What Is The Old Name Of Radio Nepa

What is the name of the CB radio from the 70's that had two channel dials on the front?

i think of the place you're perplexed is in what diferent forms of radio amenities there are. Whithout entering into commercial, armed forces and Ham radio, there are 3 shopper training. CB, GMRS And FRS. then there is SW and scanners for listening basically. The CB band is interior the 11 meter band and has 40 criminal channels, does not require a license and is AM basically. GMRS or widespread marine radio provider does require a license and is FM basically. FRS or relatives radio provider is constrained to basically some channerls interior the GMRS band and basically at low capability and is likewise FM basically. So there is not any way you are able to computer screen CB radio on considered one of those small hand-held GMRS/FRS walkitalkies. There are all forms of transportable radios that have SW bands and a few do conceal the CB band. maximum scanners nevertheless, basically paintings on FM at plenty bigger frequencies and so won't be able to computer screen CB. You realy pick a CB radio to computer screen it and, and not employing a license, those FRS units have an quite short selection and are extra like a on the spot intercom or basically a toy. Ham op over 30 yrs

Name Our Radio Station?

Quality rock usually alludes to a Adult Album Alternative station or AAA station.

problem is most of the good ones are used such as the peak, zoo, channel 95.7 krock (It's a AAA with the actual FCC call letters krok in Louisiana) , as well as the silly ones like the Pig.

Without knowing where in the midwest it's hard to give an idea. I know the texas stations use "twister" alot. As well as Monster radio on one Class A group in the hill country.

How about something with horses such as Stallion, thoroughbred, something like that....

"Just like a Stallion is a mighty Magestic animal, we only play the finest quality rock available....." (if not it's a great tag line:-)

If closer to Minnesota, "The Lake"

But I'm tapped out currently on ideas..sorry

I don't give my city, but state is Louisiana

Whats the name of the "radio radio" song?

Someone found a letter you wrote me, on the radio
And they told the world just how you felt
It must have fallen out of a hole in your old brown overcoat
They never said your name
But I knew just who they meant.

Oh, I was so surprised and shocked, and I wondered too
If by change you heard it for yourself
I never told a soul just how Ive been feeling about you
But they said it really loud
They said it on the air
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh now, now

Dont it kinda strike you sad when you hear our song
Things are not the same since we broke up last june
The only thing that I wanna hear is that you love me still
And that you think youll be comin home real soon
Whoa oh yeah yeah
And it made me feel proud when I heard you say
You couldnt find the words to say it yourself
And now in my heart I know I can say what I really feel
cause they said it really loud
They said it on the air
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio

If you think that love isnt found on the radio
On The Radio - Donna Summer

Well tune right in you made find the love you lost
cause now Im sitting here with the man I sent away long ago
It sounded really loud they said it really loud
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio whoa oh oh
On the radio, radio, radio (fade)

* Have a Good Day *

~ Don ~

To find the old name of Bihar, we need to go in past. Let's come.Ok, As we go back in time , we can understand that Bihar is the most important land for Buddhism. Bihar is the wrongly pronounced word of "Vihar". The word " vihar " is highly used in buddhist texts. It has been usually said Lord Budhha used to vihar (bhagwan Budhha viharte the vano me ~ budhha used to walk randomly in forests). This word is very powerful word of Sanskrit origin. This word has it's own significance and importance in spritual path.So, This word becomes popular and the place where buddhist monks used to stay called as vihar. Thus, Bihar is the living place of saints and monks as said.Before 1947, it was called as "behar" & came under northern province.Now, let's take a jump & come in ancient India.This is the time of empires and kingdoms. Bihar is much larger and strong and even complex. You can't understand if you are thinking present map of Bihar state. Bihar contained a lots of glorious and prosperous kingdoms like, Magadh & gupta whose capital was Patliputra(present Patna).More kingdoms were:* Vaishali- The first democracy of world emerged.*Mithila- You must have heard of Kind Videh Janak(father of goddess Sita). Videh was very famous for his knowledge of both kingdom and spirituality. He has been called a single personality in Indian history having such quality after Shiva.Kingdom of Mithila is also much described in Buddhist texts. Janakpur(present Nepal) was the capital of Lord Janak Kingdom. * Kingdom of King Bhoj(you must have heard about king Bhoj? Are not you aware of Bhojpuri and city Bhojpur in Bihar?)- Do I need to say about this.* Ang Pradesh (अंग प्रदेश)- Angika is still a living language there.& More kingdoms which can easily be accessed through goggle , wikipedia or other sources.So now, the point is that Which ancient name of Bihar would you like to choose. Decision is yours.

