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What Decides Whether Someone Will Or Will Not Become A Successful Pop Singer

Depends on how successful you want to be. Usually, the population isn’t attracted to the idea of a kid being on stage, so they won’t get a lot of attention, even as they grow older. Audiences tend to think “oh, they’re still a kid”, especially if the style of music doesn’t change. If you look at SNSD, the reason they’re so successful is because they evolved their music as time went on, going from girly to mature. 16–19 I think is a good range to start, but remember, there’s trainee time as well. If you wish to truly become a K-pop star, learn Korean with a passion, dance excitedly, and learn to sing very well even with choreography (unless you’re at JYP, then just match pitch well, since “half air and half sound” is just bad voice technique that will destroy your vocal chords.). In general, work hard. If you need inspiration, go look at Kim Sejeong and Kim Sohye from Produce 101, their life experiences are literally perfect examples of rags-to-riches hard work. BTS is also a good example of hard work.But mainly, a lot of it comes down to looks. If you look mature for your age, they probably won’t care about your age as much. Half of TWICE debuted at 16 (some 15 by Western dates), and they still look pretty much the same now. Plastic surgery is an option, but it can ruin someone’s image if done improperly (which happens quite a lot), and can be mentally degrading as well.Subjectivity does play a huge factor, you must remember, so if you do decide to go this route, be prepared for the worst. And if you didn’t start preparing at least one aspect of being a k-pop star (singing, dancing, Korean, personality) since you were very young, you have even less of a chance. But, then again, keep up any work you have done so far. Record down audition dates, and see if they accept you. SM Town even does international auditions.P.S: I really suggest you watch Produce 101, all 3 seasons (season 3 is Produce 48). They really show some top tier idol qualifications that are needed.

Can I become a sucessful rnb pop singer?

Well, guys
Currently I am taking singin lesson 3 times a week and I try to work as much as possible on my voice to built the strenght so that I can hit the high notes.
My goal is it to become a sucessful singer, But I doubt.. I see a lot of good singer outside there, they are so talented and they have been singin since they were a child, you know? Persons like Karine Pasian are very talented, shes songwriter, singer, plays piano.etc.
I feel that I can never be so talented like them, they began their career as a child and me, I am now over 18. And my first language isnt english, I can`t still speak/write/ proper english, that means that I cant write such a good lyric like them, you know.
I see myself as a ugly person, I am not looking good, so how could I fit into the camera.
to me I could never imagine to have a normal life, to get married, get children, become old and dead
Thats all I got my goal and also my dream to become a famous and sucessful singer means everything to me

Can someone become an athlete and a singer?

If you can handle it, then practice both until you reach a point (when you know you can become successful in one or the other) where you can decide to focus more on one and let the other become a hobby.

By the way, this isn't really an either or type of thing, you can still do both, you just can't be the best (and have a career) in both at the same time. You can have a career in one, and still be good at the other.

If I were you, I would focus on going to the olympics first, while still practicing singing (and maybe do a few small gigs, if you have time), and then once your done with your volleyball career, you can focus and pursue gigs and a career in singing.

There is absolutely no concrete answer for this anymore. There was a time when it was common for artists to pay their dues for years before getting to that point. Even the teen pop artists started out on Disney as children.With the internet, it can be completely random. Singers usually get famous for a couple reasons this way. Sometimes a “lightning in a bottle” moment (positive or negative) happens for them on social media. They become famous overnight and may or may not keep going.The second is a singer creates so much content and is so good at keeping in touch with fans, their fan bases grow organically and steadily. This is a more common path. Some singers work their entire lives and do not become famous.Fame and music are two completely separate entities that cross paths once in a while.

Where do I go to become a Pop and country singer?

Nowhere. If your goal is to become famous you'll never make it in music. Go to Hollywood and become an actor.

Making it in music takes devotion to music, devotion that would cause you to play for free just to be heard. Chet Atkins said he never dreamed people would pay to hear him play and in fact he would've paid them to listen.

Making it in music means accepting failures and still playing. Remember, the Beatles were rejected by every label at one point.

And finally, making it in music means being true to the music. To that end, you need to decide if you want to be a pop singer OR a country singer.


It's very possible to learn to sing well. You just need to know the right methods. Learn here

Singing teachers will cost money and can be expensive so they're not for everyone. Singing can be learned so it's not an "either you have it or you don't" kind of thing.

Whether you sound like crap or you're decent, I recommend this singing course. It's one of the best methods to learn to sing well in a short amount of time. It's all about using efficient techniques that work.

You can know if you can become a good singer or not by first recording yourself singing, and then listening to it. Trust me, you are your best judge. So Post listening, you’ll probably produce either of the two reactions:You’ll exclaim, “Han yaar kuchh baat toh hai!” (Yes mate, there's something special to it.) This reaction is an indication of the fact that if you put your efforts and practice into singing, you're sure to improvise.You'll blurt out, “Chhoro yaar mazaa nai aaya.” (Leave it mate, it isn't really amusing.) This sort of a reaction is the signal to maybe, just maybe, shift your focus from singing and try something else.No one can stop you from becoming a pop star in the bathroom, though.

How to become a singer?

I am only 13 but I really want to be a pop singer like jay z or chris brown or someone like that,
basically I want to do this but I dont know how to start off, people say im good at singing and they say they arent lying,
so how to become a big pop star?
and i am called henry flower so what would be a good artist name for me?
please help me out and happy new year

Why is it hard to become a singer?

One of the most diverse muscles in our bodies is the tongue. This amazing tool not only helps you talk, but also helps you properly sing. When you sing, it is important that your tongue rest in specific areas as certain notes or scales are attempted. Learn here how to sing
The tip of the tongue is the easiest to control, but is not what is used the most in singing. When you sing, the tip of your tongue should be lightly pressed against the back of the lower teeth. This will ensure that it doesn't get in the way, or hinder the middle, sides, or back of the tongue when attempting certain notes. The back of the tongue, probably one of the hardest areas to control, should be the section that is relaxed. Once you get used to keeping the tip of your tongue lightly pressed against the back of your teeth, this should be easier to do. You can even put the tip a little lower if you feel it's in the way or becomes irritated. So, the back of the tongue should be relaxed, yet ready for use. You should be able to control it a little bit at this point. As you practice singing a little more, try to notice what the back and middle section of your tongue are doing. On lower tones or notes, the tongue will lie flat. On higher tones, the contrary. When it comes to lower tones, the tongue doesn't have as much work to do because the lower sound that is emitted originates in the chest cavity and is formed through the throat. With higher tones, however, the higher the tone, the more 'active' this back section of the tongue must be. Now that the tongue has been covered in some detail, it should be noted that singing is difficult on the muscles and surrounding cavities and ligaments. However, difficult does not mean painful. If in hopes of reaching a certain tone or trying to hold a sound, you thereby cause stress to your neck or throat muscles, you are not going to last long. Controlling these muscles, as steadily as possible, and working them to a certain point each day, without strain, is one of the most important factors when it comes to practicing and learning how to sing. Remember, you should never feel pain nor strain.