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What Does This Dream About Fighting Over A Homeless Orphaned Child Mean

What is the meaning of seeing kittens and puppies in dreams and caring so much about their survival?

It is interesting it is both kittens and puppies. Usually kittens and puppies are symbolic of emotional forces, our reaction to seeing kittens and puppies. In the dream you are concerned, and the caring aspect comes up. In your question the issue seems to be rooted in why care so much?I would suggest the dream is pointing out emotional forces, and that there is a disconnect of some sort, probably your mental outlook. You react by caring about something, but part of you isn’t comfortable with the strength of the reaction, or you are trying to detach from something. Maybe something is bring up feelings and bringing out a nurturing role and your not comfortable with that.

Why would homeless people's family allow them to be homeless?

A large number of homeless people are mentally ill or brain damaged and their families cannot deal with them any longer. My own father went homeless after being released from prison for pedophelia, having sexually molested me, my step sister, and a child he was babysitting (these are the ones known, there are probably many others). The family could not deal with him any longer. He was brain damaged from repeated concussions from sports and several car accidents. It's hard to know what caused what. Did he drive so crazy and have bad judgment from brain damage, or did he get brain damage from driving fast and poorly? But it released his inhibitions and allowed him to prey on the innocent.Pedophelia was not the only manifestation of brain damage. He was also irrational and quick to anger. He borrowed or stole things from the family. He couldn't keep a job. He pushed the family towards the poorhouse.It was an attempt to stabilize the family that led to my dad being kicked out of the family home. He was likely 30 by then, living with his parents. He had been lovingly called the black sheep until his conviction. After that we just did not talk about him at all. It's as if we were part of the family by adoption rather than birth. The family kept tabs on where he was and gave him some money occasionally. He eventually was employed enough to rent a tiny studio apartment and buy a beat up bicycle. Rather employed long enough in a union job to get unemployment whenever he was laid off. He lived in that apartment over 10 years  until he died of an illness rather suddenly. He never did admit to having molested me, only saying that he did not remember. Perhaps that is the brain damage, but I don't know how a person could forget a thing like that.It's painful to have a family member who is homeless. When people ask about your family, you either have to lie or become a victim of their pity. It's kind of horrifying, but the family was being ripped limb from limb while he was present so this is the best alternative. It is a relief that he is no longer around.

My dream in life is to work for poor people, children, old people, basically everybody who needs help. My plan is to first make crazy money and then use it and my efforts to help those people. Is it a good plan?

"Kal kare so aaj kar, aaj kare so ab,pal me pralay ho jaega, bahuri karega kab"( why to wait for tomorrow,  make it today itself,  if today, why not now) If u wait for right time,  probably you will b waiting whole your life. and as many of people have said, you actually don't need only "MONEY".start sharing your knowledge( street children), let them earn money on their own,  try building their confidence( leprosy patient,  rape victims) or sometime you just need to have a patient heart who will listen to their problems thats all they want ( old people)...probably one day, when you will be earning crazy money,  you will also be having great experience of how to make a good use of it..You really got good plan probably not the direction...hope this helps you..all the best

Help in history!?!?! (World War II and I) Few questions i need answering please...!?

WW1 happened because of the expanding imperialist countries. Major countries like France, Austria-Hungary, and England. They all wanted more land and resources to become even more powerful.

The Nazi party is the National Socialist Party. They believed in a strong government and promised to turn Germany back into a world power.

Communists believe in a form of government called communism. Communism has the idea of equality for all and ownership for all. While this idea sounds great on paper, it will never work because of people's greed.

The French and British created the Treaty of Versailles. It was a harsh treaty that forced the Germans to pay reparations to Great Britain and France.

Hope this helps. Good luck.

I don't have money to complete my studies and graduation. What should I do? I'm shattered.

Hi brother, even I am 18. I can totally understand what your going through in life, I was in a similar condition couple of months back. And I got through it. I leanrt few things from my experience, Never ever BEG in your life for help, because in this kind of situation mostly people will use you as an example for weakness.This world is too cruel. Few people get what they don't deserve and few people don't get what they deserve. Most probably, no one will come out to help you like this. You have to work your way through out, face all the difficulties and show the world that your stronger than what they think of you. Because everything in life is to break and test you if you can really get through that test or not.There are few things you can try it out. You can drop for this year and try again next year, it will surely cause no harm to your career. In this gap year you can try to work and save some money, and also ask your mother to work in some factory as a helper. You can easily make 15k- 20k per month. Try to get a small house and try to manage the cost.And next year look for government state engineering colleges for admission it will easily come under 4 lakhs. And you can easily avail loan for that much amount from any bank without any collateral and much of a documents (you will just require income certificate to get interest subsidy from the government)Whenever you start having suicidal thoughts, just read this- "I'd imagine the whole world was one big machine. Machines never come with any extra parts, you know. They always come with the exact amount they need. So I figured, if the entire world was one big machine, I couldn't be an extra part. I had to be here for some reason. And that means you have to be here for some reason, too." Create your own reasons now and work for it :)And remember one thing, " If your going through tough time in your life, just get through it, because it won't be difficult for you to write the success speech".I hope your father get well soon and you may enjoy your life soon again. And don't worry too much, you will be fine soon :) because there is equal amount of happy and sad moment in everyone's life, few ppl get it in installments and few get it in bulk. Your strong enough to get through it :)