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What Are Some Good Coping Mechanisms To Get Over A Girl

What are the best coping mechanisms for a BPD female who is having some serious trust issues due to constant breach of trust?

Lifestyle adjustment.If someone is constantly breaching your trust, it's time to let them go.Sometimes we focus on ourselves when the issue is on the outside. This seems like one of those things.

My girlfriend's coping mechanism for dealing with our arguments is begging me to leave her. Why is this and what do I do?

As you just said, it is her coping mechanism, she feels that is the right thing to do for the very situation.Without knowing her nor your arguments, it is difficult to say why is it, maybe she does it so she won’t be the one to make decisions, maybe she is the victim of abandonment so you leaving her feels familiar (not necessarily good but it is something she feel familiar about), but we don’t really know why, only guessing.But since you are here asking for answers, it must have been bothering you. And in that case, you need to talk to her. Does she really want you to leave her for good? Or just some hours space to cool off? How does it make you feel? Most importantly, what do you expect from each other?Talk to her.Good luck.

What are some effective coping mechanisms to get over a traumatic experience?

To give some background: I watched my mother die when I was very youngMultiple combat deploymentsLost all family that means something to me (father, aunts, etc)DivorcedI have stabbed a guy and went to jail (charges dropped)Girlfriend had abortionI am functional but pretty damaged. At some points I was really really fucked up. But now I play the part of a corporate drone so I can make a living. So yeah I know what I am talking about here. The fist thing is to keep your mind clear of intoxicants. Lay off drinking, smoking pot, limit coffee or just give it up, stay away from gambling, video games, etc. Get rid of all of your negative friends. Start working out and eating clean. Do some cleanses. Your gastrointestinal system is super important. You are going to have to fill your time and your mind with new habits. Be too busy to feed your negative emotions. What helps me the most is doing really fucked up art. Just do whatever comes to mind. Draw, paint, doodle, make music, write lyrics, make stuff, anything. Do not scrutinize the "quality" of your art. Just use it as a vehicle of expression. I have a ton of journals and notebooks. In them they have people being raped, killed, butchered, etc. But it helps. It helps because I do not repress anything. I just quickly explode onto my canvas or journal. Take out all my rage on there. And then I am too exhausted to entertain anymore violent, sad, or otherwise negative emotion. The key is to face the bad, dance with it, then kill it.

Have you ever seen a girl punch a hole in a wall?

She should get some therapy. And, no, that isn't normal. Try to make her feel better so it won't happen again. If it is something she deserved to be upset about, like, she did something wrong, but otherwise, you should buy her some cupcakes! Bake her some cookies. For all i know, she won't be punching a wall when she is stuffing her mouth with cupcakes.


I'm a Leo and I know this Pisces girl and she really get on my nerves she's so weak minded its almost like I kinda feel sorry for her but then I think no forget that she's just too stupid like her boyfriend is clearly cheating on her but she still head over hills for him its so crazy lol and on top of that she guilt trip his family members into making them think she so good for him and I'm like why would you want to be good for a cheater? And she hates the fact that her boyfriend people love me she gets jelly and start throwing fits and gossiping about me the girl have serious issues when me and my boyfriend would sleep over at their house you can hear them arguing and it mostly her arguing about another female liking on him and stuff its carzy the only the he argues is when she's going threw his phone lol she's crazy shes very needy she very clingy too its crazy how jealous she get she hate me and I didn't start hating her til I found out she hated me lol I just want to know why she act so weak and why do I hate her for being so weak?

My best friend cut me off and I can’t get over it. What are your coping mechanisms after a best friend breakup?

I just had this happen a couple days ago you just have to realise in the end all you have is yourself dont let it get to you because you are better than them and it's there loss you were probaly a great friend and there gonna regret it might not show it but they will also a thing that helps is to try not to think of them delete pictures get ride of stuff they gave you and hangout with other people talk to other friends or new friends and do some activities that will make you happy and get your mind of that topic

I broke up with a girl but still I cannot forget her. What should I do to start it all over again?

Hey bro.. On serious note it's take time to forget her.. But u have to divert ur mind from her..give time to ur frnds n ur family.. Good things take time to be happen.. It's all upto your willingness.. If u change ur mindset then everything will be fine.. To spend some times with new frnds n peoples.. It's will help u to move on.. Take care..

How to get a flat stomach for teenage girls?

That is not enough! If you want a toned stomach maybe even abs. You have to do reps

For example morning do 15 crunches side let and right abdominal. Then take 10 second brake do another 15 take break then another 15. You have to concentrate on all areas on your stomach not just crunches. Then turn side ways and do side crunches that works your side abdominal do the same pattern. Total should be about 90 reps

It should be done early morning late afternoon and before you go to bed Totals through out the whole day is 270.

Hope this helps! It helped me I also have a stronger back