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What Do Churches Look Like On The Inside

Can anyone tell me what the inside of a Islam church looks like and how the service is typically ran?

The Islam centers where I live aren't very friendly,and I'd rather not take the risk of putting myself in danger. My teacher is making me do this and I'm Christian. Can anyone help me out?

Waht deos the inside of a catholic church look like?

Here, have a look:


Inside of a orthodox church?

The altar is enclosed with an icon screen. There are large doors in the center of the screen that are left open for much of the service. In an older church the walls and even the inside of the dome are covered with icons depicting Christian saints, Old Testament prophets, and events from the lives of Our Lord and Our Lady. (Many smaller and newer churches have fewer icons.)

Most Orthodox churches are welcoming, but you cannot take communion if you are not Orthodox in good standing. In some churches, especially those with immigrant parishioners, all or part of the service may be in another language, such as Church Slavonic or Greek.

The following link has some suggestions for visiting an Orthodox church:

What does your church look like?

My church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is comprised of its almost 16 million members. It generally looks a lot like the people of the world look, since it has members worldwide, speaking 118 languages.Those members are found on the following continents in roughly these numbers:USA - 6.6M (million)South America - 4MMexico, Central America, & Canada - 2.6MAsia - 1.1MAfrica - .54MAustralia / Oceania (Pacific Islands) - .54MEurope - .51MSource: LDS Statistics and Church Facts | Total Church MembershipThe I’m a Mormon campaign yields a wide variety of Mormons who look like, well, you and you and you and you and me - and oh, by the way, it’s easier to find pictures of famous Mormons:And last but not least (at least not to me) - my family:You get the idea. My church looks like the world. Best of all, we all love one another. Unless we’re not living our religion…The distinguishing characteristics of members (Mormons) are, according to studies, higher-than-average:propensity to smile (happiness),health and longetivity,education,fertility rates, andfamily size.Sources: Study Shows Healthy Habits Cut LDS Heart, Cancer Deaths - Ensign Feb. 1990 - ensign as for the physical churches (chapels), the thousands of chapels worldwide have a wide variety of looks, including:UtahEnglandThailandand the view of a typical chapel inside like the one my ancestors attended in Preston, Idaho:Then, there are currently 154 temples worldwide, which are not for regular worship services but rather for special ordinances such as eternal marriages and other ordinances for the living and the passed.Temples can usually be identified by the gold Angel Moroni atop the highest spire. Moroni appeared to the prophet Joseph Smith to show him were to recover the plates of gold Moroni had buried circa 421 AD, which Joseph translated to The Book of Mormon. Mormon was Moroni’s father.Salt Lake City, UtahWashington, DCAba, NigeriaFrieberg, GermanyThat’s a small sampling of what my church looks like. Thanks for asking.

How does a synagogue look like (inside)?

It doesn't look much different from a church. There are chairs or pews to sit in, and a dais at the front. Some synagogues have a platform called a bimah either at the front or near the center, from which the Torah is read, or lessons taught.

On the eastern wall is the Ark of the Covenant, in which the Torah scrolls are kept, along with the other scrolls such as the books of Esther and Ruth; if you were east of Jerusalm. the Ark would be on the western wall :-) Above the Ark is the ner tamid - the eternal light - that is always lighted.

Beyond that, the room is usually really very open, and some might even say bare. Many synagogues use movable partitions so that the room can be used for many puposes, and also so that large groups can be accomodated at times such as the High Holy Days. There is no statuary, although there may be artwork - usually rather abstract (although not always).

The one I attend is B'Nai Torah in Bellevue, Washington. There are some good pictures of both the interior and exterior here: The artwork at the top of the page is a group of photographs of the artwork in the sanctuary.

As you might imagine, there are other areas in the building - classrooms, offices, childcare areas, kitchens (one each for meat and milk), restrooms, and the other things you'd find in any building that houses a religious congregation. Ours is really quite simple and straightforward - not highly decorated - although it's on a really nice lot (the Pacific Northwest has tons of trees!)


Why do catholic churches look scary to me?

It's because they use them in haunted movies because they're old and big.
I'm Catholic so if you have any other questions like that ask!
Yeah, sometimes when they're a dark brown they freak me out sometimes, and I go to Church in them! XD
But really, they're actually a happy place.

Why do some churches paint their inside walls black and turn the lights very low during a worship service?

Jesus said He was the Light of the World and men love darkness because their deeds are evil. I'm not saying these churches or people are evil, I just wonder when this practice started, who started it, and the purpose for it?

How does a catholic church look like?

All are different.
Here are the basics you will find in all Catholic churches:

1. The Altar- the center of worship. to the side of the altar, you will see an AMBO, or lectern, where the word of God is proclaimed

2. The Tabernacle- look for a RED candle. The tabernacle may or may not be in the sanctuary (depends on the parish), but the single red candle will point you toward it . It contains the Eucharist, reserved for the sick. They are truly beautiful because the tabernacle is the Catholic equivalent of the ark of the covenant.

3. Confessionals- may be old style, new style or both. Old is the stereotypical 'box'..newer look like a living room.

4. votive candles- represent prayers remaining after the pray-er has left

5. Stations of the Cross- 14 plaques around the church,, recalling the passion and death of Christ.

6. Various statues- these vary by church, but there will always be Mary, usually Joseph, and the patron of the parish.

7., Crucifix- should show the crucified Christ, some show a risen Christ, but this is improper. We do believe in the resurrection, but remind ourselves of the sacrifice that was necessary first.
8. Baptismal font- may be small or large enough for immersion. both are acceptable; may be near the altar or at the back of the church
9. the Easter candle- blessed at the Easter vigil, this candle is lit until the Ascension, then for weddings, baptisms, funerals, 1st Communion, and Confirmation. It will be near the altar
10 Holy Water font- near the entrances- a reminder of our baptism as we enter and leave the church.

Are police men allowed to arrest someone inside a church?

Some laws may not have been repealed (Such as the illigality of mince pies in england), but absolutly no-one would let "They can't arrest me in church" stand in court (Much like "They were eating mince pies!").
They can arrest you as and where they like provided it's in the same country (or state as may be the case in the USA, which amounts to almost the same thing).

What is inside a Protestant church that isn’t in a Roman Catholic church?

Generally speaking (I’m sure there are exceptions) the following are not found in Catholic churches:A Bible that is missing 7 books from the Old Testament, though an apologetics group might use them, and probably some Protestants bring them in.Snakes, at least as an intentional part of the service.Women in liturgical vestments (distinct from women in habits).