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What Does Mutually Destructive Mean In These Contexts

Does Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) still apply these days?

No. whilst it started out the USAF observed nukes as merely greater and extra effective bombs. They have been flying intense (pun meant) because of fulfillment of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs ending the warfare. the US military observed them because of fact the potential to end all existence in the worldwide and that they pushed for nukes for use as a deterrent, an option so risky no person might use it as they might understand they may be destroyed too. Truman went with the US military view and we had MADD as our coverage good as much as Jimmy Carter. He being the bleeding coronary heart liberal that he's, felt planned focused on of enemy cities became into sinful and he ordered the US armed forces to objective armed forces objectives. of path that scared the crap out of the Russians as that variety of focused on is what you do in case you're making plans a regular strike. That became into the 1st step removed from MADD. Reagan got here in and authorized the making of the Neutron Bomb, a tactical nuke designed to end all of the Warsaw Armor that became into parked waiting to roll. it may fry the enemy troops out interior the open and of their tanks and go away the civilians of their brick, stone and urban properties risk-free. (maximum Germans make their properties out of brick and urban that can end neutron radiation.) That became into the 2nd step removed from MADD and a sparkling indication that if mandatory, america of a became into prepared to be the 1st to apply a nuke in warfare. because that ingredient we've relatively gotten removed from MADD and relatively have nuclear bunker busters designed. (B61-11 is an occasion.) Now what's exciting is the USAF is designing a non-nuclear bunker buster because of fact it is incredibly sparkling Obama won't authorize pre-emptive use of a nuclear weapon, even whether it is fired off deep underground. yet with all of the tactical nukes around now, we've long previous finished circle and have come again to the USAF view of nuclear weapons, they're merely greater bang for the dollar. I are looking forward to that during the subsequent twenty years somebody someplace is going to apply a nuke.

What is the meaning of "mutually constitutive"?

Mutual - between two persons, between two groups, between two parties etc“Two “ is involved with reference to a relationship , activity, respect ,emotions etcConstitutive - the executive power being vested through a legal Process to one or more.In Parliamantary democracy ,two parties are involved ( or two groups of parties involved).They are vested with constitutive powers to draft laws to place to Parliament approval( In USA : Democrats And Republic ,liberals)( In UK : Conservative,Labour and Liberal)( In India: Ruling party NDA - group lead by BJP and UDA - group lead by Congress)Mutually constitutive in Indian Parliamantary system is the establishment of Select Committee(s) which play the Mutually Constitutive role while drafting the Laws under the frame work of Constitution.In common communication we can use as below:Mutually Constitutive parents and teachers ensure that children are imparted with ethical and moral values. ( Family values and socitical values are treated as unwritten conventions).Mutually Constitutive relationship leads in married living a set of formalities . ( The non emotional relationship through a wedding is a Mutually Constitutive one.)A significant number of UN mandates are born out of Mutually Constitutive practices of member nations.( The common minimum legal frame work are known as Mutually Constitutive conventions .These are to be adopted by each nation under their Legal system)Changing any frame work arising out of Mutually Constitutive process is a time consuming and elaborate one.Hence Mutually Constitutive apprach always grinds slow and grinds small.ThanksBlessings

What did the balance of 'Mutually Assured Destruction' mean?

It basically means "You can't kill me without me killing you."Background: During the Cold War, both sides began to stockpile increasingly large numbers of nukes. By 1985, both sides had more than 5000. Both sides recognized that they couldn't nuke the other side with any retaliatory strike. This wasn't much of a deterrent in the early days when there were 'only' a few dozen nukes and at most a couple million would be killed. But in the later days when the enemy could launch hundreds at a time and kill off tens or even hundreds of millions, it became much more serious. Its like if you had a machine gun and a guy who robbed you had a machine gun. You can kill him sure, but you'll probably die trying. That's why is mutually assured, since both sides could be certain or near certain annihilation. If you liked this answer and want more, please follow me on Quora. No pressure tho. :)

What is mutually assured destruction?

It is the name for an intentional stalemate of sorts in regards to the use of nuclear weapons.Both parties have enough firepower to destroy the other even if attacked first. This discourages a nuclear attack in the first place and guarantees an (uneasy) peace. It also makes nuclear weapons a weird contradiction in themselves, in that they have to be dangerously convincing but obviously unusable at the same time.

