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What Is The Worst Thing That Anyone Has Ever Done To You Or What Is The Worst Thing That Has Ever

What is the worst thing anyone has ever done to you? What happened?

I have such a long list that is buried way back in my mind, so I’ll have to do some digging. Incest, hmmm? No, I survived and use it to counsel others. Abuse by mother and father, hmmm..they knew NOTHING about parenting. Oh, yes, one thing mom did that hurt badly was when she, an aunt and my twin bro and I went to Chicago to visit an aunt. When walking in the street, she made me walk on the other side, away from my aunt.(She was jealous of anyone who gave me attention rather than giving her the attention.) I married a man who was emotionally abusive (I’m going to divorce Barbara as soon as we get to Ohio, I heard him tell a Georgia neighbor as we moved). We went to the mall as a family, and he made me walk on one side, away from the two children, who were only 3 and 5 and knew nothing of the abuse given to me. This is ONE I don’t try to understand, make excuses for, or tolerate NOW from anyone. Worst thing? Maybe, but others may surface. I have a wonderful life now with a compassionate husband, but do have nightmares of abandonment periodically. He holds me while I tremble. Good man, wipes out some of the abuse. We all are fortunate when such a person enters our life, aren’t we?

What's the worst thing anyone has ever done to you?

Easy to answer... Being cheated on and lied to about it when I know the truth. In 2008, my ex said they were going to go with friends, but really it was their 'ex' who they ended up getting back together with.  They had never broken up, I guess and didn't have the integrity to say anything to me.  I found out on my own.Open relationships or 'casual relationships' don't work.  It always ends up that someone gets hurt, the relationship doesn't last, and no lessons are learned.  Instead it becomes a pattern of short, shallow relationships that really are nothing but lust...  If you want real love, then be in a committed relationship with one person and work through the tough times.

What is the worst thing a guy has ever done to you?

I just asked the opposite question a moment ago: "What is the sweetest thing a guy has ever done for you?"

if you'd like to answer that:;_ylt=AkER79Fmqwn1HO2EgQU.vWgazKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20101117192722AAlDtBI

so how has a guy ever screwed you over? i mean what's like the lowest most horrible, mean thing a guy has ever done to you?

im trying to get inspired for a novel im writing. Thanks a bunch!! :)

What is the worst thing your husband has ever done?

I cheated on her. Not only that, it was in my office at work, a co-worker heard us, and reported us to the boss. I not only got fired, I lost my career as a result, and had to start a new one.

We got past it by me taking full responsibility for what I had done, getting some help, and doing some serious growing up and re-committing to our marriage. After much anguish and hardship, lasting for months, my wife finally did forgive me, for which she has my eternal gratitude.

That was well over 10 years ago, and today we love each other in our solid and happy marriage. I feel certain that I didn't appreciate her before I cheated on her as much as I do now. Sometimes fools like me don't know what they have until they are faced with losing it.

Edit for blazingquill: I have now given you a thumbs up - you're awesome!

What is the worst thing that a ghost has ever done to you,...?

Describe smells, sounds, attacks, etc...(I KNOW that these things have happened to people,,this isn't a funny lil question..I am seriously asking y'all this!) What did you do, and or what have you done to take steps to get rid of, and or to deal with this sort of problem?
Did it "take" or not?