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***what Haircut Should I Go For ***

Where should i go to get my scene haircut?

Personally, I've had the best luck at Toni & Guy's.

They're trained to do edgy styles and they always do a good job. Just be sure to bring in a picture with you.

Remember you get what you pay for! So if you go to supercuts and pay $10... don't expect it to look so great. My hairstylist did an amazing job but it set me back about $80.

Should I go to the salon for a haircut with my oiled hair?

If your salon washes your hair before the hair cut without charging extra money then yes

I have a somewhat round face. Should I go for lob haircut?

Sure why not!Coincidentally i was searching for lob haircuts for round faces for myself this morning.Lob is a great way to look chick and is very much in fashion. Its sassy and can have a professional look too.Erica Fernandes in Pyaar ke kuch rang serial on Sony has a lob haircut which is amazing.Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi takes 7-year leap. Dev becomes casanova, Sonakshi is a mother(above two from her instagram account)An asymmetrical bob looks great too:(Willa Holland as Thea Queen in Arrow)(Google images)But personally if you have long hair , i would advice you not to cut it. I feel that the length helps to balance the roundness and makes the face look more oval.But the rest is up to you.

My hair is long but thin. Which haircut should I go for so that my length is not affected, and I can still get a stylish look?

If you have thin and longer hair there is not much you can do with your hair in terms of hairstyle. If you keep it open it tangles easily. (I know the struggle i’ve been there.)I personally recommend a nice mid length hair cut that is below your shoulders and keep the cut straight it gives you a modern look and also your hair looks voluminous. And shorter chin or just at your shoulder length hair is perfect if you have thin hair. It would be great for you to get hairstyles and it also looks voluminous.But if you don’t want to cut the length of your hair much then having some layers cut strategically to frame your face would be a great option.Other way is to have some bangs whichever suits your face.If you want your hair longer than please keep it longer but get some layers or bangs it would definately freshen up your look go to a good salon and ask for a senior stylist to cut your hair may be you have to pay a little extra but it would be worth it.Hope this helps. :)

Is it bad to go a year without a haircut?

I did that last year I stopped cutting my hair completely, since like summer. The this year before school started I got a trim for the first time in a year. Amd it actually grew few inches. My hair was like an inch below my shoulders then it grow like 5 inches or some thing but it was noticable. My bangs were so short and them they became longer to the point where I no longer had a fringe per say.
But if you style or use heat it will damage alot. Even if you don't. I never did anything to my hair but I still ended up having split ends like crazy

SHOULD I get a Haircut before OR after going to the GYM ?

i go to the gym like 6pm, im really busy throughout the day (school/jobs) and the only free time i could get a haircut would be between 3-6pm, all im having done is a really short haircut (almost bald) and my hair is already pretty short so there wouldnt be that much of a mess.
so should i take one before the gym or afterwards ?? i really dont like the idea of taking a shower then taking another shower after gym. so would it affect me anyway if i take a haircut before the gym without washing my hair ???

Should I go to a salon or a barber shop for a faux hawk haircut (men's)?

Should I go to a salon or a barber shop for a faux hawk haircut?
I have no idea which one would cut this type of hairstyle better (for men), so I wanted to ask for your opinions. When I think of barber shops I always think of those short hairstyles like the ones they use in the military or the ones that african american males have like obama. On the other hand... when I think of salons I think of a place where the stylists (usually female) are specialized in cutting women's hair. So which one should I go to? I don't really care about the price, I know barber shops are usually cheaper but maybe they are better at cutting men's hair, or this type of haircut.

Should I get my haircut at a barber or a salon?


Old guys usually prefer barber than salon because old men usually working there
and they're always doing the same hairstyles like flat tops,school boys haircuts,
trimming and little bit of faux styles.
I'm telling you what,barber or salon are just same only their ways of communicating,
consultations,styles and shop designs make the difference.

Since you're not that good at communicating,i'd say go to barber
because they don't talk a lot too,all you have to say is "I wanna a haircut that suits
the face" -- that's all.Leave it all to them.
Unlike salons,they will give you consultation,they introduce you this and that
products and etc etc etc.