What Are They Doing In This Video

What are video games typically doing when they say it's loading?

Well mostly, they copy the required data from hard disk to RAM and process them. Then do some pre-rendering if anything as such is required, and set the game variables as required.

What is Dave Rowntree doing in the Blur-On Your Own video?

We had to make this video while on tour on a day off, so our options were pretty limited - it basically had to be some kind of performance. To make it even vaguely interesting, it would have to be in an interesting location.

I couldn't swear to it, but I think we were in Portugal at the time, and there was a power station nearby that was in the process of being demolished. The director had taken a look, and thought there were enough odd locations there to keep an MTV viewer from switching over for 3 minutes or so.

To add extra interest, Damon had bought an unusual hat, which he decided to wear.

While filming, we found a metal trap door in the ground. On opening, we found it concealed a large underground bunker. There was a metal bar across the entrance, and it was decided that I would sit on it for my close-up.

My turn came.

"Action" shouted the director.

I sat on the bar, smiled and waved.

"STOP F***ING WAVING!" suggested Damon.

"Well what can I do?" I asked, "I can't fit my drums in here!"

A moment passed while heads were scratched.

"Why not play this?" said one of the crew, and gave me a tiny Casio keyboard.

So that's what I did.

There's no real story to the video, if you're yearning for one, think of it as the story of a man playing keyboards in a bunker while another wears an unusual hat.

Is hinder doing meth in his music video?

well, like the other guy said, hinder is the band, not the guy in the video. his name is chris and yes, he is doing meth. watch the link, a couple of the guys from hinder are talking about the video and they talk about that when it gets to that part.

What will kids be doing nowadays if video games didn’t exist?

Probably they would become more innovative and sociable.Kids are curious by nature, they want to explore and learn new things. Apart from the entertainment, video games do not help much in the learning process rather they reduce the possibilities of exploring their own world.Kids will make their own world of entertainment which will include great deal of initiatives and innovations. In turn they become more sociable and confident.

What does it mean when there is a green dot next to the video icon in Facebook messenger?

A green dot generally means someone is active.A green dot next to the video icon means they're active and able to video chat.Directly from Google itself, about green dot:So, in the case of it being next to the video camera icon, it means they're active on Messenger, and able/available to video chat.As pictured, when chatting in Messenger:(Green arrow obviously points to green dot next to video camera).A green dot next to something means that someone is available/active.When it's next to the video recorder icon, a green dot means they're able to video chat.Hope this helps.

Is it really Rihanna doing ballet in her Umbrella video?

If you look at her face.. it doesn't really look like her?
I was watching the video and my mum came in and said 'oh sure, those are her legs' and i asked her what she meant, and she said they probably got a double for the dancing.
Uhh. I was wondering if you saw making the video or something?

Why did Imagine Dragons make the video of Thunder in such a way? What does it mean?

OK… Let’s see what we’ve got here…Now, remember the lyrics?I was dreaming of bigger thingswanna leave my own life behindNot a yes sir, not a followerFit the box, fit the moldHe’s not a typical guy…He’s not the one to ‘fit into a box’ and is not someone who can be molded like the people around him…Kids were laughing in my classesWho do you think you are?Dreaming 'bout being a big starHe’s the black sheep… (probably the presence of sheep in the video is a way of telling this)So, talking about the weird looking people doing crazy things in the video.,The colors when they landed among the people in this black and white world? their appearances? - He’s someone like them. Different. Unique. Unconventional. Someone dreaming of bigger things but is laughed at for doing so because he’s considered basic…easy…Now I'm smiling from the stage whileYou were clapping in the nose bleedsBut ultimately, they’re the ones who change everything. They’re the ones who bring out the color in this otherwise monochromatic world. The colors; The Fireworks; They bring ‘em all with ‘em… They are———lightning before the thunder…

I’ve made 100 videos on YouTube and only have 10 subs, what I am doing wrong here?

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When singers make a music video do they lip sync or actually sing while theyre filming?

It really all depends on the singer. Most prefer to lip sync because their vocals are going to be silenced out by the playback when its finished. Some singers are terrible at lip syncing, so they will usually sing during filming to make the video look more realistic. Even though they will really sing, it does not matter because the track will just overlap their vocals in the finished product. I hope that helps =)