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What Is The Best Voice To Sing In

What zodiac sign would have the best singing voice?

It is written that Venus in Taurus has a lovely voice.
No other factor has been written about re. a good voice, and I've read a lot (and my mom, too, as she was an astrologer before me).

In my experience, this is true. My father had Venus in Taurus and had a rich, deep voice. It's a shame he was totally tone deaf.
He sang Mary Had a Little Lamb as if he was playing a piano and only using ONE key on it. No difference in tone at all between the different words.

So, yeah, he had a lovely voice. But couldn't use it.
(When we were kids, we used to ask him to sing for us, so we could collapse in giggles. He would gladly do it because it amused him to see us giggling).

What is the best song to sing for The Voice auditions?

Anything that could make the judge want to hear more even though the song is over.

What song to sing if you have a soft voice?

I have a really soft voice, and i seem to know a song that i can fit my song into with.

My voice sounds like this.

I know it doens't sound good l:
but i want to find a song since my boyfriend wants to hear me sing.
I want to find the right song for my voice.

please no negative comments D;

What makes a person have a good singing voice?

When I evaluate singers, I look for several things - vocal quality among them.  Under that header, I look for:- intonation- diction - is your articulation of words clear?- harmonic sensitivity (sticking to the progression in frills)- dynamics- color - can you embellish a simple melody convincingly?There are other characteristics too, but those are more related to presentation.My overarching guide point is intonation.  I can help singers color up their act and work on embellishment.  I can even work on diction.  But if you can't sing in tune, I can't work with you.