascism. He was assassinated by Stalin. So, like in both Orwell books, the good guys try to make it work, but there is always a more devious and power thirsty thug who is willing to cross the line to get his way. Thus Fascism is forced upon those who put their faith in an untenable idea.Why is the idea untenable? Consider a corporation in capitalistic world. The corporation will have a CEO. If it ever gets a “bad” CEO, the company will ultimately fail because of his greed or competence. If he’s a clever CEO, he will put sycophants in the board of directors and pay them good money. No matter how he performs , he will have his job for life. It only takes one bad apple at the top of the tree, to bring down the whole organization into bankruptcy.In capitalism this is okay. The company fails, everyone loses their job, but a new company comes in to replace the old one and it will do a better job. Capitalism is a bit like nature. There are storms, avalanches, earthquakes, death, and rebirth, all necessary to clean out the deadwood, and continue with new life.But a nation is different. Once the bad apple takes over, that’s it. Once he’s done ruining the country, his son will come along in his place. For example, North Korea.So in a society where the people give up their rights of individualism for the common good, they really have given up all their rights. They are really biding time until the inevitable bad apple shows up. And then, instead of talking about the common good, we are talking about the common bad. And the common bad is always the same — Fascism, or some form of a Supreme Party or Leader.

What are your views on communism in theory?

I'm not communist but to be honest it doesn't seem bad in theory. I know that communism usually leads to a tyrant but it seems like a utopian way of living. Thanks for looking.

What's the big deal about communism?

First, there has NEVER been a communist state. Marx said that in order to get there, a "cleansing" process would have to occur. That process has never been allowed to be completed. Instead, during the process, every nation that has tried to go communist has gotten stuck in the SOCIALISTIC DICTATORSHIP phase.
Mao and Stalin are classic examples, but so is Castro, et all.

A true communist nation needs no government. Can you imagine how a nation without a government can exist in a world full of self-centered governments?
Can you imagine giving up your ownership of your company so that it becomes a collectively owned company, where equality reigns supreme?

If you really want to understand what communism is, read the short book by Sir Thomas Moore, "Utopia."
It will open your eyes, but at the same time fill you with sorrow, for it is unattainable in this world.

Capitalism is flawed, as evidenced by all of the anti monopoly laws in the US, and for the need to MONITOR corporations. There is greed in the world, and we need to protect ourselves against those who operate according to the bottom line mentality.

There is a renewed interest in corporations being too big to be allowed to fail.
Perhaps they should never be allowed to get that big. Conglomerates are wrong. They really do not operate economically, and surely do not care about their employees.

Recently, some small US companies have allowed greater participation of their employees in reaping the benefits from diligent and conscientious work. Now that is the formula which should be done by ALL companies. Empower the employee to share in the fruit of their labor, and a better employee will be created.

But we suffer under that darn bottom line mentality. When is enough profit ever reached with them?
And the short time investors who invest only for quick profits should be eliminated. How can a company operate in a quick selling market? You should invest to make a company sound, and then reap dividend checks. But not today. Get the money and run rules the investment world.
What a sad commentary on mankind.