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What Happens If My Boss Dont Give Me A Contract

My boss won't give me a copy of my contract, and keeps making really lame excuses as to why he can't do it, what do I do?

The larger problem is the apparent relationship with your boss.He ignores your needs…you call his responses as lame.. You lack mutual respect for each other - a match destined to fail.Forget the contract and find a job with people that you can relate with ..

I dont get any breaks, can I sue my Boss?

Breaks and rest periods are allowed for workers under the law. Thus, superiors not giving breaks to their workers can be charged for violating the labor standard for rest periods.

Under the law, an employee is allowed to get a 15 minutes break in the morning and afternoon shifts plus a one hour meal break in between said periods.

I am an independent contractor. Can an employer legally request that I come in to the office for weekly meetings?

I am definitely answering this one, with over 40 years of experience in attending weekly meetings.  You don't like it, then don't sign contracts for your scope of work. As a superintendent, I absolutely ABHORRED weekly meetings.  They were/ are, a colossal waste of time, but something upper management required. They are when Project Managers show up and act like they have a handle on the job.  However, I wanted to keep my job, so I held the damn meetings.  I got around what I considered a totally bullshit deal by having as short a meeting as possible.  Some of them lasted only ten minutes, and for that reason most of the required attendees were always on time, which was a benefit. If some 'newbie' asked a question that had nothing to do with the schedule, I ignored it with a comment such as, "I'll discuss that with you after the meeting."  But yes, meetings are typically written into the 'boiler plate' of the contract, and if I had a hard head that didn't attend there were provisions to fine them per the contract.  Repeat offenders were replaced with another contractor doing the same scope of work , which usually cost more, and guess who gets to pay for that?  You do.  So attend the meetings and read your contract to see what happens when you don't show up.

My boss gave me a "handwritten" W2, what if I claim that income and he doesn't turn his stuff in to IRS?

I understand what happens if I DON'T claim the income, I could get in trouble, but what if I claim it and he doesn't? I have name and address of the company, he claims to not speak very good English (I have all of my totals for what I have been paid, although he hasn't taken out taxes, being a waitress I would still qualify for EITC) and so if I claim on my W2 the total that he paid me for the year. . . what happens if he turns in NOTHING that corresponds with my ss#??

Should I Thank My Boss?

Ok, this was my first ever job, full time, good pay. My contract is ending today. Should I thank my boss for the opportunity he gave me? I mean you gotta undertstand, I never thought I'd get a job and he gave me my first ever job, so the guy's kinda someone I'll always remember.

Please do not insult me cos I'm not in the mood. And it's unecessary.

What happens if I just stop showing up at work?

it's a job, not a prison. the only thing he can do to you is fire you, and bad mouth you to future employers. (he's not supposed to do that last one, but he most likely will.) No one in this country (except millitary and similar government jobs) can force you to work.

I wouldn't recomend to quit the way you say because it makes you look irresponsible to other employers in the future. Such a childish way to hadle problems could haunt you for at least your next two jobs. The more adult thing to do is just go in and quit. You can go above him or to HR if you'd rather. Just say you feel the job isn't right for you, thank them for the chance and quit. (If you do it this way, they're less likely to bad mouth you.)

They are not allowed to hold your paycheck if you've already worked the hours. If they try that, then go the department of labor and they will help you.

I worked retail for 6 years, and many people quit the way you say you want to, IE don't show up, and it always haunts them. They can (and will) fire you, and since it's for cause, you can't collect unemployment. They are also allowed to tell future employers about you, as long as it's the truth and well documented. If you quit the way I say, they won't have much documentation, and won't be able to say much.