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What Does The Question Mark Things With Triangles Around It Mean

What is the easiest way to make triangles for quilting?

Quilt Chat has all sorts of links for quilters, even free lessons:

Half square triangles:

Quilting Links:

What are the shapes of your triangles? Are all sides the same? Are two sides the same with one longer side? Will they have one right angle? It depends.

To put them together correctly, put a pin into the fabric 1/4 inch in from each side, and put the pieces together exactly where the pins are. You'll have little triangles of fabric sticking out from the ends. This is normal. Sew up to 1/4 inch from the edges.

If you try to line up the sides and don't match up where the pins are, it will throw you off.

Go to for good instructions on anything about quilting and lots of links, too. Free lessons online.

Good luck.


What does the circle arrow around a triangle light mean on the dash of an 02 Beetle mean?

That is your traction contol indicator, and if that light is on it means your tcs is off so if you floored it the wheels will spin (burnout), normally its on always so this will not occur.

Whats the meaning of a triangle with a circle around?

mean's it's safe to be gay here.
the triangle represents the pink triangle, the symbol hitler had for gays (he exterminated gays along with other groups).
the circle represents a safe location. originally the triangle was pink and the circle green. about 10 years ago it was called the "safe space" program and we had magnets we could put up in our cubicles to let folks know it was safe to be gay there.

When I end a sentece with parenthesis and a question mark, what is the proper way to format it?

Firstly, the example you have given should be written as two individual sentences, with a question mark at the end of the second sentence.
When writing using parentheses, only include a question mark within the parentheses if there is a question enclosed. However, if the whole sentence is a question, then just one at the end is needed, eg

Tom was wrong (don't you agree?).
Where has it gone (I left it over there)?
Do you think Tom was right (or should I leave things as they are)?
These didn't really need the parentheses, but I was just aiming for examples.