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What Is The Average Cost Of A Plate Of Food In Niger Like Breakfast Lunch And Dinner

What is the average cost of a meal in Dubai?

The cheapest meal (not a snack) you can eat in Dubai will cost AED 7–8. Talking of Indian food.Will consist of a curry or lentils, sautéed vegetables, bread, rice and pickle. The rice and lentils keep coming. Rest of the stuff is limited to a single serving. Drinking water is on the house.

What is the average cost of a plate of food vs. how much you actually charge for it at a cafe/restaurant?

The cost of a plate of food at a restaurant is far more than the cost of the ingredients. It includes:The cost of the ingredientsThe cost of obtaining those ingredientThe salaries of those turning the ingredients into the dish put before youThe cost of the kitchen appliances and toolsThe cost of the fuel to run the kitchen and light and heat/cool the dining roomThe salaries of those working the front of the house and those cleaning the restaurantThe taxes paid on the real estate of the restaurantThe cost of the land and building or the rent charged for itThe cost of various licenses required to operate the restaurantThe cost of cleaning materialsThe cost of advertising and marketing, including menusThe cost of insurance on both the property and the businessEvery restaurant may not have every single one of these expenses, but most do.There are some items on a menu that have a high mark-up. Wines and beverages are notorious in this regard.On the whole, however, restaurants run on a thin profit margin. In the US, full-service restaurants see a profit margin of 1.8%-6%. Limited service (i.e., fast food) restaurants might see 6%.

I am 22 years old. I am very thin. I need to increase weight. How can I increase weight? What kind of food should I eat?

You need to follow the below points.As soon as you wake up, drink 1 liter of water completely. Walk for 10 minutes so that the pressure will get on to your stomach and you will get urge to go to wash room right away. Drink 1 liter of water again after 1 and half hour and again walk again for 10 minutes until you get the urgent feeling to go to wash room. Now, you are free from waste. Your body now accepts the new products that you are going to provide.2. Do exercise for 1 hour everyday. Your stomach becomes ravenous after burning calories. This is very important.3. For Breakfast : Soaked Peanuts-1 cup, Coconut- half, Dates -10 to 15. You can also add cashew nuts or almonds-10 if you can afford and then eat fruits like Banana, Chickoo, Jackfruit, Mango, Custard apple.4. For Lunch and Dinner : Eat Brown rice along with green leafy vegetable curry and any other curry. Follow 3:1 ratio of rice and curry. More rice is required because , it’s very easy for our body to convert carbs into fats rather than fats to body fat.5. Eat curd daily .You can surely increase your weight if you can follow this clean diet. Here I made sure that you get fats and carbs which are required for body fat. You don’t need huge proteins, because those are required for muscle formation.That’s it. This is by far the best method to gain weight in a healthy way.Eat healthy, Stay healthy. :)

What are some staple foods of Vietnam?

Vietnamese eats 3 meals a day: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.For breakfast, most people either get togo food or eat at the street food restaurants. The common breakfast dishes are:Togo: French/Vietnamese bread (banh mi), sticky rice (xoi), Vietnamese banh (made from rice flour: banh chung, banh gio, banh bao, etc)Restaurants: Pho, Bun (rice vermicelli with grilled meat == bun cha, with fish == bun ca, etc), banh cuon == rice flour steamed rolls, Congee or rice porridge == Chao, etcIn the central of Vietnam, local food are common for breakfast: banh xeo == Vietnamese pancake, banh canh == round noodle soup, banh beo, banh can/khot, etcA typical Vietnamese home meal for lunch or dinner will include rice with a stir fried dish with vegetable and little meat, a dish of meat or fish stewed, one kind of soups with either fish or meat (canh chua, canh rau muong, etc). For lunch the rice will go with 2 dishes, but for dinner will go with 3–4 dishes sometimes with appetizer.Vietnamese likes to eat fresh cooked dishes, and they don’t like the left over food except stewed fish or meat dish. Since they like fresh, they like to eat out a lot especially the dishes that are hard to cook at home in a small kitchen such as Pho, Bun, banh cuon, etc …

What are the best restaurants to try when visiting Warri, Nigeria? What should you try while you're there?