What does mutually utility independent mean?

Are you sure you mean independent and not interdependent or dependent?

"Mutually independent" does not make much sense, as mutually implies together and independent implies apart.

It would help to know the context. Are you referring to people, places, buildings, or what?

As you wrote it, it could mean that 2 buildings do not depend on each other for utilities (gas, electricity, water).

Mutually dependent or mutually interdependent would mean they relied on each other for shared access to utilities.

Check your source and try asking again.

What does the phrase "mutually exclusive" mean?

Mutually exclusive is when, when one thing happens something cant happen (if i have question that is true or false, it can only be one, not both).

NOT mutually exclusive is when two things CAN happen at the same time. If you need more help, put an update in.

UPDATE: Here are some examples. Flipping a coin is mutually exclusive (because it can only be heads or tails, not both).

Not mutually exclusive (mutually inclusive) could be most anything. The colors of a shirt are mutually inclusive because a shirt can be multi colored.

Why did USA and USSR sign MAD (mutually assured destruction)?

They didn’t.The U.S. in the 1960s adopted the strategy of “Assured Destruction” in connection with nuclear war. Simply put, the U.S. would have enough weapons left after any Soviet nuclear attack to destroy the USSR as a functioning society. This threat was supposed to deter any Soviet attack.It was then ass/u/me/d by the pundits that the Soviets would destroy USAmerican society in any nuclear war. This was dubious, as by all indications the Soviets were aiming to attack military forces rather than cities, but that wasn’t generally known.So the conclusion reached was that any nuclear war would destroy both countries. That made the attraction of a psuedo-clever acronym irresistable.

Why is MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) the best response we have against ICBM, when countries are spending billions on defense?

When a Nuclear weapon possessing country strike another Nuclear weapon possessing country then Nuclear war is inevitable. Both countries, with a mindset to win the war, will try to outperform other country and in doing this both countries will destroy each other completely.MAD came into being during Cold War. At that time both USSR and USA were possessing large number of nuclear weapons that can destroy whole world many times and also there were huge research going on in both the countries to make the nuclear weapon more powerful and destructive.In current scenario and talking about India, India has minimum credible deterrence policy and No First Use Policy. So India won't be the first country to attack other country with nuclear weapons. So India needs to have robust mechanism to neutralize the nuclear threat. India's DRDO is working to develop Anti Ballistic Missile Defence System to destroy the nuclear tipped Missile. According to the Minimum Credible Deterrence policy, state possesses no more nuclear weapons than is necessary to deter an adversary from attacking it. It is completely opposed to MAD. So India is spending billions to make ABM and also to make more destructive weapons.

Whatt does this phrase mean in English (3D anymation context).?

IDK about 3d animation but parent topic usually means a main topic that has child topics under it. Child topics are basically sub sections to the parent topic. For example,

Parent topic: Pets

Child topics:

Deterrence Theory: What does MAD means (Mutually Assured Destruction) in military terms, who formulated it, and can anybody explain in detail?

MAD(Mutually Assured Destruction) was apparently named by John von Neumann, a brilliant mathematician and scientist. It is a military strategy doctrine in which if two opposing sides use weapons of mass destruction, it'll lead to the total annihilation of both the attacker and the defender. It assumes that both the opposing sides have enough nuclear weaponry to destroy each other, and if attacked, the defender can strike back with the same force. It is based on the theory of deterrance. For example, if a state believes that its enemy has the capability to completely destroy it, it will not undertake any offensive measures to start a war. In a way, it leads to stocking up of nuclear arsenal by countries, even if it is not intended for use. For two opposing sides to fear the outcome of a war in which both are destroyed, it kind of becomes essential to ensure that both have the capacity for total destruction. USA and USSR have already become nuclear triads in this direction(traditionally comprising of strategic bombers, intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs)) with many other countries like China, India etc trying to follow this course . The basic aim is to diversify the nuclear delivery system in such a manner that an attacker cannot destroy the defender's arsenal in the first strike, that there is always a possibility of second strike by the defender. It is the concept of having a destructive agent so terrible that people are forced to keep the peace, because the alternative i.e war would mean total annihilation.