What Is The Best Tape To Use When Masking Of An Area You Do Not Want Etched With Etching Creme

What should I use to clean a marble tabletop?

Method sells a great product for granite and marble. It comes in wipes or spray and works great (no streaks!) I buy it from Target, but it might be sold elsewhere. Found a link for you:

What is glass etching?

Few different kinds of glass etching. Got cream based where you put a paste on glass and wash off and it marks the glass. There is the most common rotory etching using either dremel or flex shaft and/or dentist drill. Sand blast etching. And laser etching.The last two mentioned make the most detailed etches probably pretty decent price to pay getting a decent kit. And my opinion laser is the coolest but no heart goes into it. Rotory style takes longest and has more of an artist made look.Now the question. You take lets say dremel like i do and either free hand a design or use like i do a printed image and place on opposite side of the glass where you will etch. Then with the right dremel bits like diamond carbide bits you use the dremel to scratch images on the glassThose are some i did. The pac-man mug i used a red light to highlight it better. The cross was my first one. Notice the gold? That was a trick i stumbled on that alot of etchers dont know of. And the dolphins are on a floating glass pic frame. So i was able to hide the light string in the parts of the frame and a black backer to hide the battery box for the lights

What materials are airport security x-ray machines incapable of seeing through?

Metals for sure, and it doesn't have to be thick metal. A belt buckle will get your bag opened. Since we can’t see through it, we can’t see what’s behind it. So we have to open it to find the answer. Jewelry packed tight together will do it. Women tend to pack their costume jewelry in zip lock bags. That get’s opened every time.Some laptops can’t see seen through. Some stones, including diamonds and crystals, are on the list. People really do pack rocks in their suitcases. I never found out why. I only saw a few get the shield alarm, but it happens.That’s for checked bags. Passenger side is similar but more items are on the list. I only worked passenger side for a few months and don’t remember much. Mostly because I hated it. Baggage is much better. Suitcases don’t argue with me.

Need to clean marble?

how do i get tree sap stains out of pure white marble?
i do believe bleach will do the job but will it damage the marble? SPECIFICALLY, how would it damage the marble if at all..?? there are many small but noticeable "freckles" caused by "tree sap " and other natural droppings all over my white marble statues...

What was life like in 2000 compared to 2017?

Friend: Hey, can I have your phone number?Me: Sure. It's 221117Friend: Hey which song you have chosen for dance in culturals?Me: I am thinking of dancing for Fusion song(Mix of many songs)Friend: Woah! Then you will be the talk of the town.Friend: Let's eat some chocolate.Me: Let us buy Rs.5 Diary milk and share it among 5 of us.In 2017, when you divide 5 Rs. Diary milk into 5 part, the divided part will be finished even before you put it in your mouth.Me: Guess what? Today I went to the computer lab and Mam has allowed me to type.Friend: Woah, you must be so lucky.Me: I am :DTeacher: Good news! Tomorrow, boost and Maggi van is coming to school.Students: Ohhooo!!! ( For those who don't know what this is, Boost and Maggi suppliers come to school once in a while for advertising their products)Teacher: Students! Tomorrow we are going to take group photo.Me to Mom: Mom, I have to take a hair bath tomorrow, and let me iron my clothes neatly. After all, this group photo is the only memory I can have.Me to Friend: Hey, that 12 standard Anna and akka are doing “That”. (Anna - Brother, Akka- Sister).Friend: Whaaaaat! Really? Are they really doing “ That”Me: Yeah! Priya's sister is in 12th standard na. She told me.Friend to Friend1: Hey, that 12th standard Anna and akka are doing “That”.Friend 1: Omg really! I am scared that now I know this and somebody may think bad of me.“That” is Love.