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What Is The Link Between These Two Characters

A love-hate relationship between two main characters (YA book suggestions)?

Sort of like these two couples (SORT OF!):

Please - ANY type of genre. Just remember ya book - and the relationship has to be between the two main characters.

Who are these two characters?

i've seen many pictures of them, do they have a name?
here's a link...

In Star Trek, is there a connection between these two characters?

Yes. I believe the answer you're looking for is this: Gene Roddenberry had an old friend from long before Star Trek started that he wanted to get back in touch with. That characters name was something like Khan's name from the original series episode, "Space Seed." Unfortunately, his friend never got the message.

In The Next Generation, Gene tried once more with the name of Data's creator in a similiar fashion. Unfortunately, his plan failed again.

As an interesting footnote, in the newest series, "Enterprise," Dr. Soong's ancestor had worked on genetic resequencing to create superior supermen like Khan and his followers had been in the early 1990s. He was also a Soong, and thought of Khan as a mold for his new specimens. Though they never actually put one and one together, Dr. Soong working on formulas once used on Khan Soong was really a treat for us Trek watchers who caught what was going on.

Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen, between these two characters who has more of a right to the Iron Throne?

At this point, Jon Snow, is is in all actuality Prince Rheagar Targaryan’s natural born son, with Lyanna Stark. Danerys Targaryan is Jon Snow's BIOLOGICAL Aunt. Rheagar was Dany's older brother. He had is marriage to Elia Martell annulled by the High Septun that married them so he could fulfill a prophesy by uniting House Targaryan with House Stark by marrying Lyanna Stark. Jon is the offspring of their union, his REAL name is Aegon Targaryan. I have no conclusive proof at this point but I believe that the Maester of Castle Black, who died but talked to Jon Snow before he died KNEW the truth about Jon Snow's birth due to some of the conversations he had with him. The one that stuck in my mind was, “do not believe everything people say about you. Decide who you are based on your own worth.” Another time was, “bastard is a label, not a name, sometimes people with good names are bastards in the truer form of the word.” Since it was revealed to Sam and Gilly on the Maester's death bed that HE was in fact the brother of the first Aegon Targaryan, I am fairly convinced he knew Jon Snow was not a bastard.

Which two characters in game of thrones have the strongest bond?

The TyrellsEspecially Margery and her brotherThese 3 people have a strong bond between them and they understand eachother completely.Margery’s grandmother plotted Joffery’s death fearing Margery’s safety.Margery supports her brother on him being attracted towards guys. She even lied before the High Sparrow for him.Even when they were captured by the High Sparrow, she worries a lot about her brother and repetedly asks to see him. Also she gives him confidence.

What confrontation between two characters in Game of Thrones would you love to see?

JON AND ARYA- They havent been together since Season1. They loved each other most. LikeSansa said: I remember How Jon was happy to see me. when he sees you, his heart will probably stop.” It will be amazing and the most anticipated.BRAN AND JON-Jon didnt saw Bran since he gone to The Wall. They had few scenes together but I always thought they consider themselves like real brothers. It will be anazing and the secret about Jon is a bonus I guess.BRAN AND JAMIE- Do you remember this scene? I think thats enough to highly anticipate it. And I think Bran will forgive Jamie.THE HOUND AND ARYA- they were really great together. Their relationship went from negative to positive beautifully. The Hound will be proud to see how good fighter Arya become and Arya will be glad to not killing him.TYRION AND SANSA- Tyrion always be kind to Sansa and protect him as much as he can. Tyrion knew Sansa’s potential and will be very happy to see how much she grow up and improved. A funny conversation about what happened to them since the Joffrey’s wedding is a must.ARYA AND GENDRY- They were great friends and They must miss each other a lot. Arya is probably think he is dead. And She will be very happy to see him. I think its time to start their romance slowly.JON AND SAM- They are really like brothers. They always cared for each other and it will be very good to see they get back together. Jon probably has no idea about Sam being Winterfell. It will be a great suprise.

What is the connection between these two verses…Joshua 6v20 & Thessalonians 4v16?

mlcros : is a bit of a stretch.

I was trying to point out (other than the obvious about the Trumpets) that there is a 'loud shout' & 'loud command' connection.

In the same way that the walls of Jericho came tumbling down....likewise the walls of men's hearts will also fail the Lord returns.

Luke 21v26 .......
Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.