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What Is The Definition Of A Bad Boy

What's the definition of a "bad boy"?

Well a simple definition would be "Mitch"

What is the definition of a "bad boy"?

let me tell you bout my ex. hard core partier on the weekends. smoked pot at some point in his life and quit 2 months before we dated. fighter. and then there was a lot of other s*** but he was pretty bad.i think girls would say bad boys have like a kinky side to them like. he use to get really rough with me, we never had sex or anything, but just playin around, he would pick me up and throw me up against stuff or pull my hair, crap like that. he was sweet to me to but the drinkin and everything wasnt really me.

Girls what is your definition of a `bad boy`?

I don't understand who those bad boys are, girls seem to love bad boys by my definition bad boys are chavs, criminals, cheat, drug addicts etc. So do girls love chavs because they're bad boys? What is it that bad boys do that makes you want them?

Why do women like "bad boys"?

What defines a bad boy anyway? Is a bad boy someone who hits their girlfriend? Cheats on them? Someone who beats other people up? Steals from them? Gets drunk and does drugs? I don't understand what is so attractive about these behaviors.
Why wouldn't women want to be with men who are intelligent and have jobs and can support a family and buy a house? I am not talking about just 'nice' guys who aren't handsome or are boring. There are a lot of men who are handsome and fun and also nice at the same time. Why do 'bad boys' get the girls instead of these men?

"Bad boy" vs Badass....?

I cannot speak for all women, but I do not think that those women you are describing are attracted to "bad boys,” Perhaps you are mistaken in that these women are really only attracted to the persona of certitude these men portray. As for myself, I want a guy who is assertive without being too domineering, someone who is faithful and respects you as he respects himself so I would not tolerate a man who was physically or verbally abusive nor would I expect a man to tolerate it as well, but that's just me, it may be different in your part of the country and / or amongst the women you encounter. =P

When we say someone is a "bad boy," do we mean they're not a nice person, or that they're just rebellious?

“Bad boys” typically are rebellious. They look tough. They might drive a motorcycle - a big one. They could have tattoos and piercings, they could wear black leather. They could be completely bald, or have a lot of hair, including beard and mustache. They don’t follow societal niceties. Many of them have misdemeanors under their belts, or a felony. It could be that they are “tough guys,” they fight other men. They may have a scar or two. They probably swear a lot. They could be on Welfare, or disability, may not work at all. They could be drug dealers. The people they hang out with are shady looking, and drink a lot of beer. Maybe they sneak around at night and spray paint buildings. Maybe they are on the run from the law. They could be drifters, alcoholics, drug addicts. They probably look mean, and scare people. They might always be toting a gun, whether legal or otherwise. They could steal cars.There are so many definitions of “bad boys,” but they are generally the type a nice girl doesn’t want to take home to meet her parents. They live on the edge, and that is what makes them exciting, for many girls and women.They could be the nicest guys in the world, but their appearance puts people off. It could just be that they present a rough exterior.What they are not are: accountants, doctors, office workers, dental technicians, lawyers, business men. They don’t wear suits.Many women are attracted to the “bad boy” persona, until they realize - and maybe too late - that a “bad boy” is trouble. These women want to live on the wild side, and maybe always will.It’s a shame, because they pass up the ordinary looking “nice guys.” Now the “nice guys” might turn out to be not so nice, so what can I say? It’s all appearances.

What makes a man, a bad boy that is attractive to women and what makes a man, a nice guy that is friendzoned by women?

Ah, this is an ancient question with an intense amount of baggage. A mentor in high school wrote an article that intrigued me when I was 15. It was called “Only assholes have girlfriends”. I was desperate for women’s validation myself but only knew how to be a “nice, sweet guy”.I was the guy that asked permission.I was the guy who respected women’s feelings.I was the guy who didn’t take advantage and was super careful with touching.I was the guy who didn’t get much positive attention from the women i was lusting for.Meanwhile, the guys who often did not really give a shit about women were getting all the nooky they could handle. Some were “better looking than me, some not” WTF. (EDIT, my typo)Here’s what I learned after 30 years of investigation, teaching and running a men’s program around sexuality.Its an inside game. It is NOT about being “bad” or “good” but about being “real”. Bad boys often get more attention because of their presence and confidence not because they are bad. They get it because they don’t give a shit about their bad reputation.Now, here’s the caveat. Bad boys usually don’t produce long, loving, intimate and caring relationships. For me, that was super important. I wasn’t into “getting women” for the thrill. I wanted love.So here is a few simple tips on how to get women:Stop obsessing about getting women.Learn the skill of self-validation. Self-esteem is built upon ‘esteemable’ acts. Be willing to love yourself fully and like who you are.Learn how women work. They work differently then men. Learn to listen deeply. Ask questions.Have women friends. Ask for their advice. Let them mold you. Be in service to them. Learn how to talk to them.Be okay with being by yourself. Be okay with your own company.Learn to attract rather than trying to be attractive.When you find a woman is interested in you, treat her well. Really well. Do it cause it makes you happy. Be willing to have your heart broken. But throw yourself without caution into it.Stop obsessing about getting women.Bad boys don’t get women. Guys who believe they truly deserve a loving relationship get women. Good luck.

What exactly is a “bad boy” to women?

A cliche.Women rarely talk about bad boys. It's usually men who are bitching that the man she is dating is not as nice as they are.Why, those awful bad boys had the nerve to ask her out. To risk rejection. To tell her what sort of kinky filth they are into.Do they not know that nice guys wait until she is drunk and upset and needs a pity fuck!And the stupid woman rewards the bad boy by doing the kinky filth with them. Do they not know they are selling themselves short, they would be so much better with a respectful nice guy?Because it's not as if women know what they want….