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What If 40 Million Americans All Claimed

Were there any Native American tribes that were completely eradicated in the genocide conquering of America?

while some decimation of certain native nations were not deliberate, there most certainly was a deliberate attempt to commit genocide on all native people in north america. some would argue there still is. One of many examples:

"In his January 1851 message to the California legislature, California Governor Peter H. Burnett promised "a war of extermination will continue to be waged between the two races until the Indian race becomes extinct." Newspapers cheered on the campaign. In 1853 the Yreka Herald called on the government to provide aid to "enable the citizens of the north to carry on a war of extermination until the last redskin of these tribes has been killed. Extermination is no longer a question of time--the time has arrived, the work has commenced and let the first man who says treaty or peace be regarded as a traitor." Other newspapers voiced similar sentiments.

Towns offered bounty hunters cash for every Indian head or scalp they obtained. Rewards ranged from $5 for every severed head in Shasta City in 1855 to 25 cents for a scalp in Honey Lake in 1863. One resident of Shasta City wrote about how he remembers seeing men bringing mules to town, each laden with eight to twelve Indian heads. Other regions passed laws that called for collective punishment for the whole village for crimes committed by Indians, up to the destruction of the entire village and all of its inhabitants. These policies led to the destruction of as many as 150 Native communities."

to add to Nish Kwe's list:

Juaneño. A Shoshonean division on the California coast, named from San Juan Capistrano mission, at which they were principally gathered, extending north to Alisos Carek and south to a point between San Onofre and Las flores Creeks. Their language forms one group with those of the Luiseños, Kawia and Aguas Calientes. According to Ames (Pep. Missions Indias., 5, 1837) there were only 40 individuals in the neighborhood in 1873
Koyeti. A Yokuts tribe formerly living in south central California, in the vicinity of Tule river and southward. Mentioned in 1852 as friendly tribe on Paint (White) creek, and described as possessing unusual courage and intelligence. They are entirely extinct.

Is this proof that America is a war-mongering empire?

Since WWII, the USA has been at war and bombed 22 different countries at least once, and since 1979 has only had 2 whole years of peace. Is this proof of claims that the USA is a war-mongering imperialist country?

I don't want simplistic answers that are just anti-american crap, nor do i want answers saying I am anti-american because that does not answer the question. If you disagree, try to give an answer that says why this is not true. If you agree, try to add some detail. Thanks.

What would actually happen if we divided the 1.3 billion dollar powerball evenly among the 300 million Americans?

You'd lose 12.3 billion dollars.The administration cost of distributing the funds on that scale would consume the entire amount, leaving you with a massive deficit.Just consider what would be involved:Step #1 - Determining eligibility.Is every citizen eligible? What about those living overseas? What about those under 18? What about those who are still in the naturalization process? What about those in prison? Optimistically, that would take Congress months to sort out -- even longer if anyone challenged their decision in court.Estimated Cost: $11.8m (Congress costs $804m a year to operate, divided by 137 in-session days per year gives us a per-day cost of $5.9m. On the low side, this would consume 1.5 days of total debate and formulation, spread over x months.)Step #2 - Deciding on taxation. Would it be treated as lottery winnings or as a personal gift? The IRS would need to make a ruling, which historically is a cumbersome process.Estimated Cost: $1m (Assuming that there was minimal opposition and no friction between governmental departments.)Step #3 - Identifying recipients.Even if you know the categories for eligibility, identifying individuals is a mammoth task. Even if the list lined up perfectly with existing data (say from a recent census), you'd need to ensure that you've captured any changes since the data -- people moving, receiving citizenship, reaching legal age, etc.Estimated Cost: The bill for the 2010 US Census came to $13bn, which is a fairly equitable figure.Step #4 - Transferring funds.Once you've managed to identify everyone and collect their addresses and/or bank account info, you have the challenge of actually getting the funds to them. This would involve the cost of cheques, stamps, envelopes, courier fees, all on top of regular banking charges.Estimated Cost: About $2 per head, or $600m.So, you'd eventually get approx. 300m people a deposit or cheque for about $4.33 at a cost of $45.38 each.Still seem worth it?Sources:The Actual Cost of CongressHere's How Many Days Congress Really Works in an Average YearCost of 2010 United States Census

Why do Republicans want to Repeal Obamacare?

It's Obama's signature legislation. It would be quite a feather in their cap if they could tarnish the Obama legacy w/ a successful repeal.
It doesn't matter to the reps that millions more people have health insurance now. They want to burn down the ACA and return back to the same failed system that prompted the legislation. It doesn't matter to the reps the ACA was approved by the Supreme Court. As is typical rep style, they are unable to let go and move on. They should be working to improve the ACA.
They should be pointing their fingers at gwb who had 8 yrs. to approach the problem w/ the right wing flavor ... he did nothing.
The problem of unaffordable health care didn't sneak up. The Clinton admin tried to tackle it but couldn't get enough rep support.

"Obamacare has led to health coverage for millions more people
At least 9.5 million previously uninsured people have gotten health insurance since Obamacare started, surveys and reports show.
March 30, 2014"

"Already sluggish health-care inflation is expected to slow down even more in 2014 as consumers, employers and the federal government continue looking to cut medical costs, a new report said Tuesday."

Why are there more Germans than English oriented people in the US?

A lot of part German people do exist. English tended not to have as many children and after 1783 went to other colonies. If they did come to the US, they did not go to the frontier and instead stuck to the towns or cities.I can not remember many census of a farmer or his/her parents coming directly from England. Via Canada was more common. Also, there is an ancestry class of Canadian or Australian? Many are English. Also, there were few who said their ancestry was American before? More common now.The switch is the dimming of WWII. These people had joint ancestry with a majority of German. Heard many cases if this and ab exanole isTrump claiming Swedish background via the few years his grandfather stayed there. New York is not a place to do social business being German for obvious reasons.People forget the hostility and anti German sentiments of either world war. You were in elementary school and suddenly lost all your friends. After the war, they still were uppity. Those who were in the end of it have not forgotten and tell their grandchildren. (Not anyone I've been close to, but still have heard plenty as well as reading more.)This breeds a strong identity even with those only of partial backgrounds, especially still surnamed as such. Also those going through such tend to have more time for paying attention to children. This is remembered years afterwards. Now there is no downside to claiming German backgrounds, all resurfaced.

Do you think it is time to take the corruption (of money) out of politics and support universal healthcare system in the United States? Which politicians are rotten to their core but put on a mask?

No. Using your money to support a candidate is an expression of freedom of speech and is limited. Using your money to support a political idea is also an expression of freedom of speech and should not be limited. If you limit money you will wind up with permanent incumbents and new ideas will be stifled. I look at it this way, if you can’t convince other people to fund your campaign and get volunteers to staff it, than you’re not going to very good running the biggest people oriented enterprises(government) in our society.Universal health care doesn’t work. When Obama originally proposed it he said, “The United States has the best health care in the world, but we are the only industrialized society without universal health care”. He then claimed 40 million Americans were without health care. What he lied about was that most of them by far were young and didn’t want to spend the money on it. The poor could all go to emergency rooms and be treated. The high cost were caused by the Democrats protecting trial lawyers who were allowed to sue for outrageous amounts and not allowing insurance company to sell across state lines. They created the cost problem and then proposed there solution to it.Rotten to the core, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.