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What Is The Main Purpose Of The Fj Rack. Like What Can You Put On It

Who thinks the new Toyota FJ is ugly?

I like them. I agree that they should offer them with a rag top as well as the hard top. That would really put a hurtin on Jeep's business. That is Toyota's biggest problem, if your going to make a Jeep like vehicle offer everything a Jeep has to offer.

Who invented the traffic signal?

Garret Morgan he also invented the gas mask and the zig zag for the sewing machines

Why does the FJ Cruiser get bad marks for overall quality ownership?

It doesn't.The FJ has one of the strongest, most reliable engines on the market (the same engine as the Tacoma). The FJ, as of summer 2016, is the most saught after used SUV and has the highest retention of value as a used resale.If you don't drive like an idiot (constant flooring and short breaking, always using 4wd when it's not needed, etc), you can get well over the rated MPG. I've had my 2011 FJ for 6 months, driving cross country and through mountains regularly, even with 4wd, and all-terrain tires and I still get 19 mpg overall.

What would be the best all purpose off road vehicle big enough to fit a family of 5?

H1 is a terrible choice. It’s big, but you are really cramped inside. It consumes fuel like a tank, and it still costs hell (a normal price for a 20-year-old one would be around 100k$). It’s too much (off road) for what you need, but not enough (on road) for what you need. Plus, you will have a great chance to find it with the paint scratched by keys or something like that, and you will have the reputation of having a small wee-wee (Hummer owners problems).Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited is okay, and pretty cool for off-roading, but it’s not the best all purpose off-road vehicule: it’s somewhat unstable on the road, and has a “boarf” handling in the road. Still good to consider if you do a lot of off-road, but not if you use it twice a year in muddy conditions.I would like to direct you to the Toyota FJ Cruiser, which is quite versatile: pretty good on the road, still capable in off-road, has room for 5, and is quite good in the “all purpose” range.And if you’re the type of guy who lift his trucks, and like to put a lot of accessories on it, well you can:As for another option, yeah, there is something else in Jeep (if you’re attracted by the aura of the brand): the Grand Cherokee, which is quite better than the Wrangler on road, but can still show what it’s worth in off-road use.Sure, if you do a lot of off-road, you will probably prefer the Wrangler, but if you do it occasionnally and want a good road handling, along with a lot of place and more comfort, while staying with Jeep, then go with the Grand Cherokee.Of course, for the lift lovers, you still can do it:I would also like to mention the 4Runner, the Pathfinder and the Xterra, if you don’t mind having something 10 years old, but the ones I mentionned are fitting the most to your criterias.Finally, there’s also the Range Rover, which can still be surprising in offroad, with the G-Class, but I doubt that these are what’s attracting you.

How long can I drive my car with bad coil packs?

It is not a question of how long you can do it. It is more a question if you should.The answer is you should not. You can drive the car until it breaks down completely (and it will). While doing so you will, as pointed out by other answers, run the risk of damaging the converter but you also run the risk of fire.If the coil is faulty very bad things can happen. Car fires are usually related to causes associated with fuel, and/or electrical. Once a fuel part starts leaking while a car is running, a fuel drip can be the formula for fire if you get sparks from a spark plug wire or an ignition coil that is faulty. Something like this could be the end result. (the image is from the web, I am just using it to illustrate a possible scenario, I do not know what happened with the beamer) But I have seen a Lancia catch fire from a faulty ignition coil.So, why risk it? Yes, they are not cheap, but you really should get a new one. By trying to "save" a few bucks you may end up having to spend a lot more.

I'm thinking of buying a new toyota FJ cruiser. does anyone know how tall the FJ is INCLUDING the roof rack?

The 4x4 according to Toyota is 71.6" and that is without the roof rack. The roof rack will add 4" to the overall height. The 4x2 is 70.9" in height.

What cars are similar to a Toyota FJ Cruiser?

Really there’s nothing quite like the FJ Cruiser except the older FJ landcruiser or which it was conceptualized from.There’s nothing else like it during its production run 2007–2014 for sure. Nothing as 4x4 capable direct from the factory for certain.It really is a unique suv. The closest would be a Jeep Wrangler or diassappointing renegade. That’s with class of vehicle in mind. There’s nothing close in terms of reliability, durability, capability, and creativity.It’s unique for a few reasons, but the most, I find, is from its conceptualization….The original designer of the original FJ landcruiser, was retiring on his birthday, and to celebrate his momentous contributions, some designers designed a “joke” or “hyperbolic” example of what the FJ would be like if modernized (a man’s man vehicle). The concept had a removable shovel in place for the gear shifter, removable head lights that could be handheld lanterns, a completely waterproof and submergable interior, and other (not-so) farfetched ideas. Some of course were impossible like a boat motor and inflatable buoyant tires to turn it into a boat, and parachute deployment, too.The funny thing is, that Toyota was looking to boost their single male or small family market segment, and kind of put two and two together. Obviously they omitted a lot of the “concept” and began working on an actual prototype in the 90’s. Some things they wanted to keep, such as the shovel and headlamps, but practicality and production cost wouldn’t allow.In the early 2000’s they had a working prototype and unveiled at a world release concept car event, and it was definitely hard not to notice the ugly behomeath at first, but then, surprisingly took a place in the hearts of many. This thing was built like a tank, confused with the H2 Hummer, but was meant for the average man.If you have the opportunity, check out some YouTube videos of the FJ itself and of videos compared with other vehicles like the hummer, wrangler, and Land Rover. It is surprising to see the abuse these things take, and keep on going. Two that I can’t anymore, one where the FJ jumps a sand dune, nosedives in the sand, falls back on four wheels, and drives off without even a stall. The other is one where a Jeep takes 2–3 minutes going downhill in some rocks, and an FJ runs down in 30 seconds having fun, banging and sliding against some rocks past them and yells out “I’m sure glad I got a Jeep”.

What are reasons your steering wheel won't lock?

I assume that you are referring to your steering wheel not locking in position after you stop the vehicle and take out the key?There are several possible reasons for this.1. The cog that fits into the detent on the steering column is broken and needs to be replaced.2. The detent on the steering column is worn or broken3. You have not turned the wheel far enough for the cog to find a detent. Pull the wheel first to the left, and then to the right to find the spot.4. The actuator from the solenoid to the cog is broken.To repair this will require the cover on the steering column to be removed, and probably need to have the steering wheel removed as well. Take it to a qualified shop or dealer for this. Incorrect actions could result in damage to the parts, or even the deployment of the air bag on the steering wheel. The exact disassembly required will differ for each manufacturer and possible model of vehicle. If you have a Chilton's manual for your vehicle, you can look up the repair to see what is involve.

I want a cool funky SUV. What is a good car to get, an FJ Cruiser or a 4Runner?

I like both of them,If the word is "FUNKY" i would go with FJ