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What Do Most Humans Do That They Should Be Ashamed Of

Should americans be ashamed of themselves for being so fat?

No. I'm sure that a lot of Americans have been or currently are ashamed of themselves for being fat, but being ashamed is not going to make them any thinner. If somebody is socially deficient, emotional deficient, or physical deficient -- it isn't entirely their fault. There comes a point when they have to take ownership of their lives and steer them in the right direction, but up until that point they've had physical characteristics and social cues that have helped to mold them into the person they are. They've grown up in a household where they were fed crappy food, not taught what to eat or what is a healthy portion. They were allowed to sit and be idle constantly by parents who weren't invested enough to notice how sedentary they were and encourage them to grow up and play. They were raised in a society where fat, white collar guys who sit behind computers all day and make all the money. They look down on blue collar guys who work hard for a living and wear out their body doing it. They live in a society where our goal is to make everything automated.

COME ON!!! You can't be ashamed for your entire existance. There's no reason to be ashamed that your parents raised you poorly. There's no reason to be ashamed if you weren't taught how to live a healthy life, and you have to grow up making mistakes and then teaching yourself how to correct them.

The only people who should be ashamed, are the ones who choose to remain fat and don't make the effort. Of course, they won't.. but they should.

Should I feel ashamed for being disabled?

Ashamed of what? Just because one of your body part is not working properly. Rest of millions of functions and tasks are done by our body like respiratory system, digestive system, thinking, watching, speaking, moving hands, legs etc.

So, don't be ashamed, you are a special one made by god to do some special task in this world.

Poll: Do you think Germans still ashamed about the Holocaust?

No Defiantly Not i was on Holiday In 2007 and 2009 and spent time in Berlin and they don't hide the Holocaust and the NAZIS

the 87% of the Germans Under 65 should Not have any shame no blame and definatley no responcibility

I joined the RAF after WW2 and was Bombed By the NAZIS Not to days Germans who are Lovely people

If i was In My Opinion Not Living in the Best country in the World well second according to the UN I would Love to Live In berlin Nuremberg Ramargen or just about Anywhere In Bavaria

Ranking from 0 to 10

Shame NO "0"

Guilt Defiantly No "0"

and Responsibility they were NOT born yet No "0"

I was Bombed By the NAZIS and those Responsible have Either Been Punished Died or hid them self in shame I met some on my first posting to Germany with the RAF after WW2

and i Must admit some showed No remorse/shame or Responsibility and said Great Britain declared war on US we only wanted Living space but 99% of the Nazis are Long Gone

But they are Taught about what the NAZIS did the Germans Have Kept some of the Horror as reminders it is a Blight on their History but the Germans of today are todays Germans and I love them including all the Girls that i had Friendships with as a Young man the Loving memories linger on Especially my time at Sylt during July August and September

Are we secretly ashamed of being black?

Just watched the vid "Dark Girls: Preview " (you can simply google it if you never saw it, a youtube link should come up)

Anyway its about black people being ashamed of being black. And I have that same problem, I am now growing out of it. But back in the days I hated my skin, my nose and my hair! It was my dream to be light skinned with strait hair.

I blame my parents, the media and my fiends; but most of all my parents. If they even told me once that "you are black and beautiful" then none of that bs I heard on tv and form my friends would matter. But instead I grew up hearing

"you little black boy, go eat your dinner"
"You use to be so light when you were younger, now you are just black"
"Dont play too much in the sun, I dont want you to get blacker"
"Look at that beautiful light skinned baby"

Then after while it just stuck in my head and I started believing that I was a worthless dark piece of trash. I am 21 now and I dont really feel that ay anymore but the thoughts are still there.

What do you all think about this? And are you all ashamed of being dark?

Oh and my uncle's wife's family found a way to beat the system. Her entire gen ration never got brainwashed by the media. Although they are Americans they never once used relaxer and they all visit an African country at least once a year. They embrace their culture and their women look so beautiful with their dreads, makes me wonder why some black women even use relaxer and are ashamed of nappy hair.
Just watch the Austin powers that Beyonce starred in, you can never say she didn't look beautiful with that afro! This fascination for straight hair amazes me

Why are people so ashamed of being naked?

