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What Do U Think Of This Singing

Im 13, what do u think of my singing?

You Do have a voice :) And for thirteen years old you have a lot of potential. Do work on staying on note through the whole song though. (Very rarely did you get off, but a few times you were off) I do like your voice a lot. Definitely do not quit!!! I think if you want to go farther you should try some other types of music to sing to, but still stick to your main one :) Maybe somethings faster, cause it tests your voice a lot!! Something I sing to test my voice is Barbra Streisands "Dont Rain On My Parade"

Dont pay attention to her ugly face lol but her voice is amazing :) I think you could do it.

But dont give up! k?

What do you think of my singing? Good or bad?

I was diagnosed very young with a hearing imparment. Apparently I don't hear a range of sounds. Still, when I was a preteen, I was offered the opportunity to take music or dance lessons as an after school activity. I thought it would be cool to play the guitar. My family hired a music teacher to give me weekly lessons.  The teacher insisted on teaching me songs that I had never heard before. At the end of two years, he got up in disgust and said that I was "tone deaf", I was "unteachable", and he went home and committed suicide. Obviously, the poor guy had some heavy issues, but as a kid, I was devastated. During the same time period, I was loving my art classes. In fact, in the school district I was in, we were supposed to have one semester of art, and  music the next semester. I was so passionate about art, and it came so easily to me, that when I asked for more art classes, I was granted the leeway to do so. I never took a formal music class in school in my life. I may never be another Michaelangelo, or a Da Vinci. I may never become world famous. But I am an artist. I can not be anything but an artist, or my soul shivels and stultifies. There is no asking permission. There is no, "should I or should I not". I AM an artist, for good or ill, for whatever I can make of my life. What does this have to do with your singing? Well, for one, I literally cannot be a judge of how good or bad you are. But I do know this much. When I take technical lessons in the field I'm passionate about, I never ask if I should. I only ask how can I afford them! So maybe you have answered your own question by asking it.

What do you think of my singing? I don't sing too well but just want opinions and ways to improve. See it here-

The key sounded a bit too low for you honestly and your lower range sounded not terrible but uncomfortable. Your upper register sounded much better.Your actual voice wasn’t bad and sounded like it would be good for Alanis Morissette type songs. Find a key that is comfortable to sing in. I’ve been a singer for more than 40 years and the biggest mistake I see is people trying to sing in a key that they are suited for. I always say I can sing just about any song written as long as it is in the right key. When I was overseas there were 100’s of karaoke clubs and it seems that my friends loved going to them. If I went I would have them change the key for certain songs so they were in my range and comfort zone. Just because you like a song doesn’t mean you should try amd sing it especially if it is not in a key you’re not able to sing it in.Keep on practicing and find your key and you will do fine.

What do you think of Ashley Tisdale's Singing?

***** = Awesome!
**** = Pretty Cool
*** = Worth Listening To
** = Nothing Special
* = Poor, Bad voice
= Horrible she stinks!
? = She sings?

I give her **** stars she's good but not the best singer in the world. - sorry Ashley it's true -