What If A Rescue Mission Can Not Be Accomplished

Pokemon mystery dungeon rescue missions???? Cant go on certain ones?

You do the jobs like that by checking their restrictions on your job list. Sometimes it says like "With Grass-Type Partner" or "With Vulpix" or something like that. When you get jobs with restrictions, you have to meet them, by putting that type of Pokemon on your team at the Chimecho Assembly thing. Then you can go on those missions. To get to Marine Resort, keep doing missions until Manaphy shows up telling you about it. After that then you can go to Marine Resort. Afterwards, keep doing more missions until Team Charm appears in the guild or you see the cut-scene with Cresselia and Darkrai (I'm assuming you've done everything up to the Miracle Sea Mission). There you go.

How on Earth were the Thais able to orchestrate a successful rescue mission without the help of Elon's mini sub? Is it true people other than Elon can accomplish things?

What a nasty troll. For no good reason either. It was not clear that the SEALs were going to be able to rescue all of the kids, especially the smaller ones. Musk’s twitter feed even has a copy of an email discussing this very salient point. A man died trying to save those children, and Musk spent millions of dollars on giving a better chance to save them, which thankfully wasn’t needed.By the way, referring to people you don’t know by their first name in a relatively formal setting is unprofessional and rude. Obviously, you are just being a prick, so I doubt that matters. It’s just one of those things that really bugs me, so hopefully someone else will get the benefit of reading this answer besides this guy looking for an anonymous circle jerk of people who dislike Musk for reasons they cannot articulate well.

What are the challenges facing a manned Mars mission and space exploration today?

Money is only a small part of what is troubling. The mission will last many months to get there, stay, and THEN to come back. This has never been done before and I am afraid (please don’t be mad at me) that lives will be lost. It has been almost half a century since we put men on the Moon and that is a lot closer. Lives were lost in those missions and even in just getting up to the ISS, astronauts died. I agree with Susan below. The support systems for humans will be heavy and that adds to the problems of landing, remember we are not dealing with rovers so slowing down is a big problem once you get there, and the total time line will be years in the mission for getting there and returning probably 2 to 3 years total time line. That is a huge undertaking.It is much easier to send robots there and let them do the exploring, they don’t eat, drink, pee, poop, breath, or get bored or sick. You may laugh but humans are not meant to undergo space exploration and we are just taking baby steps now. Let us see if we can get back to the Moon first and see how long they can survive there before attempting the same thing on Mars.

How will robotics in the future help in rescue missions like the current efforts in saving the boys trapped in the cave in Thailand?

At present robots cannot do much in terms of rescue on their own. But, I believe there is a whole range robots that enable disaster rescue missions in the next ten years. In fact, one of the key themes of this year’s XPrize is that: The $10M ANA Avatar XPRIZEAutonomous pods that can be sent through a pipe - disengage from the pipe, move around a cave and come back up with a human inside. Sort of an advanced version of the Chilean mining rescue.Autonomous/tethered submarines that can pull people through floods without worrying about oxygen masks and Scuba training. Musk has already built one in a short time and those designs can be improved upon.Autonomous airboats that can move through a flooded urban street and extend arms that can pull out people stuck in the floods.Autonomous stretchers that can move through a disaster zone, help get injured people on it, offer oxygen mask, provide first aid [either autonomously or remote controlled] while the stretcher is brought out to safety.Fire proof pods that can get through burning buildings, get people onto them and drive them out of the building.Drones — both flying and swimming — can move packages [food, medical kits] to survivors during the rescue stage.

Skyrim - Rescue From Fort Kastav - Question?

Hi I have a question on this mission in Skyrim on my Playstation 3. When I go to rescue the Imperials from the Stormcloaks, for every Stormcloak I kill I get 1000 bounty added to Winterhold? It's really annoying to keep loading an old save so how do I kill the Stormcloaks without getting bounty? Oh and I did join the Imperials.

Will Jehovah rescue me from this heartbreak?

Those studying and the newly baptized are weak as kittens. Neither of you are in the proper frame of mind to be dealing with love/marriage, etc. Learn patience. It will serve you well in all things.

He is upset. You need to give him time to get over it. Your strength lies in the word of God. Cling to it as if it was a life raft. Keep praying. Jehovah knows your problems and is concerned for you but He is not going to snap His fingers and change reality for you. He cannot do that. The bible tells us to - wait on Jehovah. That means that if we trust Him, He will makes all things right in due time.

