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What Could Be Wrong With My Toe

What is wrong with my toe?

yesterday i was outside playing with my dog and my shoes were wide for me so my shoe came off my foot while left big toe was still inside it. than i tripped over it. my toe got slit right at the end of the cuticle where it meets the skin. yesterday i kept it evavated to stop the bleeding. i took some advil liquid gels. this morning it was very swollen and hard i took ive profein. cant walk on it. do u think it is broken or wat??

What is wrong with my toe?

The visual shows a friction blister. This is commonly caused by repetitive friction on account of ill fitting shoes. In barefoot walkers, it may follow trivial abrasions. The blister will drain by itself in a few days. And new skin will form. If you peel away the overhanging skin, the skin underneath may need a protective dressing for a few days.Chronic recurrent blisters may lead on to callosities and will point to biomechanically unbalanced weight distribution in the foot. Better to consult a podiatrist or an Orthopaedic.Trimming the toe nails regularly and washing the feet and cleaning the inter digital areas is as important as one would take care of their hands.

What's wrong with my toe?

First of all, go see a doctor. Have a professional to look at your toe. While I have faith in the good will and good intention of the people of quora, they lack two critical things: some lack the expert knowledge and advise base on basic knowledge alone, and all can't see the injury itself and can't ask you in real-time how do you feel or if certain treatment works.By the look of it, and base on the story you told, it seems your toe bled internally and now the blood is clotting under the skin, applying to the wound it's blue/black color (this type of injury is called hematoma - internal bleeding). In this type of injury, Usually by the time the digit gets this color the bleeding has stooped and your body begins repairing itself.The color of the nail is the same color as your other (healthy) nails. It is the contrast with the blackish skin that makes it seem more white.As for the pain, it will continue until the wound is healed. Afraid there is no way around it other than painkillers. Try not to put pressure on it, wear open shoes or sandals for the time being. The nail may come off if the object hit the root of it directly. It may come off partially, or change the shape it will grow in the future.Now, the Don't List:Don't open the wound - keep it close and dry. If you wash it, dry it well. If it opens it will bleed and increase it's chances of infection. An infected wound takes way longer to heal.Don't wear closed shoes - the heat, moisture, and pressure will force the skin to rupture, allowing in bacteria. Again, infection. Plus, shoes should hurt like hell now. Avoid it.Don't ignore signs - if your toe starts to hurt too much or swell, or if the color change continues after the first week or so, it means something isn't right with the healing process. See a doctor.Don't take high potency painkillers - If a friend offers you a wonderful prescription pill they got from their doctor- don't take it if it hasn't been issued for you as well by your physician. It can be redundant, it can be addictive, it can conflict with other medication you currently consume. Again - see an expert.Fast recovery!

What is wrong with my toes? Pain?

I'm clumsy, bad joints & so on.

Yet for the life of me I don't remember doing anything to hurt my foot or toes.

My 3 middle toes started hurting yesterday afternoon. As I would walk and put pressure on the ends of my toes and I'd get a sharp pain. I thought nothing of it but it kept happening every now and then as I walked. Last night it got worse to the point where I was walking funny so I wouldn't put pressure on my toes.

The pain is when the toes are bent upward as you walk. When your weight kind of well springs off the end of your toes.

My toes are not swollen. I don't remember dropping anything on them and I don't think there are bruises.

Now one thing I do notice as a look at my foot is it seems my 3 toes that are in the middle are raised up a bit more than my big toe.

I can flex my toes down but it hurts. It is hard to flex my toes forward up toward me but they can all wiggle.

I also have some pain in the bottom of my foot under my toes and also in my ankle.

Any idea what could be going on?

What's wrong with my big toe?

About 2 weeks ago, I slammed my big toe very hard in the car door, and it wouldn't come out for a bout a minute. The door SLAMMED on it. But I didnt see a doctor because it only closed on the top part of my big toe. It got swollen and hurt to walk on. Then the pain faded. But lately I cant walk on my toe sometimes. I get a feeling that I need to crack it and pain goes through it. Even if I walk on the side that my toe is on, it hurts really bad. Its like a painful I need to crack it feeling.

What could be wrong with my feet?

You need to seek the professional help of a Podiatrist, or a medical professional specialising in feet AND the lower limb. By this I do NOT mean a General Practitioner (GP - UK), unless seeking a referral elsewhere! Quora is NOT the place to seek help for this.Your question presumes a simple cause and a simple answer. From all your failed attempts, this is evidently not the case!!A complex pain syndrome can have multiple aggravating factors. Spend the equivalent of a new pair of shoes and see someone who has the time and the experience to take all things into consideration: your age, weight, occupation, gait, plantar fatty padding, footwear, medications (systemic attributions), calllus, corns, calf compartment tightness or other restrictions to movement, symptom history and its aggravating factors…A good Podiatrist will explain all these things as s/he goes through your assessment (30 minutes+), eliminating most and leaving the most likely causes. A generalist doctor with five minutes to spare will get nowhere, but may still feel obliged to have a wild guess, to keep you ‘happy’ and move you on…

What is wrong with my big toe knuckle?

The most prevalent place for Gout to start is in the big toe. Feel it to see if it's really hot. If you can't stand to touch it even a little bit (like the air moving hurts it) then you most likely have gout.
Otherwise, it could be a pulled muscle, bunnion, or arthritis.

I pulled the tendon in my second toe one time, but it felt like I had broken my big toe. The ER incorrectly diagnosed it as gout and the medicine almost killed me.
Make sure when you go to the doctor, that you describe EXACTLY what you feel or don't feel there. This will get them closer to a diagnosis, because toe/foot injuries are sometimes hard to figure out even for doctors. (And remember: they can't feel a thing, so they don't really know where it hurts, you have to tell them exactly what it feels like!)

Whats wrong with my toes! *pics*?

so they're swolen and sore. And on the bottom of my big toe I have a lil red spot. thats like deep in my toe that hurts like hell if I step on that part of my foot. Plus, when my toes aren't this bright red with shiny spots. They're this purple black red, almot like the inside of my toe is turning to black mush... I've tried athletes foot spray... but it doesn't seem to help. My toe naisl are yellow cuz my nail polish stained them...