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“Yeah”, “yep”, “yup”, “uhha”, “mhmm”

There are a lot of slang words similar to Russian slang.“бухати” / ”bukhaty” (similar to Russian “бухать”) = to drink alcohol, heavily“ква��ити” / “kvasyty” (similar to Russian “квасить”) = same as above.“колеса” / “kolesa” (Russian word spells the same but pronounced differently, non-slang meaning is “wheels”) = pills, initially those of round form but may be used to any“смага” = samogon , moonshine“лабати” (similar to Russian “лабать”) = 1) to play music (mostly applied to guitar) 2) to do some work / job with less han good qualitySame story with slang related to obscenities: mostly close to Russian.Western and even non-Western Ukrainians may also use Polish words as slang: kobieta (woman) , dupa (arse) etcThere are a lot of political slang words. Warning: some of them are hate speech.“хуйло / пуйло ” = that’s how haters of Putin call him, meaning sort of “lowlife”“Московія” = Muscovia, historical name, now what haters of Russia call it“колоради” = pejorative term for pro-Eastern, referring to perceived similarity of Colorado potato beetle colors and Ribbon of Saint George .“зРада” = literally means “treason”, but in slang means parliament, especially the state one (originates from similarity of word “рада”, meaning “council” and word “зрада” , meaning “treason”)

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I've never heard of popping blinds before, but downers are things that mellow you out. They calm you down, verses uppers that make you wired. Things like acid and speed (thus the name 'speed') would be considered uppers. My suggestion, ask them what they are talking about specifically. A lot of drug slang can be used for the same drugs.

What does this 'slang' term mean?

Oh gosh I answered that question too...

I thought the guy was referring to a manly form of alcohol...but apparently it was something of a mans nature...

GOAT is an acronym for Greatest Of All Time.According to Know Your Meme, the term originated in 2000 with the rapper LL Cool J’s eighth studio album entitled G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time).This definition for GOAT first appeared on Urban Dictionary in 2003.GOAT is also often associated with the boxer Muhammad Ali. Ali often said he was the greatest of all time, and in 1992 his wife Lonnie Ali incorporated Greatest of All Time, Inc. (G.O.A.T. Inc.) to license her husband’s image and intellectual property for commercial use.Other slang uses for goat include the phrase “to get one’s goat”, goat as a lecher, or goat as in “scapegoat”.

Cool does get used a lot, but there’s a whole scale of other options like..That’s wicked mate!Said pretty enthusiastically for something that’s really awesome. Often with a kind of hand flick (which is pretty bizarre, but hey, culture!)Yess GET IN!Also said pretty enthusiastically (but not aggressive sounding), often in the context of receiving wonderful things.Did you see the match? It was soundNot often used that enthusiastically. Usually refers to events and how you’re feeling. (How are you? Sound thanks, sound.)QualityI think I’ve most often heard this just on its own. It’s kind of a way of saying “that’s cool” or “that’s great, thanks”.That’s mintThis one’s rarely used enthusiastically either - it usually refers to things. However, if do you use it enthusiastically and refer to people, you get the bonus of adding a completely random layer of humour (“Your mother’s so mint mate!”)Your new car is sick bruvSomewhere between mint and wicked on the enthusiasm scale and also usually refers to things.Social class naturally affects the words used too. Generally more middle class would say more polite sounding/ more obvious meaning things like..Nice one!Ace!Brill Slang form of brilliant: you just did something really cool!There’s many, many more depending on region!

What does this spanish "slang" mean?

My boyfriend is from el salvador, and although I understand most spanish grammar, I don't understand many colloquilisms (sp?) or slang terms.
I'm actually not sure if it is slang, but something that he says all the time is "de graciado". Maybe it's one word?

For example, he'll be drinking coffee, and I'll go to give him a kiss, and a little bit of his coffee will spill, and he'll laugh and say "de graciado".

What the heck does it mean? Is it rude? He always says it in a playful way.

Thanks in advance

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