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What Are The Average Highschool Grades To Get Into A Decent Or Fairly Decent State College

Chances of getting into a decent college?

It is too early to tell what your chances are since you have yet to finish your junior year. Your SAT scores are not too bad, I would only retry the SAT I once more. Know that the UC's and the CSU's only take into account your grades from 10th and 11th grade. Also, the UC's only look at your TOP TWO SAT II scores, seeing as your 730 and 790 are already way above average, save yourself the money of paying for those other tests, unless you need them for applying to private schools. I encourage you to apply to some of the lower UC's such as UC Santa Cruz, UC Riverside, and UC Merced. Here's some general information about all the UC's.

Here are the following average High School GPA's of admitted students into the UC Campuses.

Berkeley: 4.18
UCLA: 4.15
UC San Diego: 4.07
UC Irvine: 3.95
UC Davis: 3.94
UC Santa Barbara: 3.94
UC Santa Cruz: 3.70
UC Riverside: 3.58
UC Merced: 3.54

Here are the following average SAT / ACT scores of admitted students into the UC Campuses:

Berkeley: 2035 / 29
UCLA: 2003 / 29
UC San Diego: 1943 / 28
UC Irvine: 1839 / 26
UC Davis: 1860 / 27
UC Santa Barbara: 1855 / 27
UC Santa Cruz: 1772 / 25
UC Riverside: 1656 / 23
UC Merced: 1654 / 23

Here are the following average acceptance rates of admitted students into the UC Campuses:

Berkeley: 21.40%
UCLA: 22.70%
UC San Diego: 40.10%
UC Irvine: 48.50%
UC Davis: 52.30%
UC Santa Barbara: 49.20%
UC Santa Cruz: 72.80%
UC Riverside: 75.10%
UC Merced: 82.00%

I'm also attaching a link where you can find the average statistics such as, GPA, SAT score, acceptance rates, etc, of admitted students to all the UC Campuses.

Can I get into a decent college even with crappy SAT scores?

CR: 590
Math: 490
Writing: 680
Essay: 10

GPA: 4.0 (unweighted) - 9 AP Classes (Freshman-Senior)

AP Scholar (US History: 5, US Gov: 5, Human Geography: 4)
Class President, Vice-President, Secretary Treasurer
Community Service Committee (two years)
Mock Trial (three years - state competitors)
Brain Bowl (three years - captain)
Speech and Debate (two years)
Fall Drama Production (three years)
Spring Musical (two years)
National Honor Society (three years)
President of the Film Club (two years)
160 Hours of Community Service
Three years of work employment
Independent sports (including ski team)
Sat on the advisory board of an independent film festival (two years)

Can my current grades get me into a good college? Im not looking to get into some Ivy League college.?

In most cases, STATE SCHOOLS will accept almost anybody. They have to, because their money to run comes partially from the state they are in. [STATE school, STATE money -- get it?]

The Ivy League schools are PRIVATE SCHOOLS, and they can pick and choose who they want. In some cases that is based on who has the most money to give, rather than grades.

There is nothing wrong with state schools. They are just as good as private schools. The only thing missing is "prestige".

HOWEVER . . .you need to conside the "cannon fodder" factor.

Not everybody gets good grades; not everybody graduates. So state schools LOOK for people with not-so-good grades in order that they can have somebody to "flunk out". They let those with lower grades in -- even givng scholarships -- hoping that they WILL fail, and that will make the other students look better.

Also consider that as a rule of thumb, you can expect your grades to go DOWN by one letter grade between high school and college. A's in high school turn into B's in college. And C's turn into D's . . . .

So if you don't want to be "cannon fodder" (accepted to college in the hopes that you will flunk out and make somebody else look good) then you need to spend the next three years bringing those grade UP. You do that by improving you personal study habits. Those skill WILL transfer over to college, adn help you keep your grades high even in college.

Can I get into a decent college with a C in AP Calc?

I'm just really stressed out about my grades right now- I was good at math, almost best in my class from elementary to 8th grade, and now that i'm in 10th grade and taking AP Calc AB i have a C in the class and it scares me because I don't know if colleges will look at that and want to accept me. I'd like to go a fairly decent college- looking at top UC's- I currently am president of 1 club, in another club, do music, and volunteer... have A's in majority of my classes, a couple B's... I want to major in pre med so I'm not sure if my position now is acceptable for say, UCSD?

Will i get into a decent college?

Your grades are not great, but then it's only your freshman year. For getting into college the most important thing is your grades. Next is your SAT/ACT scores, extra curricular activities could help your situation when your grades are marginal. If your grades are the same as another kid, but you participated in a lot of activities and the other kid didn't, then that is in your favor.

Schools heavily weigh the difficulty of the classes you took, a B in an advanced class carries more weight than an A in easy class.

There are tons of really great schools across the country, guarantee there will be one for you.

Will I be able to get into a decent college with these scores?

By decent, I mean maybe Rutgers in New Brunswick, or Kenyon University in Ohio, or maybe even Sarah Lawrence in New York. All of these schools I have picked are out-of-state schools for me because I live in Texas.

So far, in my Junior year, my GPA is an 88. So a 3.3.
I haven't taken my SATs yet, but on the PSAT I took at the beginning of the school year I got a 1660.
I'm in AP courses, but take a regular mathematics classes. I took an AP exam in my sophomore year and got a 3 (out of a scale of 5) and in May I'll be taking two more AP exams. I plan to take my SAT and ACT in May or June.

I don't really volunteer, and I'm not really into sports. However, I've been on the Newspaper staff of my school for two years now and I'll be continuing it in my senior year. I also compete in UIL academic meets . . .

will this be enough?

Will this be enough to get into these colleges?

The standardized test score of 1350 does not match with academic excellence of UW-GPA 4.0.Please refer Is it possible for a beginner to start and prepare for the SAT within 2 months? for best practices in improving your SAT score - If you have taken only 1–2 attempts, you can prepare as per guidance given in the above link and take one final attempt to improve your score further.For leading / Premier / Tier 1 / Ivy colleges, your admission is decided based on holistic review and not based on academic excellence and / or excellent standardized test scores.Example - For MIT - How can I get admitted to MIT? will guide you further.For other colleges you can review similar online blogs of your target colleges and prepare yourself.

Average students...?

FYI: grade point averages are on a scale of 4, with 4.0 being the highest.

Offhand, it looks lilke you roughly have a 3.0, with that you can still get accepted to a decent state college or even a private college, if you do good on the ACT or SAT.

Actually I think private colleges are more about money, so if you have money you can probably easily get into one of those.

You should also research colleges to see their average gpa that they accept students with.

You could apply to the Mississauga or Scarborough campuses. The admission tends to be less competitive and you have a chance to get in. Both campuses have good Profs, courses and have lots of exciting opportunities. However once you are in you will have to improve your study habits!