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What Happens To People Like Me

How do I make people like me?

As an introvert that had to develop social skills in order to maintain my business, I feel fairly qualified to answer this. I’ve also learned many hard lessons in my 52 years of making odd social mistakes.My 5 strategies are listed in order of importance (my opinion only):“People won’t remember what you said or done, but will remember how you made them feel”. I first heard this quote when I was about 32. As it rang so true in my ears, It changed my life. It made me get out of my own head when socializing and truly pay attention to the person in front of me. Everything that comes after this are truly just bullet points to this one point.LISTEN. Whether you are with a friend, family member, new acquaintance or being interviewed for a job, listen to what is being said to you, then ask pertinent questions that prove you are engaged. Then, LISTEN some more. Conversely, it makes for a very uneasy conversation when one person in a conversation clearly only wants to talk (they constantly look like they’re going to sneeze in your face as they’re trying to take over the conversation).Smile. Nothing is more contagious than a genuine smile. And nothing is more off-putting than people that don’t.Offer a positive perspective. People love negativity. It’s very seductive - which is why every news broadcast begins with the most negative news available. But, note that they try to leave you on a positive high note. So, whether someone is confiding in you their life’s woes, or simply gossiping about the person across the room, gently guide the conversation back to hopeful outcomes.Try to give more than you receive. In networking circles I know that people are coming there looking for leads. So am I. I’ve found that if I SMILE (3) while I LISTEN (2) about their products or services, then ask more in depth questions about their business, I win over a degree of appreciation. I’m always aware to OFFER A POSITIVE PERSPECTIVE (4) on anything that may be a downer. Then I like to offer up some marketing tips without expecting anything in return (5). They will remember you fondly when you part ways (1). Follow up with them.I’ll throw in a bonus: the importance of remembering names and faces - THAT really makes people feel important! I certainly haven’t mastered that one yet, but always working on it.

Why do people like me?

Girls stare at me hug me in the hallways. I am alone I don't like anyone nor do I care to be in a relationship. I am going to school for myself not anyone else and girls wont leave me alone.

How do you get through life? What happens to people like me?

You accomplished this post.You achieved honesty.You came to clarity.On the competence scale you moved up a rung fromUNCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCEtoCONSCIOUS INCOMPETENCEwhich puts you well on the path to life mastery.Some people never get beyond not knowing, what they don’t know.You now know, what you don’t know and are in a great position to seek it.THE SPARROWConsider the sparrow.It is not an Eagle.But look how beautiful and happy it is.Does a sparrow compare itself to Eagles?The song about sparrows is much more popular than the song about Eagles.So why does everyone want to be like the sparrow?It does not worry.It lives!A sparrow is happy with what it is.And does all that it can do as it is.It is happy because it does not make comparisons.Simply acts on it’s inclination to love it’s family.And work hard while it can.JUDGEMENTWho are we to judge our existence?Making comparisons of a wheel barrow with a spade?Both are useful.Why would a spade say to a wheel barrow - you fat turkey.Or a wheel barrow say to a spade - you are too skinny.One with out the other is completely useless.And so it is that you are half of a solution.Until you find people you can compliment.Then you realise, I am sooooo useful!!!!Look who I just helped.HELPING PEOPLETo discover your usefulness,start helping people.And you will come to experience the joy of your self discovery.And your self appreciation.

Is it "people like you and me" or "people like you and I"?

Many reasonably educated people these days know they're supposed to say "you and I" under certain circumstances, but they overcompensate, and say "you and I" under almost all circumstances. ("That hat would look stupid on you or I.") And it's "wrong" under the current grammatical rules. But if people keep doing it, eventually it will be how people talk, and then it will be right.

Generally the simple rule of thumb is: if you take out the first part of the object ("you and"), does it sound good? You'd never say "like I," would you? So don't say "like you or I" unless you follow it with a verb: "like I do."

Too many people love me... What do I do?

