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What Are The Outside Dimensions For A 2002 Dodge Caravan

What are the dimensions of a 2002 dodge grand caravan back passenger window?

There are 2 different Caravan models, the Caravan, and the Grand Caravan.
Each is a different size window at very rear sides.
Caravan is shorter window.than Grand Caravan.
Door, hatch and windshield glass is same in both models.

TCC location for Dodge Caravan?

The solenoid is part of the "solenoid pack" which you can see bolted to the transmission just below where the dipstick tube bolts to the transmission. It can be unbolted and replaced, new ones are not cheap.
The code can be for a a solenoid failure in which case you'd have to replace the solenoid pack. The code can also mean the Torque Converter Clutch has a problem which may be a mechanical problem inside the torque converter or possibly a hydraulic control problem.
The reason the transmission won't shift is that because of the code the computer has put the transmission in "limp mode" which means you are forced to drive in second gear all the time. With minor problems you can stop and turn off the engine and then restart to temporarily clear limp mode until the computer senses the problem a gain. With more serious trouble that doesn't do anything, it will stay in limp mode until the problem is fixed.
The computer is controlled by the TCM which communicates with the ECM. The ECM should give a general P0700 code meaning "transmission trouble" where the P0743 code would come from the TCM.

Dodge Caravan Oil question?

When it comes to oils it's best to just go by the info on the vehicle and not just go by it saying a certain grade bec some engines etc work to their factory designed specs only if a certain type or grade of oil is used so it's best to either read the owners manual or actually call the dealership.Plus at that time you can request info regarding any service bulletins or factory recall issues as long as you've your ownership or Vin number handy.In some cases I'd not relay on even service manuals bec at times transmission fluid requirements etc change.

Also be extra careful when it comes to the transmission fluid used or filter kit etc bec Dodge's do have certain chemical additives that help the transmission shift etc better.Plus if you used the wrong transmission fluid etc it could end up driving 500 kms or less and you'd end up with transmission issues,also I really don't advice flushing those transmissions unless there is a clear known need.It might be hoever a great idea to flush the oil but be sure you follow the products full exact instructions and dont try to over rev more then stated.

Hope that helps and best of luck.By the way it's just like using synthetic oils if the engine is higher mileage or hasn't had it used I'd not recommend it but also using top brand oil additives can help a lot too in the long run.It's really the same issue when mixing either different grades or brands of oils it really shouldnt be done but products that are like Lucas are quite thick looking but work extremely well especially in preventing cold start up engine wear and tear or if the engine ever gets low on oil bec it helps coat the whole engine.

Note even brand new vehicles manufactures recommend that product and even sell it over their counters in some places.

Base SE trim level? If so, 15″ diameter, 6.5″ width, with a 5–114 bolt pattern.Or if your Caravan came with 16 inch wheels they are 16x7.5 with the same bolt pattern.

Difference of size between Dodge Caravan and Dodge Grand Caravan?

Hi Aeryk, I am just the guy to answer this question. I owned a 1997 Grand Caravan that I just sold that had 286000+ miles on it. My brother in law and his wife briefly had a 98 Caravan- there is no comparison!! i don't know if you are looking at buying one or not- but don't consider the small van, it's just not worth it. There is a marked difference in the amount of room at the tail of the van(between the 3rd seat and the tailgate), as well as between the 2nd and 3rd rows of seats. The driver and front passenger area is identical in size between the Grand and normal Caravans. Having more room is always better, I was able to move my son home from college with just my Grand Caravan, no trailer. I did have to remove the two back rows of seats(no stow and go in 97) but it all fit inside, and it made it through the most hellish thunderstorm I have ever driven through at 75 MPH. It was the singularly most reliable vehicle I have ever owned, and I hated to part with it, but I found a Lincoln Town Car that I had to buy, and since my kids were 7 and 5 when I bought the Dodge new in 97, I figured it was time to let it go to someone who needs a van.

2002 Dodge Grand Caravan transmission gasket leak?

That computer piece is called the (Solenoid Pack). You have to replace the entire solenoid pack in order to get the new gasket that's
underneath it.

Trust me I used to work on these trannies at a Chrysler dealership until I recently got layed off. If you take it to a local shop to have them replace the solenoid pack make sure they recheck the fluid level, clear any codes, and perform a Quicklearn to calibrate the new solenoid pack to the trans!

Hopefully this helps a bit. Good luck!

Assuming you intend to change wheels, per this calculator 225/45-R17 vs 215/65-R16 Tire Comparison - Tire Size Calculator you’d change the diameter 8%. Seems a bit much. I wouldn’t, unless destitute and trying to assemble a working vehicle from parts on hand. BTW, “plus 1” gives a feeling of improved performance but actually slows you down. (There are studies of professional drivers’ perceptions versus measured track times that I’m too lazy to find for you ATM.) The exception is when it’s necessary in order to fit larger brakes to mitigate fade. It will only make your interior rattles worse and look aspirational.

According to Edmunds, my 2010 Grand Caravan gets 17/24 mpg.Used 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Minivan Features & Specs | EdmundsThis is pretty close to accurate in my experience.

How do i change the blower resistor on a 2002 dodge caravan?

the blower motor resistor was on the outside of the van attaches to the firewall until 2000. 2001 and newer minivan resistors are on the heater box inside the van. open your glovebox, you will see a tab to press on top so you can completely remove the door from the dash. behind the opening you will see a rectangle peice screwed straight in to the heater box with 2 8mm screws. it has one connector with 2 wires (1 black and one green, this goes to the blower motor), and another connector with approximately 5 or 6 wires that comes from the control head on the dash. remove both connectors and the 2 screws and it is out. the whole job should take less than 5 minutes. the hardest part may be getting the glovebox off if you have never done it.

I've used Hot Rods - Rat Rods - Custom Cars & Trucks ~ Roadkill Customs to find matching rims several times. I have a Montana that's the same as your Silhouette. It does look like they would fit from the Caravan.Olds and Montana are GM brand vehicles and a 5x115mm bolt pattern are common for those. A quick search shows the Dodge uses 5x114.3 which is essentially the same (metric vs imperial). My first search result was for a 2008, which is 5x127.