What Is An Awesome And Thoughtful Gift For A Vegan Friend

A thoughtful gift for a friend?

My car broke and a friend of mine has been ferrying me around for the last 3 weeks - sometimes even when it has been really inconvienient to do so. She has been so accomodating and sweet about the whole thing, and never complained once.

I'm about to get my car back and was wondering what a thoughtful gift would be to say thanks for helping me out so much. I really don't want to go down the chocolates route.

Any ideas?

What is a really thoughtful gift to give my best friend?

My best friend and I don't live in the same city, but we live in neighbor cities and our birthdays are 3 days apart. We always meet at her cabin halfway in between our two cities for our birthday weekend and we spend one weekend together with just us and our moms, no siblings. Every year we get eachother a present but we also buy the present for ourselves as well because it's funner when we both have it. I always try to get her the most thoughtful gifts but I'm stuck on what to get her this year. Please help me! Oh, and we don't spend over $50.

A thoughtful gift for a best friend for Christmas?

I did this for my best friend: takes slips of paper and write down tons of good memories that you have together. inside jokes are great. make about 50,or more depending on the size of your box. get a pretty decorative box, it can be simple and elegant. also, on the bottome of the lid of your box, glue a picture of you and your friend and maybe write a nice description to her. it's really sweet. I put a necklace that had a music note on it in the box as well for her too wear. I decorated the box with music notes too. but you can do anything you like.

The most thoughtful gift is the one that shows how well you know this person. This is why heart-touching gifts are the most memorable ones.Different hearts are touched by different things, obviously. This is why it’s quite hard to say “this is the one gift that fits all” that you can buy off the shelf.However, there are a few gifts that are more thoughtful than others. But one thing is for sure - the thoughtful gifts require you to do something.For example:Jewelry is classic and nice, but it lacks this personal touch.Jewelry that carries a photo of you two, on the other hand, is thoughtful.You made a conscious choice of what photo to put in there and she is going to wear it close to her heart.If you need a necklace that can do this, check out evermee.com!

Thoughtful gift or act when a friends sister dies?

You can do that, and with it, put in some gift certificates for the movies.YOu can buy them at the Theatre. Tell her that when she is up for it you want to go to the movies with her to see a comedy or something fun or funny. With the certificates in her hand, she can decide when the time is right. IF she goes for longer than a few weeks without asking you to go, give her a ring and tell her you now have saved up enough money to spring for soda and popcorn to go with the movie tickets. A movie would let you be together without her having to talk much, and you do not have to do much before or after time unless she suggests it. It lets you spend a few hours together without any emotional committment for her and lets her get out and think of something else for a while.

That’s a good question!I guess it depends on the receiver, whether he/she thinks so. If you want to judge it objectively, I would say a gift is meaningful/thoughtful when the giver ha spent some time thnking about what would give the receiver most pleasure or what this person needs. This means that a particular gift is only meaningful when given to a specific person, and the same gift would not be considered thoughtful when given to a different person.E.g. a ceramic elephant may seem a total waste of money and a useless trinket to most people, but if your friend collects elephant statues, and you bring one especially for them from an exotic country - a type that they could never have found and bought themselves - that’s a thoughtful present.

When choosing a gift, always give something that is useful and is somewhat related to your recipients hobbies. If he/she loves to work out and go outdoors, below are few useful gift suggestions I think they will love.Compression Socks. Compression socks and stockings could technically be considered clothing. However, they’re much easier to size and buy for someone else than some other clothes. In fact, there are some compression socks that are “one size fits all” adults, taking the guesswork out of your gift buying experience.Compression socks are great for improving your recipient’s circulation, reducing muscle soreness and even boosting athletic performance.Painless Knee Support Brace. The painless knee support brace is comfortable and lightweight and can help reduce pain and discomfort caused by various conditions. It is designed in a way to help you regain activity and improve your knee joint function. The brace can be worn during sports activities like running, football, in the gym or while doing your everyday activities. It offers support and stability by exercising controlled compression throughout the joint.If you will consider giving this as a gift, you might as well check this helpful article I found that tackles pain-relieving and restoring products for feet and legs. Definitely a good read! Pain-Relieving and Restoring Products Your Feet and Legs Will Thank You for - TrendBaron.com

I know this sounds odd, but most of the people I know in Europe want American jeans. When I worked at BellSouth, one of my coworkers was from Ireland and every time she went home, she took jeans for all her friends.

Whats a thoughtful gift for my ARMY bro?

like for Christmas...he's not able to come home 4 christmas so i'm planing on sending like a christmas goody box and itz really hard to think of one since like he has almost everything a guy likes! and has the money to get what he wants;)
so he likes to watch action movies, he has a laptop and a ipod already.
thx and 10 points for the person who gives the best advice!

Help with Vegan Friendly Gifts?

Hi there,
I am not vegan myself, but are doing a secret-Santa-like thing at work and I drew a girl that I know is vegan. I thought one of my gifts could be some homemade guacamole, but what is something I could buy to accompany it? I don't have a lot of time to make something from scratch. Does anyone know if Tostitos are vegan?
Thank you so much