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What Are Some Republican Myths That Just Ain

Tax Cuts do no create Jobs. Why Do Republicans push this myth?

I'm a small business owner here in Atlanta Ga. We have a clothing store, and have an online clothing website. Both do very well, I can tell you right now, as a business owner, as a person who comes from a family of small business onwers`. Tax Cuts do not create jobs. Tax cuts adds profits into business owners pockets. If I get another 10% Tax cut, as the republicans are planning to push, lets say it moves and wins. If my current staff is can handle the volume, there is no incentive for me to hire new employees. That is the way it works. People like myself, like my husband, as most business owners, know business fluctuates. If there is more tax cuts, like us, most people will put their money away. Why would more tax cuts mean we would be compelled to hire more people? Those cuts should be marketed for what they really are. What they are is a Safe gaurd, a safe gaurd against a recession, a safe gaurd for owners, in case we get another 2007 - 2008 recession. And do not get me wrong, a safegaurd is good for the economy. It helps no one if my business goes under. But what it does do is a larger divide between the Upper Class vs Middle Class Vs Lower class. It makes me upset to see right wing politicians telling the public this will generate jobs.

What are some stereotypes for republicans? Democrats?

Stereotypical Republican:Stupid liberals. Always trying to steal our guns and Bibles. How dare they! It'd be better if they just left and took their taxes and abortions with them. This is Gods Country! Also, somebody do something bout all these illegals! And the blacks! They're all stealing my job and my money! And they want to cut military spending and let ISIS take over! It's obvious! I mean, they voted for a socialist Muslim from Kenya, so what else could they be trying to do!Stereotypical Democrat:Look at those redneck conservatives. How could they not care about the environment? If we don't save the seven-legged porcupine, the world will end! They keep voting against their interests, too. If they let us tax the rich into dust, we'd have enough money for everybody to enjoy soy-milk lattes in fancy coffee houses! We could all smoke weed! Why do we even keep the flyover states? They're all just a bunch of racist, sexist, homophobic idiot-filled farmland! They've never attended college, it seems. If it were free, they could al major in Liberal Art, and then we wouldn't have this problem.

Does the economy grow best under Democratic or Republican presidents?

It can take a few years for any policies put into place to have a direct effect on the economy, but from past history, tax cuts ALWAYS improve the economy.

Those usually happen when republicans get into office.

Look how we went from a recession in 1999 to the most robust economy in our history in 2007. It's taken a down turn so far this year, so maybe we need another tax cut. Not this silly rebate thing, but a real tax reduction.

I'd take a cut in the gasoline taxes for starters.

...wishful thinking :-)

The Republican/Democrat Party Switch? 19th Century?

I have a certain grasp of the concept, but I am tired of hearing all of this (revised) history from people that want to switch the blames on racism. The Parties NEVER switched. NOW will someone who is well educated in proper history, tell me how the demographics switched?

How did Southern Democrats switch places with the North Republicans, because the parties were never altered.