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What Do You Call The Leader Of A Surgical Operation

Why is general surgery called general surgery when it deals with the abdomen?

Traditionally general surgeons dealt with everything that came along that they could treat if the specialists weren't easily accessible. I've seen/heard general surgeons routinely performing abdominal surgery (hernias, bowels, cholecystectomies, appendectomies), thyroid surgery, breast surgery, removal of lumps and bumps and skin changes and fixing fractures. On emergency bases they can perform thoracotomies (ability to temporarily fix tear in myocardium is a requirement in core training of all but neurosurgeons) or burr hole craniostomies to reduce intracranial pressure after a bleed.At some point someone determined that it wasn't safe to have a surgeon performing an operation he only did once a year and it was thought that the more of the specific type of operation the surgeon performed the better the outcome would be so many surgeons today only operate on one organ and perform one or two types of operations on that organ*. Many general surgeons started focusing on abdominal cases as abdo surgery is common (the bread and butter of surgical departments) and for other specialties they likely would have needed extra training.  Though they are planning on re-introducing general surgery as a specialty juniors can train in as the value of generalists has been recognized here again and they've realized that it is better to have some treatment at the initial hospital if transfer to a specialist unit would take a long time.*Addition: This seemed to be more of a trend in some European countries where distances to bigger cities, where case loads are higher allowing sub-specialization, are shorter and financial/staffing constraints may not allow taking full advantage of the surgeons' skill-set in smaller hospitals. General surgery as a specialty is still alive and well in many countries such as US.

What is the leader or head person of a gang called?


What do you call the leader of an army?

I'm writing an english paper, but im adding some history into it in a way as i am comparing my paper to a war-zone. However, i am having trouble finding some terminology as i am not very "history savvy". I was wondering what you call a leader of an army, im pretty sure that it's not a captain though.

if anyone knows a website where i can find words for definitions, please post the link as it would be very helpful for me. One that does not require for me to pay, or make an account would also be very useful. :)

please and thank you!

What is a pediatric general surgeon?

Pediatric general surgeon doesn't make much sense.

Pediatric surgery is a subspecialty of general surgery. Those who have been trained in general surgery go on to do more training to be pediatric surgeons.

Most surgeons will operate on children within their area of expertise - neurosurgeons do surgery on kids, as do urologists, ENTs, orthopedic surgeons, etc. General surgeons operate on kids with routine surgical needs (appendectomy, hernia repair, etc)

Pediatric surgeons are there to do operations that are particularly complex, and are found only/mostly in babies and children. A lot of these surgeries are related to birth defects, like gastroschisis, omphalocele, T-E fistula, and so on. They are also a little better equipped to manage the post-op care of particularly sick children.

Hope that helps.

What are your views on the surgical strike video that got released on the 27th of June 2018?

When surgical strikes happened,many politicians asked government for proof. Now government produced proof after 2 years. Actually there isn’t any need to prove credibility of army to anybody, Indians are proud of their army.Our government is run by very smart politicians. Couple of weeks back they claimed threat to PMs life, something that should be kept with security agencies and not news channels. Last 4 years people were kept busy on Nehru, Jinnah, Patel, Kashmir, Hindu-Muslim, Cow, Love Jehad etc. Ruling politicians want to keep media and people busy on such topics. Otherwise, people will ask:You promised bringing back black money but it rose by 50% this year. How much money has been brought back?Why Ram Mandir not built yet? If it is a court issue, then it was court issue in 2014 also when you promised to build it.Why article 370 not revoked after BJP rule both J&K as well as Central government. It has been top issue for BJP for many decades.How many jobs were given to youth after promising 2 crores per year?Why Jamai Raja of Congress hasn’t been arrested yet?Why our currency is at all time low?Why petrol is even costlier than UPA time?We have been stuck between a weak opposition and “Jhumla” government. So keep yourself busy on facebook watching such videos.

Was there President's approval for surgical strikes or is it just Modi's decision with council of ministers and army chief?

Although President is Supreme Commander of armed forces, i think decisions like Surgical Strike don’t require assent of President.President is a nominal figure in parliamentary democracy These are operational decision of army and thus depend on the call of top officials of army.However since these type of actions might have repercussions at diplomatic and international levels the consent of PM and his cabinet is necessary.