The food scene in Warri is an interesting one. Many people know Warri for the waffi pidgin and hilarious comedy. However only few know Warri for its cuisine. Eating out in warri is an exciting experience because of the diverse local flavours. Warri know dey carri last, lets check out the top eating spots here.AJ Fast FoodThis is one of Warri's finest. It is located at 20, Airport Road. This restaurant serves both Continental dishes and indigenous meals. If you want a taste of how vegetable soup can be in Waffi land, order the swallows of your choice with vegetable soup at AJ. (Thank me later on that!). The snacks here too are really awesome.  P.S: If you buy their bread once, you will never buy bread at any other place.Hotel Excel RestaurantAfter a touchdown at the airport and you check into the hotel, you want nothing more than a sumptuous and satisfying meal to ease the stress of travelling. At the Hotel Excel Restaurant, this promise is more than fulfilled. With an well furnished decor, the restaurant is a pleasant place to eat and relax. Yea, Hotel Excel restaurant is at 1 Refinery Road, Effurun.Sizzlers NigeriaSizzlers, as this Fast food franchise is known, has many outlets all over the south-south region of Nigeria. The head office is at 11 Afatakpa Drive, Off Enerhen Road Opposite Sea Truck Enerhen, Delta State. Sizzlers is known for delicious and tasty meals. Also, it is a fun place to be during festive seasons. Asides a restaurant, Sizzlers also runs a bakery. Their confectioneries and pastries can only be described in one word: awesomeProtea HotelsIf you want to experience fine dining in Warri, Protea Hotel Delta is the place to go. Located at Km 3 NPA Expressway, Ekpan, this classy restaurant, situated within the hotel, serves both local and international dishes. With both breakfast and dinner buffets, you can be sure that you would have taste buds titillated. The service here is courteous and the waiters make you feel like royalty.Kilimanjaro RestaurantIf you want to go fast food in Warri, you can't go wrong with visiting Kilimanjaro. Nice environment. Quick service. Tasty meals. Drinks to die for. Snacks. Pizza. Anything fast food is available at Kilimanjaro. KIlimanjaro is a cool place to dine in or order a take-away. Kilimanjaro is at the Food court, Ground floor, Delta Mall, Effurun.coupled with this I’d do further research on local restaurants popularly called ‘bukkas’ or ‘mama put’…so this just got started…

Is Hyderabad cheapest city to live in india?

For me its more than 7 years moving to hyderabad. so for a person like me my daily expenses would be1)breakfast - 20Rs to 40rs and a cup of tea 7rs to 10 rssouth Indian tiffins, You can find it any where near any railway station, bustopshopefully average amount is 20Rs for a plate and its enough, but if your trying to give your tastebuds a best experience then count it as 30RsSo on an average break fast costs you 30Rs2)Lunch - 30Rs to 50 rs and a cup of teaYou will have meals, veg-biryani, bagara rice, chapati saag or else you can try the desi chinese fried noodles or fried rice.You can find it in the same tiffin centers where you had your breakfast in the morning.I take it as an average of 50Rs3)Dinner - 50 to 100 rs and a cup of tea accompanied with a cigaretteIn many of the Irani restaurants in and around hyderabad a chicken biryani costs around 100/- and the quantity is more than stomach full. As I tend to eat less qunatity in the nights i go for a single and many of them offer it for half the price that is 50/-So for dinner it costs me around 80 Rs but take it as 100so per day for your stomach it costs around 180/- so per month its This was for daily basis and if you are here for around a week or so you will spending 3000/- or so including traveling fares (by public sector transport)If you are shifting here permanently (or for a long term)then I'll quote you my spendingswe rented a flat which is 6000 pm + 500/- electrictiy + 500/- internet charges(P.S: I stay near to mehdipatnam and rent may vary according to area)which is shared by 5 members so for each 1400/-for food we share another 1000/- each through which we buy our daily groceries and pay 2000 pm for a cook who cooks twice a daywe have a washing machine (brought by savings contributed each month) for washing clothesand every day its any one of the memeber's duty to take up the cleaning activity which includes sweeping and washing utensils.And for travelling expenses its a 800/- buss pass monthly (if you are a student then its 500/- for three months)So its around 3500/- per month staying in Hyderabad. If you consider it as cheap then its cheap but I consider it as very very cheap.

I am going to start a Tiffin service business online and offline. What are important things I should keep in mind?

I usually work with startups to learn more about them, on their strategies and growth hacking. When it comes about online tiffin delivery service, i am not going to share what's common, like delicious food, hygiene, and etc, a lots of people had already done that, i hope you will analyze best points form all of these answers, so exuding what's already written. Delivery and Time : Charge delivery fees but to deliver the tiffins wherever the customer wants, decide pricing per radius. this will make you win over competitors, your customers will be more happy. more of office bachelors, may be they want it in office, of at home, this changes regularly.Delivery time : keep that like 1 and half hour at max, so you can deliver it hot. Disposables : Instead of sending out the food in regular plastic tiffins, sent out in silver poly bags, and send out disposables too according to food. Because if you are going to buy tiffins, after a few times it will becomes too ugly, and it will raise your costs too. you don't need to collect them for evening's food. You won't need to wash them, so a lots of benefits on both consumer side and your side.  I assumes your targeted customers are those living far from home, so this is the thing you should pay attention.Interaction : Know your customers, add them at facebook/whatsapp/or any other IM.Interact with them, become best friends with them, see this level of interaction i had with one of the Online tiffin service : and i just love the way they do this.Keep your delivery boys same, so customers can be friends with them. teach them how to talk, how to communicate.REMEMBER : Don't be a regular tiffin center, Be an online business. I wished to write a lot, but that is very identical with Manish Tiwari's answer so please follow that.

What is a three course meal?

Do you like to have A 3 course meal. Well what is 3 course meal ? Ok lets me explain, when you go for a dinner in a restaurant you can see the menu they have. There are so many dishes in the menu. First start with soup then you can see they have a part of dish as a appetite or appetizer. Is the 3 part of the menu is main course. And last one is Desart.Well you have a menu in your table & you choose a three course menu it should be a soup/appetizer, one main course & also finish with a sweet dish it's a Desart.Next when you go for a dinner get it for me also.