I'm in a new school... And this is my second week. I've received 4 love letters and a total of 10 people like me to the point of wanting to... "do me," and others revealing their darkest secrets to me. Personally, I would like to lose my virginity to someone special and not just a cheap slut who I just met... I don't know any of these people, and I date based on personality, not beauty.
I like all of the girls, but I don't know them. I'd like to just have some friends and get through school. None of them know about my past or who I am today besides being (according to them) intelligent and hot. 1) ... How can Iet people see the real me? 2) ... I don't want to upset anyone or do anything that would be awkward... And if I did date someone who I didn't know, then everyone else would want to date me. About 10 girls out of 30 students giggle and blush at me in class when I'd just like to be left alone... Or I'd like someone to learn about how I am inside, and not just focus on my looks.

I apologize for any mistakes in my grammar, I am sending this from my phone.

Am I evil? I'm scared. Bad things happen to people I don't like.?

Wow, well you certainly are good at writing.
I believe it is Karma but I can't be 100% sure of what power you might posses.
I do believe that you possibly could be psychic but you are not evil.
To be honest there are similarities with both of us in which people that I have hated during my life have ended up with something bad happen to them.
One guy that I hated also ended up in a coma and is now a quadriplegic and I was the same as you when I heard.
As much as I hated him I still felt bad and never wanted something that bad to happen to him.
I've always been aware of the fact that people who have been mean to me have something bad happen to them and honestly I do find it quite comforting to know that in some way they will pay for what they do to me.
Just remember we can't control the extent of their punishment, it's out of our hands.
There are even times when I also think I could be psychic.
Sometimes I will have dreams about certain things and a few days later something in the world will happen that is very similar to what I dreamed.
It could be something like a plane crash or a bomb going off in the world or a serious car crash occurring close to my town but I've learnt to just accept it's how I am.
You should do the same and don't worry about being evil because you are not. :)

Why do good things happen to people who don't deserve them, while people like me are left empty handed by fate?

Well firstly, it sounds like you've got a nasty bit of narcissism and entitlement going on there which I'd do my best to stamp out ASAP.I suppose my question to you is “what makes you think you deserve good things more than anyone else?”. If you answer with anything like “I am kind. I am a good person. I am honest” etc, then you need to stop pretending you are like that for the right reasons. If you are not all of those things without any desire to be rewarded for being them, you are not truly kind, honest, etc. You've seen it as your solution to the question “how can I get ahead?”.I know this because I was like this myself. I couldn't understand why people didn't want to help me as much as I offered to help them. I got resentful and bitter about it, and pretty soon cut off ties with good friends (rather pettily I might add) because they didn't give me the same attention I gave them. Looking back, this was such a stupid way to act. It completely ignores the fact they may have had a thousand legitimate reasons for not getting back to me.I think you might need to realise a similar thing yourself. It is probably very understandable why the person who had the good thing happen to them had it happen to them and not you. If they got a promotion, maybe you didn't see them working late because you went home on time. If they got a job, maybe they outperformed you in the interview. If they have a lovely partner, maybe they are much better in relationships than you give them credit for.Point is, it is far better to be comparing yourself to who you were yesterday instead of what someone else is today. They are over 7 billion of us and we are more connected than ever before. Do you think comparing where you stand to the 7 billion would be useful at all? No. Is it useful comparing to others generally? Maybe, if you can learn lessons from them by asking them, but otherwise no.

People used to like me more?

Something sorta like that has happened too me over the past couple of yrs but its mostly out of anxiety issues. I think people don't like hanging out with the quiet introverts because alot of people are superficial and want to have a good time. They want to be around the life of the party because they know they will always have fun. It has nothing to do with them liking you less but you are prob the one they will go to when they need someone to talk to when before you were the one they went to too have a good time. There is nothing wrong with that I've found that the people that I talk to now are way more genuine than the ones I use to hang with and we get to know each other on a waayyyyy deeper level.

What do i do Two people like me at the same time!!!!?

You need to think for a bit to compare both to see who's worth the time for you and is the better one for you. I know it's hard to choose between two people when you like both of them because I've been there myself. You just need to sit down and compare the cons and pros of each and then see which one has the better qualities that you like. You should go with the one who will treat you the best. In my opinion, you should stay with Steven. Generally, it's a bad idea to date a good friend of yours because if anything does go wrong in your relationship, if you guys do decide to have one, then the friendship gets ruined too. If you do love Steven, don't break up with him just because someone else likes you. But, if you do have strong feelings for Rob, break up with Steven to stop wasting his time. It seems to me that you are using Steven to be your rebound and you will ditch him once someone else better comes along.