What Do You Think My Friends Boyfriend Has Planned Details

Do girls talk about their boyfriend to their girlfriends?

Okay girls I'm very sorry for letting this out. But since boys continuously gloat about their overly publicized bro code, I cannot resist letting this out. So here goes,We don't just talk about you. We collectively decide what to message you. We collectively analyze the things you say. We have meetings and analyse your mixed signals.We discuss your idiocracies. And those cryptic texts you sometimes send us, we have multiple theories about those.We sometimes discuss your odd behaviour in bed. Because we want to be absolutely sure that its not just us who finds it odd.We also send plenty of screenshots. So if you try to act sneaky and flirt with one of your girlfriend’s friends, you can be certain that she has sent a screenshot to your girlfriend.When fighting or arguing with her, have you ever noticed that you're losing the battle and she is slaying you like a fruit ninja? Have you ever paused to ask yourself why?You're not just arguing with her, but her entire girl clan. And even if your girlfriend is not quick witted, one of her friends certainly will be.And women remember everything. So if you ask for space or make some lousy demand of the said nature,Your girlfriend's whatsapp groups will more or less implode and breakout into the following thread:"Ask him why he called you over a dozen times when we went out for dinner last Saturday. What about your space?""Ask him why he told off your neighbour for messaging you. Didn't he respect your space?"and so forth…You'll be left zapped at the mammoth amount of information and examples from the past she will draw out and highlight.If you say something stupid like, "your friend Sheila looks like a fish" or "Does your friend Naina know that she has a beard?"Your girlfriend may giggle it off at that moment, but should you ever piss her off, she will go and tell her friends what you said. They will then collectively discuss how shallow you are.Some of us also have a girl code bond with our mothers. So if you act controlling, overtly possessive, unreasonably demanding or in any way show signs of behavioural traits that belonged to men of the previous generation. Rest assured, her Mother doesn’t like you. And God help you if you make her cry herself to sleep. Mother’s have supersonic radars that detect such nocturnal release of eye fluid. Mothers do not take such things lightly.

Boyfriend tells his friends everything about us?

My boyfriend goes to college, there about 9 people in his class and his says that they tell each other everything (this consists of like 4 girls 6 boys) me and my boyfriend are planning to 'do it', he's told them all the information, and he can't wait to tell everyone about how he's not a virgin anymore, he lives about an hour and a half away and i don't know anyone from his college so it makes me so uncomfortable that he's telling them everything about us and all our plans which i would never tell, he tells me that he tells them and then says "you didn't mind me telling them right?" but my answer is irrelevant now, and i know that if i tell him not to tell them anything else he just won't listen because he knows i'll never find out that he's told them, and he just has to tell everyone that he's had sex. I don't know what to do because i feel like my relationship with him just isn't private, they know every detail and i know when we actually do it he's going to tell everyone all the details and it makes me feel like i can't trust him with anything and i don't want to do anything with him??

Is my best friend obsessed with her boyfriend?

It sounds like your friend's emotions are overriding her manners. Don't let her feelings for this guy destroy the relationship you have with her though. If it continues on, your feelings of frustration could turn into bitterness. Talk to her about how it makes you feel when she changes plans on you at the last minute or puts you on the backburner if her boyfriend calls. When you have to have a hard conversation like this with someone you care for, it might be easier if you start out with a positive. In your case, it could be something like, "I am really glad you found ________. He seems to really make you happy, but lately I feel like you don't have time for me unless he is busy with other plans. Do you think we could plan some time for just the girls or you could let me know in advance if you have other plans with him?"

In this statement you have offered your friend your blessings on her relationship, your feelings, and a solution. She is probably still in that "Honeymoon Phase", and does not realize that her actions are hurting you and possibly other friends who have been pushed aside. Hopefully this will be a reality check on her friendship with you for her. Even friendships will have their ups and downs, but how she reacts to you will most likely influence where you go next with this.

Good luck.

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My boyfriend won t attend my best friends wedding with me & I'm upset... Am I over reacting?

My best friend is getting married in 2 months... We ve been friends since elementary & now she lives in Idaho , and I live in California...her wedding is in Idaho so for months I ve been planning to travel there ...

My boyfriend & I have been together for almost a year. Ever since the beginning I have talked about this wedding and it wasn t until months in I told him I wanted him to be my date. Her wedding is now 2 months away and he's saying he won't go with me...

I understand since we either have to fly there or drive this is asking him for a lot but it's my best friends wedding. I'm going to be the only bridesmaid dateless , have to travel alone, stay alone, and spend the whole wedding alone. It wouldn't be so bad if all my other friends boyfriends weren't going with them .

He says it's because of money, but he recently had more than enough to make it happen and bought a car and motorcycle & now "is broke" .

He didn't even attempt to make it happen , and I feel completely unimportant and don't feel like we are a team.

I don't want to go alone...
I am so upset I don't even want to talk to him ...

Am I over reacting ??

My best friend's wedding has ruined our friendship. What do I do?

So why don't you tell how you feel to her, instead of a bunch of strangers?
If she is your 'best friend' she'll listen. Simple as that.
If she doesn't, then she wasn't very good of a best friend.

My best friend's boyfriend is cheating on her?

So yesterday I was planning on getting chipotle with my friend and her boyfriend. I always call the location to ask how long the line is before we go just to see if I should order online first. My phone was nowhere to be found so I asked to borrow his. I asked Siri to call chipotle, which usually calls the nearest chipotle. Chipotle was in his contacts. Suspicious. I called it and a girl answered saying she wasn't chipotle and cried when she realized she was a side chick. I hung up and confronted him in private. He gave me $50 to not tell. I took it but of course I'm going to tell. But I'm trying to figure out how. I feel like "your boyfriend it cheating on you." Is too harsh. Should I tell her the story like I told it on here?

I lost my virginity to my best friend boyfriend and i want to tell her about my first time i just dont tell?

Ok my friend went a way for college so me and her boy friend and two other friends was planning on visiting her my 2 other friends back out at the last minute so I still went and it was bad weather all weekend so when the weather got to bad we decided to get a room and just leave the the next morning so we got room to save money but I we was talking to my friend all that night so around 3 I decide to go take a shower so next thing I know my friend bf starts knocking on the bathroom door which I thought he was a sleep so I told him to hold on and he was cussing saying he had to go b4 he piss him self so I hurry and threw on a shir tto get out of the bathroom and left the rest of my stuff and there so when I was coming out he grab me and said I lie and he start kissing me I wa spushing him away then the next thing u know he lift me and carry me to the bed I was trying to move and tell him stop becausei wasn't doing it with him because I was saving my self and he was going out with my friend then he said so ur a virgin I said yes move then he said I never been with an virgin b4 I told him to move then he started pulling my shirt off and rubbing me all over no lie it did feel good so I start talking while he was kissing all over me then b4 I knew it he went inside me... since then we been together like daily and I really do care for him but I also want my friendship how do I tell my friend and keep the friend ship