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What Does It Mean If Under My Tounge Blue Where The Blood Vessels Are

Is it possible for waxing to break your blood vessels?

Waxing can pop blood vessels because my Mom waxed her eyebrows and one popped and it looked kind of blue-ish and bloody under her skin. You probably just have torn off the top layer off skin, and it is like razor-burn for waxing. So, just try to put some lotion on it and dont wear any tight fit clothing that is scratchy.

Put liquid under tongue? What does this mean?

I recently purchased a liquid medication that says put under tongue. I’ve never used this type of medication before. How would I actually go about doing that, just letting in sit in mouth? I’d imagine the liquid would, by default, go under my tongue. Or am I supposed to rub it under tongue?

My dog has blood in both eyes from getting almost choked to death. Did his blood vessels pop?

Yes. It's from subconjunctival hemorrhages. It's kind of like a bruise. It will go away on it's own.
Please use this as a reason not to leave choke chains on dogs unless you are walking them. I have nothing against choke chains, but they shouldn't be left on the dog unattended.

Why are my veins turning blue?

Your veins have always been bluish, but when those veins come closer to the surface of the skin, such as when the skin starts to thin as a normal part of the aging process or when there has been significant weight loss, those veins become easier to see in all their bluish glory. There are other reasons that can make veins more prominent, such as a bodybuilder’s bulging veins, or after having a child or two a woman develops varicose veins or spider angiomas (ugh), but there are some that may indicate a more serious condition that your doctor should know about.To delve a bit deeper, veins carry blood towards the heart and lungs to pick up oxygen and then the arteries deliver that re-oxygenated blood to all parts of the body so cells can use it and veins are there to take the blood back around and around and around…. Oxygen attaches to the hemoglobin inside the red blood cell (RBC) and turns them bright red when you look at it under the microscope. When the artery has delivered that RBC to the cell, it grabs the oxygen and the RBC turns pale. The arterial blood is very bright red (even bright pinkish candy red) and venous blood is sort of brick red to scarlet red)Normally, not every molecule of oxygen is grabbed up by the cell from the RBC in one pass, which is why when you stop breathing you can survive for several minutes as long as your blood is circulating. But, if your blood is not being fully oxygenated, a.k.a. oxygen saturation (O2 Sat) is low (normal is greater than 95%), then that makes your blood darker, so your veins will subsequently be darker and more noticeable. By the time this happens, you will be having significant other problems such as shortness of breath, tiredness, heaviness in your legs, etc. So another possible reason your veins are turning blue could be that you are not getting enough oxygen in the first place or not circulating the blood well enough to replenish the oxygen in the blood.Bottom line is, if it concerns you, ask your doctor and he/she can reassure you and follow up.

How do I deal with swollen veins under my tongue?

Veins under the tongue normally look really big in the mirror because lifting the tongue to look under it causes the veins to be compressed and blood pools in them. If you do not feel the swellings when your tongue is in the normal position, it is not a problem. If you ARE feeling swellings under your tongue, it is more likely to be lymph nodes, not the veins. Lymph nodes will swell when there is infection in the mouth area. If you feel sick, have a fever, and the nodes are painful you should see a doctor. Likewise if only one node is swollen, feels hard and irregular and you are a smoker or middle aged person, you should go to the doctor even if you don’t feel bad because cancer can present like that.