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What Is The Performance Of Nokia Lumia 625

Which is better: Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 630 and why?

Nokia Lumia 630, overall the phone is better than the 520. Unless cost is a concern, it seems like a no brainer.Nokia Lumia 520 vs. Nokia Lumia 630 | GSMArena

What should I get, a Nokia Lumia 625 or a Moto G?

A myriad of differences between the two have already been stated in the answers above. I'll say that the Windows Phone Update(8.1) is on its way and will be out next month. I have been with it's beta version for about 3 months and I cannot find a reason to go for any android device.They say you can customise your Moto G, but the fact is that when you really start using that device to it's peak, it becomes sluggish and then you install a bunch of task killers and what not, then you root your device and go for a lighter ROM (which always has a number of bugs as they are experimental), then you finally get back to stock ROM and accept the lag and low frame rate visuals. I can say all this because I have had a long experience with a high end android device.I have had a Lumia 820 for roughly a year with 32 GB external memory. It's full with a lot of applications and music and pictures. Let me phrase this for you : I don't experience any kid of lag in a Lumia. It's butter smooth no matter how full it is.The store is now filled with all the applications that you can possibly need.In fact, I am sure you will fall in love with the Nokia Mix Radio and the camera.Thanks for A2A.

Is the Nokia N8 WiFi performance better than the Nokia 5800?

both have 802.11 hardware wise speeds are the same but it will depend upon the software part for maximum utilisation of the corresponding hardware,,

Which phone is better nokia lumia 630 or sony xperia m?

Nokia Lumia 630 vs Sony Xperia MMostly it depends on what features you want.....what features you are looking for in your future phone.For example the camera...the Nokia takes better shots...the resolution is the same but the Nokia commands when it comes to clarity.If you want a good looking phone...the Sony Xperia is a delight to look at...its thinner near the waist which the Nokia isn't.Software...if you had an android previously I'd like you to have a taste of really is this case...I'd recommend you visit a shop and experience for yourself.Warranty...yes...manufacturers give warranty...but Nokia follows them up nicely...its easy to get a Nokia repaired...look around and you'll see more of Nokia care centers than Sony.In short...make a list of features you want...prioritize them...and buy the phone which has most of the listed features covered.

What is the efficiency in a Nokia Lumia 510?

i would not recommend it for anyone as it has a low amount of RAM. You can have more choices in lumia sets like 535,540,550 etc.

I am planning to buy Nokia Lumia 625. I will get it in 12,780 after cash back in Flipkart. Is it worth or there are any better options?

I would like to give you two options on your choice of handset .Personally i am not a big fan of lumia phone at 512 ram gets relatively slow .Your best option would be to go for a android phone (most phones now come with kit kat which runs smoothly on 512 ram)1. Xiaomi mi3 which costs near about 13 k2.Moto g which costs around 11k .This are best viable option that you have my mate .

What are the disadvantages of the Nokia Lumia 625?

I recommend you visit Microsoft website and check for the specs of the Lumia phone and If it doesn't satisfy you, you get a higher model like 950 or 1050.Every phone model was uniquely designed, manufactured, tested and shipped to carriers or public.No model is good or bad. Your opinion depends on your need and usage of a smartphone.If you need to use a 4G phone, you shouldn't call Lumia 535 or 520 a bad phone. If you need a 20MP smartphone, you shouldn't tag a 5MP camera phone poor because it's just sufficient for many others.In conclusion, If you need a phone, check the store, select models you have interest in, then compare the features and prizes.Goodluck.

Which Windows phone is better, the Nokia Lumia 625 or 520? Regarding the price and performance/battery, which one should I get?

Update.I bought the Lumia 920, and I am very happy with it. The battery life is cool, makes it the whole day with some gaming and nav. It goes for 22 hours of random use, and still 7-10% remains (2 hours app).So, to make it worth to other people if they read this, it is a go! We need more people using wp and also more reviewers for apps in the store as there are lots of apps unreviewed, that are free and excellent.From a previous HTC one X user (that switched to windows because of sheer boredom with android).Wp has some issues, not so common and heavy bugs, but it gets better day by day. I would say switching from android to wp, is like going from windows to linux.Peace.

Should one buy Nokia Lumia nowadays?

Blindly go for Lumia phones, as they are always better than android (even if google release android 6 or 7 whatever). Windows 10 powers Lumia phones, that's a ultra optimised OS, no android can beat its smoothness and in performance, As u can see, Microsoft building Lumia phones housing snapdragon 212 processor and 1 gb ram. Thats impossible for android phones to run its OS (forget about smooth functioning) on this specifications. Thats y android phones are coming with 3,4 gb ram, 2ghz octacore processors, mainly no bloatware problem in lumia╩┐s (like u face in a 6 month old android phones),lumia phones get all the OS updates that Microsoft rolls out,Finally, dont go by specifications. Just c the performance of Lumia's. They have unbeatable camera quality, ( eg. Lumia 730, 830, 930)U will find all the major apps, some may arrive to store lately.Highly secured OS, IM USING LUMIA 520, from almost 2.5 yrs, now bought 730 FOR 15.6K AT SNAPDEAL. Im completely happy,