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What Is A Good Response To Together We Can Get America Back

Will we ever repair race relations in America?

We can’t “repair” what was never good. Will we ever fix race relations in the U.S.A.? I certainly hope so. As a naïve child who survived the Civil Rights era, I thought everything was fixed back then. I was so wrong.I will say that things are very, very slowly getting slightly better. It’s frustrating how long this is taking, but within my memory we’ve gone from separate bathrooms and separate movie theaters to having the first black President of the United States, and I got to vote for him! How fantastic is that?In addition, with mixed marriages, we’re gradually producing a nation of people with an attractive diversity of skin colors. It makes it harder to oppress someone on the basis of skin color.The problem is, we humans will find something else to divide us. Politics. Religion. The clothes we choose to wear. Tattoos. The land our ancestors came from. We’ll find something to hate.

Do you think the American prison system needs reform?

What would you do to change the US prison systems. So many people talk down about places like Abu Ghraib, but many do not realize some of our prisons are about the same. Hives of gang activity, disease spreading, violence, murder, rape, and more. Best of all, the prison staff usually ignores what goes onm, because after all those criminals aren't human, are they? Dehumanizing people because of one or two misdeeds is downright cruel.

Over 3% of the adult population is in prison, and the percent is rising. Over half of the released criminals are repeat offenders. Other than some social changes we need in society, how do you think we can stop this?

Here are some of my suggestions.

1. Stop punishing victimless crime. Don't punish the alcoholic, punish the drunk who goes driving.
2. Allow criminals to return to society without a social stigma. They paid their debt.
3. Offer rehab programs instead of incarceration. Do you want to watch people sit in time out and fraternize with other criminals, or redeem them?
4. Stop with the death penalty. Either exile the worst offenders, or build a place where they can be housed for life outside of our society.
5. Give government jobs to criminals that caused damage so they can pay back the victims plus interest. They do no good to anyone rotting in a cell.
6. Do something about the current law system so justice isn't always based on who has the best lawyer. Otherwise big businesses, politicians, and rich people will usually be above the law, and poorly represented people will always suffer the full slap of the long arm of the law.

*sigh* I only hope that one day the US Government will do something about this. I only wish I knew how to help...

Writing a letter to the President Barack Obama?

i have to write a letter to Barack Obama for service hours in my government class; however, i can not find a topic to discuss, i am not allowed to ask any questions because my teacher does not want to recieve any letters from him because it is a waste of paper. please help me if you can, any topic is welcome. :)

Why do Israelis look different from American Jews?

You will get a lot of ignorant answers to this intelligent question. But I have a good answer for you. Israelis don't look like the American Jews because the American Jews are not part of the Jewish race. They are almost all converts who converted to become known as Jews. Most Israelis who live in Israel have so many familiar features because they live in the country. So ignore the ignorant answerers, they are offended because they are all American Jews and you didn't say their features are nice.

And you will notice Tabitha's funny response to your question. She is so full of Jewish humor.

What does "Make America great again" mean? What specific time period is Trump referring to? Does anyone know?

I'm just curious --
Not looking for short trite angry, dense conservative responses like:

'Before the Marxist Kenyan stole the White House'

I'd actually like to know WHAT SPECIFIC ERA Trump is referring to so I have some basis for his 'plan"

When did TRUMP see America as "great"?

He seems to suggest that it was when we WON wars and WON negotiations which would eliminate the CHENEY/BUSH regime.

So is he referring to the Bill Clinton years when Trump made the majority of his money?

Or is he talking World War II?

If he wants to make America as it WAS... When it was 'great'
Can we have a specific reference point?

This would help achieve such a goal...

Although I also think countries are like the human race. They evolve slowly over time, so I don't think we can all just dress up in 1920's attire and drink champagne and sings "Happy days are here again."
to conjure up some vague sense of the 'good ole days'

If someone writes me "we need to catch up", should I answer, "Yes, we do"? Does this sound natural, or do you have a better response?

If I REALLY wholeheartedly wanted to catch up with someone whom I haven't seen or spoken with in quite some time, I would reply back by saying “Yes, I would like for us to get together. What's a good time for me to call you so we can plan a day and time to see each other?” Or you could say “I would love for us to have a good wholesome talk by phone with each other to catch up on what's going on with each other so what day and time can I call you?”Always take the initiative to reach out and plan with that person who was so thoughtful to think about you but ONLY IF YOU REALLY WANT TO!!! People can tell when your not wanting to be bother by a Bland remark. Just remember that if it's not convenient for you to meet in person because of your schedule, a phone call is a warm welcome of APPRECIATION to that person's tender gesture!!!