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What Is An Example Of How A Biblical Truth Or Redemptive Message Is Displayed In The Red Badge Of

What does the cross represent in Christianity?

The cross is not a lucky piece of jewelry or to be idolized as an object with any power or protection. It is only a reminder that Jesus died on a cross to become the Savior of the world. When Jesus was crucified, his torture and death was substitutionary… He was innocent and sinless, but the reason He came to earth was to voluntarily pay the penalty for our sins. Because God loves us so much, this was His plan to reconcile us to Himself, so that we can have eternal life. It is the gift of God, if we trust in what Jesus has done for us. Sin is what separates us from a Holy God - that’s why Jesus took our place and our punishment for us, so that we could be reconciled to God through Him, by His death and resurrection. Jesus was the only perfect and acceptable sacrifice to meet God’s justice. God says our faith in Jesus, believing in Him and what He did, makes us righteous. Jesus bridges the gap between man and God, because of what He did on the cross. Jesus took the sins of the world on Himself on the cross and suffered the punishment for them. He lived the perfect life that we should have lived and he died the terrible death that we should die. He took our place. When we believe this, we are pardoned and saved from God’s wrath. The work is already done by Jesus, so now our part is to believe and humbly receive God’s grace which we didn’t earn or deserve. We simply put our faith (trust) in Him. We must receive Jesus as our Lord and Savior…. that means we believe who He is and rely on Him, and trust Him with our life. He is the way to know God and to be saved from the punishment for our sins.“For God so loved the world, that He gave His one and only Son, that whosoever believes in Him, shall not perish, but has eternal life.” (John 3:16)

What does tri colour of Indian flag represents?

National flag of India has 3 colours and 1 blue chakra which indicate as followsSaffron ( Top):—Indicates the strength and courage of the country.White (Middle ):— Indicates peace and truth with Dharma Chakra.Green ( Bottom) :— Indicate the fertility, growth and auspiciousness of the landThe ChakraThis Dharma Chakra depicted the "wheel of the law" in the Sarnath Lion Capital made by the 3rd-century BC Mauryan Emperor Ashoka. The chakra intends to show that there is life in movement and death in stagnation.Source:My India My Pride

What are some of the best YouTube channels?

EDUCATIONAL (NON-SPECIFIC)Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (quality animation and a good narration)The Infographics Show (regular uploads and good quality)TED-Ed (Quality and a wide range of people talking)CGP Grey (Very nice content but quite irregular uploads)SmarterEveryDay (This guy is a gem)Veritasium (well reasearched and edited)Vsauce (Well edited and fascinating content)(there are 2 more channels under the same network and are amazing Vsauce2 and Vsauce3EDUCATIONAL (SCIENCE)AsapSCIENCE (They answers strange questions that come into our minds) (Regular and good quality)It's Okay To Be Smart (Cool content and editing)minutephysics (Less colourful but you will love if you love physics)Physics Girl (She is just awesome)Simone Giertz (She is crazy)SciShow (Very interesting content)VLOGGERS AND INFLUENCERSCaseyNeistat (THE BEST Vlogger) Quality videos and well edited.Logan Paul Vlogs (THE BIGGEST Choch) Daily uploads and crazy contentRomanAtwoodVlogs (pranks and daily vlogs)Peter McKinnon (Learn Photo/cinematography and some great editing tipsThe ACE Family ( A cute little family sharing their life)TALK SHOWSTheEllenShowThe Tonight Show Starring Jimmy FallonJimmy Kimmel LiveTECHNOLOGYMarques Brownlee (just won Creator Of The Decade Award) (Best Quality)Unbox Therapy (Very good quality videos with a little touch of humor)EverythingApplePro (Quality videos on Apple products ) (Rich people only)MISCELLANEOUSDramaAlert (News about YouTube Community)Kavos (Exposes other YouTubers)FaZe Rug (Daily vlogger but videos are raw)HowToBasic (short tutorial for anything) ( :P)MUSICMusic preference differs person to person and I prefer listening to music on spotify rather than YouTube.Here are 5 favourite songs of mine.Stitches by Shawn MendesSomething just like this by The Chainsmokers and ColdplayRockabye by Clean Bandit ft. Sean Paul & Anne-MarieDon’t wanna know by Maroon 5We don’t talk anymore by Charlie PuthThere are a lot of other cool channels but are yet to be discovered by me.Do comment the name of your favourite YouTube channel.

What is the story behind this picture?

Good old memories from the world’a most liveable city. That day I was exploring the Central Business District of Melbourne. I guess I was the lucky one to have gotten a chance to study in this beautiful city. As far as I remember that day was in the month of July last year only a few days after I touched down this city. I was so excited to explore the new city. I got free a little early and then I took a direct tram to Flinders Street where the mesmerizing skyline of this beautiful city starts. At first, for a moment I just pondered that I would be living in this city for quite some time but things always don't go as planned always and that is the philosophy of life I guess.However, I think everything happens for good and for a reason which may seem inexplicable at first but thing get better with time. I may sound a little philosophical this time but the truth when someone goes through experiences of life a little touch of philosophy is a must. Speaking of what I was trying to say is that I took a small walk around Flinder's Street for some time and that was the day when I took my camera in a hope to capture cityscape. I clicked a few photos before getting this picture and asked a guy to click this one for me. I am uploading this after almost 8 months of clicking but trust me guys there is a reason for not uploading this earlier which I may share someday later. That’s all folks. I hope you like my little story about this picture.P.S.:- I really wanted to get a picture with a team behind me so that’s a long story short for the ones who may not interested in reading the whole post.

What does a tattoo of sun and moon symbolize?

For people who want meaning in their sun and moon tattoos, you’ll find plenty available with these designs. Sun and moon tattoos are generally about the size of a flattened orange and in that circular shape. The circular shape alone is a symbol of the never ending circle of life. Placing a half moon and half sun inside the circle supplies even more meaning. The sun is often recognized as a symbol of rebirth, strength and power. The moon is associated with the female in many cultures often in the form of a goddess. These Sun and moon tattoos would really present well in color. Your color choices, of course, will depend on the style you choose. Suggestion though, would be to have the moon in light blue and the sun in a lighter red or dark orange. You can see how the masculine and feminine in this tattoo complement each other. It’s almost a modern western version of the Yin Yang.If you have any particular question about Tattoos, we will be more than glad to help you out. Just leave us a comment or drop us a mail!Source and more: Sun & Moon Tattoos

What does a flower symbolize?

Flowers are so elegant and delightful that each flower has its own meaning. Flower symbolize happiness and abundance. It Symbolize wealth, fortune and prosperity. Flowers also symbolizes hospitality. They symbolize joyfulness, beauty, purity, good positive vibes. So different meanings are associated with different flowers and it tells what the flower symbolizes.