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What Is Makulit In English

What is makulit in english?

Stubborn (in a playful and childish manner), pesky, persistent, tenacious. Makulit when referring to someone who s stubborn or unyielding, kind of has a positive, amusing, cute overtone.

For Filipinos there, what is makulit in english?

A person who is annoying and persistent. A good example is a person who asks something from you and despite your refusal he still persists and keeps on asking. That person is "makulit".

What can you do with the makulit?

Pinch him or her in the "singit"? (Hey, that's a local saying...)


Hehe...I'm sorry, Gahunta, for the confusion earlier...I used the term "singit" on purpose, though, so it will rhyme with "makulit"... As jan-na said, "singit" means "inner thigh" :)

What does makulit mean in English?

Stubborn - if you mean insisting in doing wrong things, again and again.
Insistent - if you mean keep asking for something again and again
Persistent - if you mean he won't easily quit doing things he wants to do.
Importunate - asking for something, especailly in a forceful manner, inisistent or troublesome manner.

Please transulate makulit to english?


What is the better way to say 'ang kulit' in English?


1. Persistent

ex: Ang kulit mo naman. Sige na nga sasabihihin ko na ang sikreto ko---> You are so persistent. Okay, I will tell you my secret.


3. Stubborn

ex. Ang kulit mong bata ka! Ilang ulit ko bang sasabihin na huwag kang lalabas. ---> You are very stubborn kid! How many times do I have to tell you not to go out.

4. Nag- To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging.To torment persistently, as with anxiety or pain.

5. Referring to an irritatingly difficult person

ex. Ang kulit mong tao ka , sobra hirap mong pakisamahan! ---> You are a very irritatingly difficult person. who is on your face

7. Nosy- Given to prying into the affairs of others; snoopy.Prying; inquisitive.

ex. Ang kulit mo, hindi ka naman kasali sa usapan namin. --->You are very nosy, you are not not welcome in our conversation.

8. someone who is
irritating because he or she does not get the point once but needs to be reminded again and again, so many times over.

ex. Ang kulit mo, ilang beses ko ba sa iyo ipapaalala... ---> How many times do I have to remind you...

9. Annoying

ex. Ang kulit mo naman!- You are very annoying!

Nothing more I can think of...Wish these could help.

Have a nice day!

What is the english of the (tagalog) word "makulit"?

If the accent is on the second syllable, it means place of residence. Synonym: bahay, tahanan If the accent is on the last syllable, it could mean reside in. "Tumira sa" is an alternative. It could also mean leave some or set aside (or "magtira" could also be used). As a noun it could mean a physical fight ("away") or verbal jousting ("alitan, pagtatalo").

makulitimportunate, peskymakulit: persistent to the point of annoyancemakulit : used to describe someone who nags in a childish waymakulit na bataa child who keeps bothering you with the same thing over and over againmakukulit na batapesky kidsMakulit ka.You’re a childish nag.If someone keeps asking you for something, even though you’ve already said no, then you can tell the person:Makulit ka talaga! You’re really such a pain in the ass.Makukulit ang mga bata.The kids are so pesky.Nakakainis ang kakulitan nila.Their nagging is so irritating.old spelling variation: maculitThe Tagalog word makulit is often used in a light-hearted context to describe someone who is annoying in being repetitive, stubborn, or persistent in their asking questions or asking for a favor.Kinulit nila ako hanggang sa umoo ako.They just kept nagging me until I said yes.

Definition of Filipino word "makulit"?

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when a Filipino says "slang", he or she is referring to the diction. accent is subjective because Americans don't talk the same way. if the British think the Americans assassinated the English language, i don't know what the **** you'll think about most of us Filipinos speaking English. most can't even use the word "traffic" in a sentence properly. "it's so traffic." - T*****A NAMAN OH!