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What Is This Tv Movie Called

What was that TV cloning movie title called?

I saw this movie in school, it was shown on TV in the 1990's. From what I can remember it was about a family where a boy has died and his parents work for a genticsist company, where they think about cloning his DNA, but decide not to, than they find out that the company has cloned their son over 10 times and those "sons" are now living with other families. Thats all I can remember, but I think it was show on either FOX, CBS, or ABC. I just want to know the name of the title, so I can rent it.

Whats that movie called where 2 kids get sucked into a tv and they end up in 1950s but its all black and white?


Although David (Tobey Maguire) and his sister Jennifer (Reese Witherspoon) are twins, they lead dramatically different high school social lives. Jennifer focuses mainly on her appearance and popularity, while David spends much of spare time on the couch watching reruns of Pleasantville. A black-and-white '50s sitcom similar to Leave It To Beaver and Father Knows Best.

When they are pulled into the show they are expected to assume the character of the show and live in the black and white world that has very strict rules on social conduct, and what is or is not appropriate freedoms for the town.

Whats that kung fu movie called thats on spike tv?

The movie is playing right now on spike tv.
It has some crazy kung fu fighting with alot of special effects.
There is also some theme of good and bad.
Theres is a big gang in the movie called the axe gang that causes trouble in the movie, and oh yeah everybody in the movie is asain.

Looking for a movie called Just My Imagination (1992) Tv on DVD?

Does anyone know where I might be able to find this movie on DVD?

Movie Description:

A rock and roll star Bobby Rex (Tom Wopat) scores a big hit with a suggestive song called Whompin' Pally Thompson. A teacher named Pally Thompson (Jean Smart) living in the stars hometown hears the song and, fearing that it is about her, heads off to confront him.

Anime TV series have movie versions, what are they called?

Anime movies.

Why are you 'in' a movie but 'on' TV?

Well, this is simple.TV i.e Television is a Real thing which has a physical existence and can be seen by your eyes.Movie , on the other hand , is not a physical thing.So, if someone sees you “on” TV, that means you are on the screen of their TV. But in movie, you have acted and were included in the star cast in the movie and people are gonna watch it in the theater “on” the screen of the theater.Thanks for A2A :)

Tv movie in the early 60s called the three letters star in the movie was Burgess Meredeth want to buy it?

the movie i'm speaking of was about a mailmain who delivered three letters to three people years after the letters were lost and then found again the mailman was burgess meredeth but i don't remember who else stared in it any help from tv movie buff from the 60s would help i think it was hallmark made for tv movie

Megan Follows did a CBC TV movie called "Open Heart." Does anyone know where I could buy the DVD?

Have you tryed ebay, I found an old Lifetime movie on there. Good Luck

Looking for TV movie 1979 called Elvis staring Kurt Russel DVD?

Kurt Russel played Elvis Presley in the 1979 entitled Elvis It's available only on VHS on some on line locations when it's in stock. On it was not available, nor was it on when I checked, but eBay did have an Elvis auction awhile ago & I think it was there then, not quite sure if it's still in stock there anymore & neither are they.Here are the stars of this T.V. movie:
Kurt Russel--Elvis Presley.
Shelly Winters--Gladys Presley.
Bing Russel--Vernon Presley.{Kurt's real life father.}
Season Hubley--Priscilla Presley.
Pat Hingle--Col. Tom Parker.
A notation on Kurt & Elvis: Kurt Russel played a cameo role in Elvis's movie It Happened At The World's Fair. He was the young boy who kicked Elvis in the shins at the fair. The movie had the following cast:
Elvis Presley--Mike Edwards.
Joan O'Brien--Diane Waren.
Vicki Tiu--Sue Lin.
Gary Lockwood-- Danny Burke.
There was a movie called Heartbreak Hotel in 1988 where David Keith played Elvis Presley & Tuesday Weld as Marie Wolfe & Charles Schlatter as Johnny Wolfe.
A notation for Elvis fans: Elvis does have a Hotrl named "HEARTBREAK HOTEL' near his Graceland Mansion in Memphis TN.