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What Does This All Mean Help

What does FFM mean...???? help?

One man and two women having sex together.

EDIT: yeah, it's sick

What does lmao mean? help?

my friends use it all the time and i have no idea what it means. and can need help with other long text abrivations. execpt i know the basics. like lol, ikr. rofl. b4...

What does "God help us all" mean?

In most contexts the situation is so bad the only solution appears to be a Deus Ex Machina.“We’re probability not going to get through this, our only hope is an out of the blue miracle.”

What does it mean to help someone in a dream?

We are the creator of the dream. We make them to help us to learn. There is never a singular meaning which allows us to use a dream like a key that opens many doors into who we are.Lets look at the dream in where we help someone. If the dream has an individual in whom we know, a friend or associate then the dream may have an external theme since it is using an actual person. In this sense it is our action that tells us that we want to assist the individual. At the same time this person also represents our self since the person in the dream is created by us in order to mirror that individual who is alive, then in this sense we are helping ourselves. This also can be the same way to look at it if the person is not know in oour waking reality, then this individual becomes a reflection of who we are and we are working at helping ourselves learn something.Also when you look at a dream like this look at what you are helping the individual do, this may also be an insight to the dream meaning. If you are helping them repair a wall in a house you could be helping to improve the structure of your mentality or consciousness or strengthening your ideas.In the end, the multiple meanings can all be useful in telling you something about the inner workings of your psyche.

What does this quote mean? please help?

Essentially it means that we're all accountable for the actions of others - you cannot sit there and go, "Oh, well he's wicked and I'm not, so therefore his actions don't affect me." You have to take responsibility for his actions as well, because more often than not you could have reached out to him to prevent it.


Help! what does all star mean in softball?

Well if you are an allstar then you are one of the best players at your competive level or whatever leauge your playing in.

Help! my ex is all over me when hes drunk. what does it mean?

My ex and i dated for almost 2 years. We have been broken up for 6 months now. We ended in pretty bad terms and avoided each other as much as possible. Lately we have been hanging out a lot with our friends (have some same friends). When we hang out we end up drinking and getting drunk the first time this happened he was getting all close to me and i stopped him and said "what are you doing' and he said "nothing just teasing you" and i said "well don't'. The second time we got drunk again and well he once again began to come on to me and kissing me... this time i responded back and kissed him.. we ended up hooking up that night. And well each time when we get drunk he always pulls me close to him and begins kissing me. This last time that we hung out st. patricks day we got drunk he pulled me close to him and I pulled away from him and told him that i don't have any feelings like that towards him anymore and he was very surprised.. bad thing though is that by the end of the night we made out again. I obviously do have feelings for him but i don't want him to know. I know that i should stop hanging out with my friends when hes around cause i'm just gonna get my hopes up and I'm not sure what he wants with me.

Our friends that we hang out with always make sure that i talk to him and push me to him. They always hang out with him so im not sure if they just want me to be his booty call or if they know something about his feelings that i don't. They live in the same town and are really close friends from high school (im only visiting my hometowne for 2 weeks from college I'm in spring break). but at the same time they are my friends too so idk. Basically I'm really confused i thought i was over him untill we started hanging out and stuff. He was the first one to come on to me what does this all mean? HELP please? I'm so confused and would like some advice =]

... idk if age matters in this situation... but im 21 and hes 19 lol

What does the phrase "please help yourself" mean?

‘Help yourself’ is a polite way of giving permission for a person to do something without asking. This is usually used with food/drink.Receptionist: Please help yourself to tea and coffee. (You have permission to make a tea or coffee for yourself. You don’t need to ask.)A host: Please help yourself to these cookies I made. (You have permission to eat these cookies. You can take them. You don’t need to ask.)In a meeting: So let’s take a 10 minute break. Please help yourself to any refreshments in the staff room. (You don’t need to ask.)Help oneself can also be negative meaning doing/using something without permission.For years I never knew that my ex-husband was just helping himself to my savings bit by bit. (He was taking money without my permission.)