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What Does It Mean When A Guy Friend Said To You Cute Girl

What does it mean when guys call you 'cute'?

Cute to me means you're are some what pretty but the guy has no intention on going out with you. But you look alright. Don't worry about it. Cute means they may like your personality. Hot means they just like your looks and maybe your personality. But we also usually think 'slut' or 'chating whore' when we think hot. I don't know. He probably said your cute because he wants you to know he likes you and that you'll take a hint and ask him out. Go for it.

What does it mean when girls call a guy "cute", is it different to “hot,” in these instances, and is there a difference between the two terms generally?

It depends on context, I'd say, but to me it seems the most common meaning is that it means they have a crush on them that stems largely/mainly/sufficiently from their physical attributes, while at the same time signifying that they're not not attractive in the bursting-with-testosterone body-builder pro-wrestler kind of way. Cute can range from Justin Bieber to Chris Hemsworth, but it has to involve some charm, inherent handsomeness and je ne suis quoi that you don't have just because you're a physically fit youthful male. Cute guys are icebergs. The "cute" part refers to the fact that they're seen as being some semblance of "hot", but that's not the most important thing about them. They're boyfriend material (not of the friends with benefits or jock varieties), or at the very least ideal daydream fodder.

What does it mean when a guy says you're cute?

If they are telling you this because you asked them what they thought of you - this is a "safe" answer that allows them to compliment you without going overboard or commiting themselves to anything....

If they tell you this on their own, without you or someone else provoking them, it means they find you attractive. Guys are not always that descriptive about things like girls are. Just like to a guy purple is purple, but to girls it could be Lilac or Lavender... To a guy, cute and beautiful may be close to the same thing...

Girls, what does it mean when a girl calls you cute (or you call a guy cute)?

I have had a number of girls call me cute? I'm talking about a background meaning. I've had girls say it when we were talking at bars or whatever. But a friend of mine (a girl) reassured me before that I would find a girl because i am cute.

So does cute mean like puppy cute? or teddy bear cute? Or does it mean they are attracted to me?

I feel like if they were attracted they would say sexy or hot or something. I was recently talking to one girl who i met recently and while joking around I said I was sexy (sounds weird but go with it). She then said "sexy? no. Cute." she likes to date older guys so i feel like she looks down on me since I'm a year younger than her.

What does cute mean?

What does it mean when a girl says you're cute?



With that out of the way, I can say that it is a sure deal that she would like to know more about you, or be friends in general. No, it is not definitely a bad thing, you shouldn't take compliments as bad things unless they're used with heavy, heavy sarcasm. Anyway, try to keep your connection close with her, and look for other signs that she may be interested to gain your relationship, or maybe even more.

What does it mean when a guy friend calls you adorable?

it means you're very cute, lovable, and possibly sexy :).

What Exactly does it mean when a Girl says Your Cute?

well if she gave u her number then she definitely has an interest in you...when girls say that ur cute too a guy it means that either ur looks are cute/hot but we dont like to say hot to guys haha and/or ur personality is cute and makes her laugh....keep her interested in u by texting her a funny quote or something that reminds u of her... just dont be too stalkerish ...let her come to u since u already told her how u feel