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What Can I Use As Proof Of Address To Open A Bank Account

Proof of address to open bank account?

Hello, I live with my sister, all bills are in her name but I pay everything too. I want to open a bank account but I need proof of address which I don't have at all. Several questions.
1. Can my sister go with me, take a bill with her name, her I.d and proof that I live with her like that?
2. I also need two forms of I.d, I have one (driving permit) but need a second, can I use her as a form of I.d since she's my sister.
3. Can I use a library card as a proof of address?

Opening a bank account without proof of address?

sadly, proof of address is a key element required when opening an account and no bank/building society will open a standard account without it.

That said, international banks such as HSBC do offer accounts (HSBC passport) for international citizens where proof of address is not required but a month fee is.

Alternatives you could try to get proof of address;

-If your employer has provided you with a contract of employment or payslip with your current address on it, you may be able to use that.Alternatively, your HMRC P2 'PAYE Coding Notice' which notifies you what your tax code is usually accepted as proof of address alongside a current Drivers License or Passport.
-Contact your local HMRC tax office
-Alternatively apply for a Prepaid Card. Prepaid cards are great for students and those that have little or no credit history. Once the card is sent to your home, use the letter that comes with it as proof of address.

A Prepaid Account Card can also be the perfect alternative to a bank account:
•Some prepaid cards allow you to use them like a bank account and have your wages paid directly to your card's account – without any links to any other account you may have.
•There are no unexpected bank charges and very little paperwork to fill in to get an account.
•Just use it like a bank account, pay bills online and set up regular payments for everything from your gas and electric bill to your broadband.

otherwise the standards forms of proof of address are:

•Utility Bills: gas, water, electric, cable TV or land-line phone bill (not mobile) that's less than three months old
•Local authority Council Tax Bill issued within the current financial year
•UK bank statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)
•UK Credit Card statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)
•Tenancy Agreement or Council rent book (must be current)
•Catalogue or Mail Order Statement that's less than three months old
•Hire Purchase Statement of Account
•Pension Book
•UK Photocard Driving License with current address and full paper counterpart
•Medical card / NHS Card
•UK Mortgage statement that's less than three months old (internet statements aren't acceptable)
•Motor insurance or Home Insurance certificate issued within the last 12 months

Proof of address for opening bank account in the UK?

Ok so I've just arrived in the UK a couple of weeks ago and need to open a bank account. I went to HSBC and they told me I need to obtain some sort of proof of address before I can open a current account. I was told this could be a utility bill (telephone, internet, water, electricity, etc.) but since I've just arrived in the country I haven't got any of these bills and the bills will always go under the landlady's name.

The guy at the bank told me an alternative would be a bank statement from my previous bank showing my UK address, but again, I've just arrived here, opening a bank account is what I'm trying to do, so I haven't got any bank account here to get a statement from.

The bank told me of another alternative would be an address registration certificate for foreigners which could be obtained from the police. I went to the police and they said that I'm a national of a country that is not required to obtain an address registration certificate, I can only apply if there is a requirement for my specific case.

I'm not working so I have no employers to issue me a confirmation letter proving my address. The school I'm going to can only issue a letter of confirmation regarding my address if I'm living in its own accommodation which I'm not.

So I really don't know what to do :/ Any suggestion?

How to get a proof of address when you can't open a bank account?

Last week my bank wich was Halifax closed down my bank account for fraud and seem like there's no way I can get it sorted for the next 6 months or so.

At the same time I have been rejected from few others banks still because of the fraud mark.

I have been given a second chance by a company called cardonebanking, however they do require a proof of address in order to open up this very basic account that at least will give me the opportunity to have my salary paid regularly.

The problem is that I have just moved to Belfast 10 days ago, I have only rented a room and the landlord takes care of all the bills and stuff. I used to receive the bank statements at the address in London where I used to live until a month ago.

I have also spoken with my landlor about having one of the utility bills on my name for some months and he went literally silent on that one. I assumed it was a cold no.

By the time being I don't seem to have much chances to get a cell phone contract so that I can have some sort of bill coming on my name, and at the same time I can't think of anything else.

Looks like a letter from the employer (and my employer is Microsoft) along with the contract from the landlor are not enough for the company to go ahead and open this account.

At this point I don't really know what else to do, I am facing all this trouble for a fraud I didn't make. I am actually one of the victims of this fraud, but the bank simply won't care, and I might be losing my job in the case I wont find any suitable solution within the next 15 days.

Company can temporary issue a check, but how can I cash the check without having a bank account?

Please somebody help me!

PS: I am UE citizen.

Bank account opening proof,,?

Social Security Number and Photo ID

Is it possible to open a bank account using as proof of address the address of a B&B?

As long as it has your name and address on it yes you can but usually the bank also does a credit check on you and you and will check if you are on the electoral roll which I presume you wont be so you might need lots of other forms of proof of address and living in UK

What counts as proof of address for NJ DMV?

Utility or credit card bill issued in the past 90 days that shows your name at your current address
Checking or savings account statement from a bank or credit union, issued in the past 60 days
High school or college report card or transcript containing your address, issued within the past two years
Original lease or rental agreement showing your name as the lessee or renter
Property tax bill, statement or receipt from the past year
Any letter or correspondence (including tax bills) received from the IRS or state tax office in the last year
First-class mail received from any federal, state or local government agency in the past six months
If you are under 18, a Parent or Guardian Certification that verifies you are living with a parent or guardian