I doubt this answer will get many good reviews but you asked a question I will tell you why I believe the reason human beings feel ashamed of nudity.
In the Bible ( Genesis ) when God created man and woman in the Garden of Eden they were not ashamed of their nudity, but because they disobeyed God, God made them ashamed of their nudity and they covered the personal parts of their bodies with fig leaves, from that time on men and women covered their bodies and were ashamed to be seen without being covered,
Might I suggest you read the Bible and see if you agree, I'm sure lots of people will laugh at my answer but do not take my word for it make up your own mind. I hope you will find the answer for yourself good luck.

I think 'guilt' would be the more visible clue in this scenario, though I suppose the symptoms could present similarly. So some body language regarding guilt/shame would be covering the face or turning away, not meeting eyes, a hunched posture. I think shame would be clear if he was meeting his son's gaze then couldn't hold it the moment he felt the shame and had to look away, maybe shifting his whole body away. Arms crossed over chest is defensive. General discomfort/nervousness could have him shifting his feet, clearing his throat. Embarrassment/self-consciousness could be rubbing the back of his neck. The whole neck gets hot: tugging at collar for ventilation. If he's trying to cover it up/not get into it, he could deflect the conversation and bring up a new topic, trying to present himself as over-enthusiastic or happy/laughing and speaking more quickly out of nervousness. Covering his mouth with a hand while he speaks could be lying, or if he just said something he was ashamed of/felt guilty about, he'd lift his hand to his mouth right after.There's all kinds of signals but they all have slightly different associations so it could also come down to specifically your character's personality, if he does or doesn't do something that is normal for him, like if he's normally a smooth talker and then starts stumbling over his words, or is normally very in-control and then starts getting fidgety/playing with his sleeves... there's a lot of options! :)I'd recommend getting The Emotion Thesaurus: A Writer's Guide To Character Expression by Angela Ackerman. This book highlights 75 emotions and lists "the possible body language cues, thoughts, and visceral responses for each." It's a super handy tool, especially with providing some internal sensations (if it's an emotion you've never personally experienced). It also gets into ways the emotion might look long-term, when it's suffered acutely, or when it's trying to be suppressed.

I will always be ashamed of who I am. I was always afraid to come out bisexual. Afraid my loved one would leave. I wasn't nice after our second encounter. She wanted sex and I wanted to come out. She begged, nagged and made it about herself. I felt hurt and conflicted, how and why did I hurt her. All that by pushing her away. I loved this person from day one. All I wanted was to be her everything, her romantic man. I knew I could never be that, I'm too sensitive and a girl in her eyes. She broke up with me eventually, I sent her a message. I wanted to tell her thank you. I said sorry, sorry I didn't come out sooner and goodbye friend. After that, I deleted my FB. I dont plan on showing myself again. I lost my identity to a narcissist.

Ashamed of my gender..can I do anything to change how I feel? or Do I have reason to be ashamed?

So, I hate the fact that I am a guy. I feel like my gender is a sinking ship...we do far worse than girls at school in general Only 43% of bachelor degrees are earned by men. We had an edge in math science and there still is disparity in some areas..but women are going to close that and probably triumph over us. I feel like as we become a more equal show their true colors...that they are just not as valuable, smart, or intelligent as women. It makes me upset to be a guy. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not going to perform a home-penectomy anytime soon! I feel like I'm feminine in an educational sense....I never liked math or science and loved literature, English, Social Studies, and read a lot. I also scored the best on reading comprehensive sections of standardized tests. However (and please forgive me for using stereotypes) Most people would say I’m pretty "masculine" (in a stereotypical sense I mean). I like football, I wear "guy clothes", like war movies, I like to go out and shoot guns, etc. But I hate the fact that I see a bunch of guys I know that are such losers, don't go to school, play Xbox all day. When most girls I know are going places. Also, I hate the idea of rape/assault on women. I feel ashamed to be part of the same gender that generally carries that out. If I watch a rape scene in a movie and a girl is near me...I feel an instant pressure to try and distance myself from the situation somehow. It gets me depressed honestly, I don't want a sex change or anything! i just wish I could take pride in being a "man"...not in the "I wear the pants in the family" way. But in the "Other people consider me a compassionate, impressive human being...and i also happen to have a penis." Is it wrong for me to feel like this? What can I do?