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What are some great statistics that support why we need guns?

100% of the dictators and tyrants throughout history have disarmed their slaves, oops I mean citizens.In Medieval Europe peasants and serfs weren’t allowed to have any weapons that could threaten the knights and nobilityThe “Martial Arts” like Karate that are so popular in the USA today were originally developed so that unarmed peasants could defend themselves against armed soldiersA lot of the weapons were modified farming implements because the peasants weren’t allowed to own weaponsHitler started by registering guns then he confiscated them and then after the Jews were disarmed and helpless he started rounding them up and executing themOne of the things that kicked off the American Revolution was when King George attempted to disarm the colonialists by seizing their gunsI can go on for pages because it’s not possible to find one single tyrant who has allowed his slaves to keep and bear arms. But I can find lot’s of free societies where citizens do keep and bear arms. Which would you rather be, a citizen or a slave? If you’re like me and you’d rather be a citizen then you want to defend the Second Amendment.