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What Cause The Transmission To Go In Drive But Not Reverse

Is my transmission out if it won't go in drive but will go in reverse?

My truck has a similar problem, so I will attempt to answer the question to the best of my ability. But first, answer these questions: Does your vehicle shut off when you put it in drive (or any other gear[park is excluded])? Notice any abnormal smells? Next, look under the hood and check the dipstick (do NOT turn off the engine while doing this) run the engine until it is warm either in park or neutral. After rubbing the dipstick, fluid should run pinkish and almost clear and should be sweet or tart when wafted— if your fluid has a burnt toast smell and is brownish, take the vehicle to the mechanic. Check to see if the fluid is betwixt the ‘add’ and ‘full’/‘hot’ and ‘cold’ marks— if you are near the ‘add’/‘hot’ mark, flush out the old fluid and replace with new fluid until full; if you overfilled (which you probably did), you will have gear shifting trouble and your oil will be depleted. My advice is to siphon out the fluid completely and refill the transmission until full.Signs of a Failing TransmissionWhat Happens When Too Much Transmission Fluid Is Added - Driving Life

What causes no reverse but other gears work in manual transmission?

Either an issue with the shifter mechanism (most likely) which is preventing it from engaging. Try replacing the bushings on the shifter as a simple and cheap first step.Otherwise, it could be internal to the transmission. The reverse idler gear not engaging for some reason. Either the mechanism that engages it is off, or the gears straight cut teeth are worn out from engaging it while the car is in motion.

I have no reverse in my stick shift transmission. Why?

If the release bearing (aka throw-out bearing) is bad it may not be disengaging the clutch enough to permit it to go into reverse. It may be able to go into forward gears and up/down shift still because of the synconizers. I can up/down shift to any forward gear without ever pressing the clutch except when starting out from a dead stop. The syncronizers get the next gear in line to start turning so when it comes time to shift gears, the teeth will easily mesh so it isn't difficult to easily shift with just light pressure on the stick and no clutch pedal- they literally just slide right into gear if the engine RPMs are at just the right speed.So, if you can shift in forward gears but not reverse it could be that your syncronizers are simply permitting your transmission to shift easier without a good release bearing but reverse will not work because the clutch is not disengaging enough to permit a shift into reverse.This is just a best guess given the information you provided. I would ask follow on questions like- does it grind when you try to go into reverse? Is there a growling noise when pushing the clutch pedal (regardless of which gear) ? Can you put it into reverse with the engine off and then start your car with the clutch down and it will go backwards when releasing the clutch? If so does it pop out of reverse on its own?There are several things that could be going on here so without further information, it is anyone's best guess as to what could cause this.

What does it mean if my transmission will go in reverse but not forward?

Sometimes this problem happens because of a problem in the transmission linkage. Much more common in stick shift cars since the selection of gears in an automatic is done by switches rather than a mechanical linkage.

My turbo 400 transmission works fine in reverse but all forward gears don't engage till I rev engine?

Get the engine hot, by runing it for about 20 minutes. Make sure you are on level ground. Shift the stick through all the gears, and go back to park. Now check the fluid level on both sides of the dipstick. If it reads high on one side and low on the other side, go by the low side and put fluid in it. This sounds like you are low on fluid. Did you change the filter, and then this problem started? A common mistake many people make is leaving a grommet up in the valve body, and putting another one on the new filter. Remove the filter, and the grommet with it. Now look up into the valve body for another one!! The filter should be secure, and not flopping around. You may need to use something like an ice pick to remove the old one in the valve body, but don't scratch the sides as this will cause it to suck air. If this does not resolve the problem, then you will have to have it rebuilt, or replaced with another one.
If it won't go then put another quart or two of fluid in it. What have you got to loose? If it doesn't go anyway, then you aren't going to harm anything any more than it already is. For some reason the pump is not picking up the fluid, or the pump has come apart or broke. Were there a bunch of sludge, and/or metal in the bottom of the pan? If so, it is shot and no need to continue trying to fix it, because it is broken, or a snap ring has came off the shaft that holds it together. Does the transmission whine? They will if they aren't getting fluid to the pump.
I hope this helps you. Good Luck!!!

What would cause your car to run rough in drive but not reverse?

Working on 1993 pontiac sunbird 117,000 miles
I get no fault codes, I have cleaned throttle body, IAC valve, replaced map sensor, checked for vacume leaks, replaced all spark plugs, replaced all injectors.

My car will not go in reverse but will drive forward. What could be wrong with it?

My 2003 Ford Escape cranks and drives forward with no problem, but will not go in reverse. I tried putting it in neutral and pushing it backwards, but something catches and it won't budge. I did the same thing in reverse, no luck. My car is parked in my garage and I cannot get it out to take it to a repair shop. Does anyone know what may be wrong with it? Does anyone know what I could do to get it out of my garage??

My turbo 350 trans. will not go into reverse, any suggestions?

Park way far out in lots so you pull into a space with an empty space across from it )so you can cross into that space), so you won't have to back out when you leave.

What would cause a vehicle to only go in reverse ?

My husband has a 1997 dodge dakota sport club cab , a few weeks ago he got stuck along the rd because the truck would only go in reverse . The truck runs good and you can drive it in reverse all day long , but it will not go anywhere in any other gear . A few months back the truck was having problems shifting he changed the filters/fluids and installed a new valve body truck ran great for awhile until this . does he need a new transmission ? i have heard if the transmission were bad he wouldn't have reverse either ? I appreciate any help , i would hate to order a new transmission and that's not the problem . (i'm online now looking to order the new transmission)
truck details: 97 dodge dakota 4x4 5.2L engine V8 has the 44re transmission