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What Do You Think/know About The Men

Men what do you think?

For males who only have interest with how big a females breasts are are just pervy *** animals.

If you ask me (which ur asking any male) My option is. I don't care if your flat,small,huge, fake idc Im not going to love a girl because of her breasts size I rather love a girl who I have a lot of things in common with and really enjoy being with, now honestly if your trying to take a knife to them, I'd one stop you and help you out and attempt to calm you down, or something like that (damn just made myself look like a fool XD ah well) But Im honestly the type of guy who doesn't give a rats *** at how big a girls chest as long as we have things in common i'd be happy.

Now for the what would I do....I'd attempt to comfort you and make you feel happy about your size rather they are big nor small I'd try to help you not go all roar and stab ur breasts... -.-; im like way better at doing it in person then trying to explain...

Do you think the Men of today are more Godly and know how to be a Man than 50 yrs ago?

Or do you think Many men have failed there role in being men because of radical feminism homosexuality acceptance and gender neutrality.....
American men: Too many wimps and sissies
If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be." Thomas Jefferson to Col. Charles Yancey, 1816
Mr T has something to say about today's Man funny but true-
Many husbands simply refuse to take their God-ordained place - -. Culture seems to point men away from their God-ordained position. Times are changing, and no one seems to know what the role of the husband is anymore

Women, what do you think of this statement?

I disagree because the quote only takes a couple of factors into consideration and there are many more factors any woman alive can and must consider.

I disagree with the assumption that women need men to provide for them but men don't need women to provide for them. Either group can provide for themselves, but they don't do the job as well as when they work together in an environment of trust and affection.

I disagree that it is only in the men's interest to control the paternity. If a man is not the father of the child - or believes he is not - and the society is primitive in any way, the man may consider himself justified in beating or killing the child, and beating or killing the mother - neither outcome is in the best interest of the mother. If the child is female and the man does not believe he is the father then he he may molest and rape the child - again, not in the best interest of the mother, the child, or even the man.

A man who feels that he was only chosen because he is a "good provider" but that the woman did not want to have a child with him will begin to resent the woman, the child, and the work that he must do to provide for his family. He will sense that this woman did not truly respect him but sought to trick and to use him. He will get angry and most likely become violent. This is not in the best interest of the man, the woman, or the child.

What are these "best genes"? How could a man have these "best genes" if his physical attributes do not make him capable of taking care of a family? What is even attractive about a man who is not a good provider? What makes him a good candidate for mating? Who decided that women would find him a good candidate?

Perhaps you say he is big and strong and wins many battles and this gives him good genes. Yet, if a man is a good warrior but drinks and gambles away or misplaces all his spoils he is not a good provider. Indeed, due to his reckless nature and warring ways he is dangerous to the health and safety of any woman who spends time with him. A man who must do battle constantly to have any provisions may, in his drunkenness and shame, attempt to battle with his woman and seriously harm or kill her.

Your quotation may have a reflection of truth, but it lacks the sensibility of women and a true understanding of how safe and productive families are formed.

What do you think of a man?

I have learned that these two questions are not necessarily the same thing. It is possible to have love for someone and then also "cheat" because in your mind, the "cheating" can be justifiable and therefore has nothing to do with the love that you have for who you married. So, to answer the question: "what do I think of a man..." I would need to know much more about the man before forming any sort of complete opinion or judgment based on this one behavior only ("cheating"). Sorry, but life is absolutely not black and white - only all gray - with no one single answer that applies to everything and everyone!