What is the name of this old cartoon?

I remember watching this as a kid, but I can't for the life of me recall its title. It had a princess with long hair, and a villain that for some reason thought the key to gaining power was to steal a lock of the princess's hair. There was also a prince cursed into being a dog except when he's "inside" some magic crystal or something. Anybody know what I'm talking about?

Old name of bangladesh?

Used to be East Pakistan when Pakistan and Bangladesh were under one government. That was from 1940s (1950s?) to 1980s. Before that it was ... part of India and before that who knows, I don't unfortunately.

The word 'Nepal' has significantly been used as the name of our country. There are various opinions about it :1. A sage called 'Ne' son of Lord Brahma, lived in penance on the confluence of the Bagmati and Bishnumati rivers. So, the word 'Nepal' was derived from the name of the sage 'Ne' and 'Pala' - his work, to protect the land. "So our nation Nepal has been protected by son of God Brahma, the creator of Universe, himself from time immemorial."2. Long, long ago, the kings of the Gopala dynasty ruled over it. They were called 'Nepa', so, after the name of the dynasty who ruled over it, the country was named as 'Nepal'.3. 'Nepal' might also be derived from 'Newar', one of the ancient tribes living in Kathmandu valley.4. In the Gandaki Mahatmya, it is mentioned that a king called 'Nepa' ruled over it. He conquered many kingdoms and established Shanker as his deity. He founded a country and called it 'Nepal', after his own name.5. In the Tibetan language 'Ne' means 'home' and 'pal' means 'wool'. Sheep were reared in Kathmandu valley and much wool was produced. So, it was called the home of wool, i.e., Ne Pal.6. In the Newari language 'Ne' means 'centre' and 'pa' means 'country'. So, 'Ne pa' means a country situated at the centre. Nepal is situated in between the two great countries, China and India. So, it was called a central country, i.e., Nepal.7. In the Limbu dialect 'Ne' means 'plain area'. Kathmandu valley is a plain, so it was called 'Nepal'.8. In the dialect of the Lepchas, 'Ne' means 'holy' and 'pal' means 'cave'. As it is a holy place - the centre of pilgrimage of Hindus and Buddhists, it was called a holy cave or Nepal.9. In the language of the Tibeto-Burma people, 'Ne' means 'cattle' and 'pa' means 'people'. Kathmandu valley had a good grassland for cattle and the main occupation of the people was to rear animals. So, it was called the land of the people who reared animals, i.e., Nepal.10. Thomas Young and Geroge Griharson, the two famous historians gave thier opinion that both the terms 'Nepal' and 'Newar' might be derived from the same root 'Nyarva'. In this way, Nyarva was turned into Newar and then to Nepal.11. Kiratas, the earliest known inhabitants of this country, had a clan called 'Nepar' living in Kathmandu valley. So, Nepal might also be derived from Nepar.

What is the name of this old 80s alien movie?

I do believe it's an 80s movie or could be very early 90s, and the word "Alien" is in the title of the movie but I can't figure out what the second word is in the title.
The movie is about lizard type aliens that come from outer space and land on Earth. They find hosts and they crawl inside their mouth and take over their body. Then they go into hibernation and awake like 20 years later and they are in the 80s, but they dress like they are from the 60s.
Then a good Alien comes, takes over a hot blonde girl, and she goes and hunts those bad aliens. She destroys them then the alien leaves the hot blonde girl's body and the end.
If you know the name of this oldie movie, I would appreciate it. It's Alien _____.

What is old name for Sri Lanka?

Before 1972, Sri Lanka was known as Ceylon.

A bit of history behind this...

In ancient times, Sri Lanka was known by a variety of names: ancient Greek geographers called it Taprobane and Arabs referred to it as Serendib (the origin of the word "serendipity"). Ceilão was the name given to Sri Lanka by the Portuguese when they arrived on the island in 1505, which was transliterated into English as Ceylon. In 1972, the official name of the country was changed to "Free, Sovereign and Independent Republic of Sri Lanka." In 1978 it was changed to "Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka."

Hope this helps! ;-)