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What Is The Best Laptop For Me

Which is the best laptop for me?

If your budget is around Rs. 50,000 and looking for a laptop that lasts long, here are some of my choices for you:Dell Latitude 3460, Core i5 5th Gen, 4GB RAM DDR3, 500GB HDD, 14 inch,Ubuntu, 3 years onsite warranty + Accidental damage coverI like this laptop for it’s sleek design and the 14 inch screen size. I have always been a fan of 13–14 inch size screen. It lies in the sweet spot for a laptop.Upgrade the RAM to 8 GB for this laptop. It costs around Rs. 46000 and the additional RAM will cost you around Rs. 2500. So, you’re ready with a 7200RPM hard drive laptop. Latitudes have a great life and fit right in the professional environment.Lenovo E470 20H1004UIG 14-inch Laptop (Core i5 7th Gen/4GB/1TB/DOS/Integrated GraphicsThis one by Lenovo has the same configuration as the Dell one but you get a higher generation CPU and more storage than the last one. I love the sturdy build quality of Thinkpads and again they really fit in anywhere.It’s a great investment in 46500 bucks. And yes they come with DDR4 RAM.You can choose any of the laptop from above. Both will be good to go.Source: 5 best i5 laptops under Rs. 50,0000 in IndiaIf you have any other question regarding laptop or Mac, you can ping Hi Jarvison Whats app(9810799196), Facebook, Twitter or mail us.

What is the best laptop for me?

Im looking for a new computer that isn't too expensive. I want to have at least 150 gigs of memory for having alot of music. Another important thing is I want a laptop that is good for playing games. Games like Empire Earth, Age of empires, and Roller Coaster tycoon. Games like that, not crazy ones that need a really good computer. I don't want to spend more than $500, unless its really worth it and what im looking for. Thanks

What is the Best laptop under INR 40,000 for me?

hp-ac126tx(intel i5 5th gen, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, Windows10)Hp-ab219tx((intel i5 5th gen, 1TB HDD, 8GB RAM, Windows10))

What is the BEST laptop brand?

Okay i know the "best" would be MACBOOK
butt my sis has it and u know how some programs u cant download cus its only compatible with windowss <<< THATS MY PROBLEM I HAVE PROGRAMS I WANNA USE THAT MAC DOESNT HAVE !!
soooo : tell me the best laptop brandd :DD
PS; I USED TO HAVE A DELL but it broke well it doesnt work since my mom dropped it on the floor and it shuts downn D:

What is the best laptop for a student?

I had the same problem When I was in the first semester of my college, I made a mistake, I went with budget + performance I searched for the Highest spec machine I could get with the lowest price so I found the laptop which I am currently using It has the following specifications:-Intel Core i7 6th gen, 8Gb Ram, 4Gb integrated AMD Graphics card, 15.6-inch screen with Dos.It cost me around ₹ 60K including the peripherals I bought with it. It’s a really nice machine space grey in color. but there are some defects which I totally hate about it.It’s heavy, my college forces to carry my laptop very often and every time carrying a laptop of this size becomes a pain It would have been so much better if it was more portable.It doesn't have a backlit keyboard, when my roommate is asleep and I want to work I have to work typing becomes a very tough task even if you can blindly type it is very difficult to do the work in the dark.I got many issues like the wifi stopped working on my system the whole motherboard was replaced.I don’t game on my system, I don’t play games on my system and it’s not the system’s fault, but I thought that I will buy a powerful machine and game once in a while but I have totally switched to Linux because windows sucks and I don’t really use the power of my machine. rather I could have opted for a more quality product with a less powerful processor.So I would tell you that If you are a student and planning to buy a laptop don’t buy a high configuration machine until or unless you are a hardcore gamer or you are getting it for a reasonable price with good quality. I would recommend that you go for MacBook Air 2017 don’t buy MacBook Air 2018 It’s way too costly for no reason at least for a student, You will get it Under 50K If you search for it hard enough or wait until an offer season pops up.It has got good build quality, a backlit keyboard, >10 Hour battery life and it light like Air. although it has a screen of 13 Inches you can easily overlook it if you don’t watch a lot of movies. It is will be helpful for IOS Development if you enter it some time along the path of your college path. And the Apple ecosystem is just so good and satisfying.Take it just as a suggestion for a senior am not promoting any product. ALL THE BEST.

What is the best laptop for Rosetta Stone?

A working/functional laptop would be ideal. Any laptop that you buy from a respectable company will run the program smoothly. Here are the minimum requirements for Rosetta Stone, just get a laptop that meets or exceed them:

Windows 2000, XP or Vista, Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later

1 GHz or faster processor speed

512 RAM

600 MB free hard-drive space (per level)

16-bit sound card

800 x 600 display resolution (1024 x 768 recommended)

Internet or phone connection required for product activation.

Speech Recognition feature requires a headset microphone (USB recommended) (Note: The USB headset microphone is included with the Rosetta Stone set.)

What are the best laptop for me, Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11a/b/g/n/ac, i3 Intel and no other conditions?

Thanks for the A2A.....Well if you say ur need is majorly for coding and wifi (assuming it's majorly Web surfing thru wifi ---- watching videos etc), I would suggest you to go for a windows 8.1 tablet of 10 inch plus....I am myself pursuing engineering... After 3 and half years I realise how important a tablet actually is.... I would suggest go for a good windows 8 tablet like HP OMNI 10, ELITEPAD 900, etc.... whenever you want, you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse to it and use it like a laptop and when you want it to be portable, just carry it with you....Looking at your needs, this seems a very very good option to me.... You may think on it....However if you want a laptop, in 30k range u'll get Sony and Lenovo models. My father owns a Sony laptop and urs working pretty well since past 3 years.... and besides ur a computer student.... so any software glitches, you can handle them pretty well....Hope this helps... :)