If this man truly loves you, he will come back, If he doesn't, why would you want him?

Jehovah cannot help you if you are not living by His will. Focus on learning the truth completely and everything else will take care of itself, just as Jesus promised.

Keep in front of you this promise - the eye has not seen, nor the ear heard, nor can the mind imagine all the wonderful things that God has planned for those who love Him.

What's your opinion on sending a manned mission to Mars?

We won’t be ready until the late 2030s, maybe the 60s if the worst projections of climate change come true. It’s hard to launch a massive rocket when your prime launch site is flooded and everyone is constantly running from wild fires and hurricanes.A manned Mars program should not be left to a for-profit company, like SpaceX; rather this most important first in human history has to belong to the entire human race as represented by our governments working together. For the benefit of our posterity is cannot be left to a bored billionaire with too much money and a habit for picking social media fights.Most importantly, it cannot be done on a budget or piecemeal. If we send humans to Mars it must be with the understanding that it is just the first step in our long delayed conquest of space. If the Bronze Age collapse hadn’t happened, we could have been in space 2500 years ago. The Western Roman Empire hadn’t fallen apart and the Eastern not turned inward for its last millennial, we could have made it to the moon before the rise of the Mongols. And if Tricky Dick and America’s political masters hadn’t betrayed NASA, we could have made it to Mars by the early 80s. As a species we can afford no more delays or false starts. If we go back to the moon and onward to Mars and beyond, we must do so with the firm conviction to never stop or go backward. Only an unwavering commitment to the persuit of human and scientific progress can lead us to our full potential!

Why can’t NASA's Curiosity rover rescue Opportunity?

Mars is big, and we don’t build rovers to get repaired (or do repairs).Curiosity is nearly half the planet away. I’ve seen estimates of 8000 km. Keep in mind that Opportunity herself holds the distance record for Mars, around 45 km over 15 years. (Curiosity is able to drive faster, and has trekked a bit more than 20 km in 6 years). Even considering that a rover going at full speed is faster than one that stops to do science, it would take years for Curiosity to get to Opportunity’s landing site, assuming the terrain is passable at all. Curiosity is also past her warranty of ‘1 Martian year’, so no one would guarantee she’d make it.Plus, the direct route is basically over highland terrain, rather than the flat plains. So either one goes around, or one has to remotely pilot a vehicle over slopes they weren’t designed to traverse. (And keep in mind that orders are sent daily thanks to a speed of light delay: if Curiosity gets stuck or on-board computer decides the path is unsafe, she stops and tells Earth the next day that she didn’t drive.) This will come up pretty quickly as we landed Curiosity in a crater, so she’d have to be able to climb up the walls.Then when she gets there, it’s not like Curiosity is carrying jumper cables. She might be able to brush off Opportunity’s solar panels, as ‘brushing away dust’ is a thing she can do with her arm, but if anything inside Opportunity is broken (and it has been spending years out in the cold: something is probably broken), Curiosity can do nothing to help.Plus, we fund Curiosity to do science. Every day spent driving all out for Meridiani Planum from Gale Crater is a day when very little science can be done. So not only did we lose a rover doing science, but we’ll lose use of another.(That is one of the things that gets lost on the Martian movie[1]: Mars is smaller than Earth, but not small. Mark Watney took weeks of driving at much faster speeds to get to Pathfinder, and months of driving to get to the site where equipment for the next mission was dropped. In the book, he considers dropping by Opportunity’s site on his last drive, but decides he can't chance the detour for what amounted to tourism and maybe a chance to cannibalize more spare parts.)[1] Or is represented by Watney’s beard growth. Doing ‘and then a bunch of uneventful time passed’ is hard.

My Mass effect 3 (PC) has missing files that makes my game freeze help!?

I can't progress into the game because ME3 freeze when I get close to the ladder during my rescue mission of the female krogan.

Now I remember having 2 errors during my installation It said files are corrupt I can't take the CD back because gameshop is very far and we go there 1 time in 2 months these are the error now I think the way to fix this is for any of you guys to upload this 2 files for me please I'm so desperate Origin won't work also giving me errors. So please upload these 2 files for me I will be very greatful

This is the video of my ME3 Freezing


"BioD_Kro001_702AtlasIntro.pcc" and "Gth001_Arrival_pt2.bik" are the 2 files that are corrupt during my installation Please if you have them please Upload them to me I'm really really desperate as I cannot find a working solution. Below are two screenshots of the error I get when installation.