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What Does A 16 Year Old Usually Do Like What Positions

What kind of work does a 16 year old do at Target?

You can either be a floor team member, basically stocking shelves, making sure the store is neat, make sure all the items are neat, and just helping out others who need help. You can also work in the food court, some targets have a food center and you can sell food or even work inside a starbucks if your target has one.
My friend works at a starbucks inside target and I actually work in target as a register.
You can also be a cart attendant which is someone who basically just gets all the shopping carts from the parking lot and making sure the customers can find them easily.

Job Position at GameStop for 16 year-old?

I read at the GameStop career site that they accept people 16+ age, but what position would a person that's 16 have exactly, and what are their responsibilities?

Can a 15 year old work at McDonalds? If so, what sort of jobs would they be expected to perform?

You will likely either take orders at the window, or be in charge of cleanup to start with.Most stores, don’t have set ‘positions’ as it were. You’ll be hired on as a “crew member”. Which basically means, you do whatever position needs done.The key thing for you is… take it seriously, and get to know you co-workers.I know it sounds odd, but the biggest mistake people make is they don’t take the job seriously. Too often people go in, do as little as possible, and then move on.Here’s the problem. All those other people there, are doing the same thing. You don’t know who your next boss will be. I’ve known people that got rejected from really nice jobs, because they worked at some crappy store, and treated their job like crap, and one of the people they worked with moved on to be a manager at a nice company.Then they go and apply for a job, and the guy interview you says “oh I know you. You worked at that McDonald’s 10 years ago, didn’t you?” and that was the end of the interview. But that manager remembered this guy was a loser at that store, and barely worked, showed up late, and left early.Don’t be that guy.That guy you work with, could be the best key for you to get a good job later. He may also be the brick that smashes a good job later. Be a good employee… work, and make friends with your co-workers.I actually had a lady I worked with years ago offer me a job as a manager, because she knew me from over 10 years before, when I worked at Wendy’s with her. I didn’t take the job, but that’s an example of how early teen jobs, can have a long term effect.Take it seriously.One thing, learn to talk AND work. The problem isn’t talking generally. The problem is, people stop working when they talk. Keep your hands moving. You’ll be fine.And one side note.If figured out that if I had saved all the money that I earned while I was in high school, and invested it… I would have over $300,000 dollars today. Actually that was some years ago I would have had $300K. It would be more than that today.Save your money wisely. Your buddies in school will try and convince you to blow your money on all kinds of crap, and the money will be spent and gone.Don’t follow your buddies. Save and invest for the future.

I'm 16 years old. Can I do an online job?

Hi there!Of course you can do an online job. There are some that I wouldn’t recommend for a 16 year old, such as match betting, stock trading, gambling etc. There are plenty of online opportunities for you to make extra cash that are age restricted.Opportunities include:Website ReviewingWebsite reviewing is just starting to take off - its extremely do as you supply your verbal feedback whilst completing a set of tasks for the site. You can get paid quite handsomely especially for the time it takes to complete the review - i.e. anywhere between 5 to 15 minutes of work and you can land yourself £8 ($10.5 USD). I recommend checking out They’re recruiting people like you to review websites in your spare time. You can sign-up at : Become a website tester - you need to complete a sample website review first, before you can start reeving paid reviews to complete.Paid for searching the webSites like Qmee reward you for searching the web through Google, Bing or Yahoo. You jsut have to install a simple browser add-on and when you conduct a search, there may be a few sponsored results alongside your normal search results. Each Qmee search results has a cash reward attached. If you’re interested in the the link, just click it and you’ll collect the reward. There’s no minimum to cashout either!Review music for cashIf you love music, then Slicethepie is for you. It can take some time to build up a reputation but some users have reported that they earn £40 a month . It’s not a great deal, but for a 16 year old, you have to start somewhere.CompetitionsI recommend creating a dedicated Gmail account for this. Setup a gmail account an enter cash giveaway competitions. I know it’s not the best job in the world, but who knows, you may just get lucky!Hope this helps you out!

What kind of full-time jobs can a 16-year-old dropout get?

I really like Jeff Fields' answer. I can just name a few jobs he overlooked.  Cashier at a convenience store, grocery, or other retail.  Bakery clerk, butcher's helper, loading dock, grocery story shelf stocker, some secretarial if you have computer skills.  Check with your state's Job Service.  Fast food and fast food delivery.  Waiter/waitress. Hotel/motel housekeeping.  If you are sufficiently ambitious and reliable, you might get enough clients, especially through word-of-mouth, to create a house cleaning business.  There are also sales such as Avon, Scentsy, and other multi-level marketing businesses, but they take a special sort of person and commitment to make a decent living.  You might find a family looking for a nanny, if you are a good and reliable caregiver. Get your GED.  It will open many more doors.

Walmart Job Oppurtinity for 16 year old?

It is company policy that if you are under 18 you can only be a cart pusher or a cashier. Anything else like floor positions require you to know machines like the trash compactor, baler and scissor lift and you have to be 18+ to operate those machines. It is also policy that you can only work 5 days a week, no more than 5 hour shifts and no later than 10pm.

What part time jobs should a 16 year old get?

I agree with Xena Lee in that gaining soft skills or skills that are not taught in the classroom are important. You may decide to take a position that is not really what you want to do for your career, but on a resume and in your interviews in the future you should focus on the other skills you obtained.  For example, if you were a cashier at a major fast food restaurant, you obtained skills such as dealing with customers, time management, processing payments, cash handling, etc. Many of these skills cannot be taught in the classroom. If you have a specific skill that you know quite well and would like to develop the skill, you can also do this through experience. For example, some sort of technical skills. Many people will say that they have such skills, but most people only have basic knowledge, at best, and proving your high competency can easily be done through experience. Feel free to get in touch privately if I can be of further help. I am an education and business professional that has lived in China for more than the past six years. The company that I run handles corporate, operational, and strategic solutions for entrepreneurs and companies relating to doing business in China, The US, and Europe.

Jobs for 16 year olds.?

What are some good jobs for 16 year olds? I want to stay out of fast food and the grocery business. I was thinking Starbucks. Does anyone know how much Starbucks Pays? What would a 16 year old do at Starbucks? Also, I was thinking movie theatre.