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What Clothes For A 13 Year Old

What kind of clothes should a 13 year old girl wear?

you should wear whatever you like. no one can tell you where to buy your clothes, because it may not be your style. don't limit yourself to a certain store...if you see something you like, buy it. no one cares where it's from as long as it looks good. if it's age that concerns you though, then here:

pac sun- that's fine for 13, if it's your style. i see plenty of girls that age shop there and it's appropriate, if that's what you mean.

abercrombie- it's ok for 13 depending on what you buy. i don't think that 13 year olds should walk around in excessively flashy clothes. like don't buy some of their wicked low-cut stuff or really short skirts or shorts.

aeropostale- it's fine, some of the stuff is actually a little younger than 13.

forever 21- um no. i'd say that you should be at least 14 or 15 to shop there if you follow these age restrictions. i love that store but it's really more high school and college than middle school. there are a few things there that you could buy, but most if it will make you look older.

i would also recommend american eagle. i think that store is very good for 13.

happy holidays!

How many clothes does an average 13 year old girl have in her closet?

umm well that depends on how many she needs. does she get to wear what she wants at school or does she have to wear uniforms? and if your looking for cheap but decent stuff, i usually find good stuff at old navy and j c pennys [if you hit the good sales there] and occassionally target. and if you have rue21 i find them rather amazing :D theyre incredibly reasonable too. also, check thrift stores and discount stores :)

I'm 4'9"and 13 years old. How can I get clothes that fit my age and my height?

My friend is 4'-9" and is one of the most beautiful, confident and stylish women I've ever met. Her husband is 6-'3". She never makes a big deal about her height. Thus no one sees that an issue either.People are attracted to her personality. She shops for clothes in either "petite" size or has them altered. She often buys tanktops from the kids' section and wear it with a with a skirt from somewhere else. If you embrace yourself as a gift from God and get creative when it comes to buying clothes, you'll see your height will never be an issue. When you are a little older, you'll get to wear beautiful high heel shoes too that tall women can't wear.

What are the proper clothes a 13 year old should wear?

I've answer this question as a general view, if certain things don't apply to the teenager in question please ignore them- they might help someone else.The general rule is: Clothes that are comfortable, practical, fits well and are appropriate for the season.I've had to cut and sew clothes (often unsuccessfully) multiple times to make do with what I had just because my parents didn't want to go shopping, and it's very frustrating. Freezing in winter or boiling in summer is not fun. Ill fitting clothes restric movement and can often be painful or just unflattering. remember teenagers are more susceptible to body image issues -no need to make it worse. As for uncomfortable clothes- pretty self explanatory.Make sure shoes are practical, and if they must wear heels, watch the height. This is to do with it potentially damaging feet. If the teen has breasts, make sure they have plenty of well fitting bras, and check that they still fit. I remember being really uncomfortable in my 34B, only to discover I was out by 2 cup sizes and my band size was wrong too… School dress codes must of course be adhered to, but outside of school let them experiment. If they want to wear makeup, let them. It can boost confidence and it's fun to do and looks pretty.“But I care about being proper” you say. I'm assuming you're worried about appropriate apparel. Revealing (or concealing if you like) clothes are fine- whatever the teen chooses. The important thing is not to push any beliefs onto anyone. Ignore what gender the garment is made for- sometimes the perfect thing for you is not marketed toward your gender. Unless it's really obvious, no one will notice. Promise. The only thing I would say no to is push up bras, butt pads and such like. I just personally don't believe in modifying your body to attract sexual attention at such a young age.Other than that, it's personal preference. Chose the styles and coulors that the teen likes, suits them and are affordable. They will be happy and look pretty damn fine.

Do most 13 year olds wear kids or adults clothes?

Your clothing you decide. I'm 14 and rather small so I wear children's or topshop petite. Size 4 is my size and I'm like she 11-12 :) your choice of clothing is up to you though don't let anyone judge you for it :) x

I found some sexy clothes in my 13 year old daughter’s room while doing laundry. I didn't buy them for her so I'm guessing she got them from a friend. What should I do?

I’ll tell you what I would do in that situation. I’d remove the “naughty”clothes from her room but don’t throw them away. Put them in a bag in yourcloset or some where that she won’t find them. Then just wait her out. Waituntil she asks you for them or if you have them. Then is your chance to askher about them and where she got them. If she never gets up the nerve to ask you about them your problem is solved.

Is it okay for a 13 year old to have designer clothes, shoes and bags?

Judging what is and is not useful or practical for someone else’s life doesn’t benefit anyone.Teens are learning what is and is not important in their lives. The same thing is true for children and adults — we are all always learning and prioritizing our needs as circumstances change.Some teens will feel they ‘need’ designer clothes, bags, and shoes. If denied these items they will fixate upon the lack of them. When given the right to choose what it is they want to wear, many will soon figure out that labels don’t matter, and that other priorities are much more important to them (like spending time with friends, travel and shared experiences).So yes. And even though I’m not a fan of materialism, I think everyone including teens should learn to prioritize their needs and distinguish these from their wants.I remember a time when the ‘only’ shoes to wear were Vans. These shoes were not ‘that’ expensive then. And then that changed … as my teens’ priorities changed.Now it is about nice cameras.Photo copyright 2017 by Nan WaldmanCaption: The iconic I-5, a photo taken by me with a good camera of cows grazing under a cloudy November sky, heading home, going south from San Francisco.

Where should I shop for a 13 year old?

Girl or guy? What's your budget? Does the 13-year-old in question like a particular style? It’s kind of hard to give a good answer without knowing the answer to those questions, but I'll try.A lot of people that age wear things from Hollister, Abercrombie, Aeropostale, Pacsun, Forever 21, etc. Old Navy, Macy’s, JcPenney, etc. are good as well, though of course it all depends on the factors I mentioned above. Thrift stores and Hot Topic are good for finding unique items. Rue 21 has very inexpensive clothes, though I've heard that they wear out easily (but chances are, your kid- I'm assuming- will outgrow clothes very quickly anyway). H&M has some really nice choices as well. Online stores like Redbubble and Etsy have user-created shirts/sweaters/sweatshirts, some of which are pricey but totally worth it.Many of these brands are somewhat expensive, but if you buy during a sale, especially online, the price shoots down. Also, keep in mind that girls will probably shop at a greater variety of places than guys, though of course that isn't definite.Does the teenager want to fit in, or stand out? If the former, just let them choose their clothes. They probably know better than you what they're looking for. If the latter, like I said, thrift stores are your friend.Basically, I suggest you go check out these brands’/stores’ websites and see what might be a good fit. Keep in mind that athletic clothing and shoes are a whole other topic, and that most teenagers probably don't want to shop at The Children’s Place.

What size clothes should a 13 year old boy wear? Im medium/ large UK Size boxers and t-shirts and 36" trousers?

I'm 5'7" and 9 stone 6 LB and more that twice your age. My waist is 31". Age doesn't have much to do with what size clothes you should wear or could fit. I wear a small or extra small, but that would be way too small for you. You probably wear a men's medium or large.