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What Jobs Can A 13 Year Old Do

Nose job for a 13 year old...?

DON"T EVER DO SOMETHING BCUS OF SOME GUY. honestly you do things for other people and you will never be happy with yourself. I wouldn't get a nose job before 18, because you are still growing into your body, i mean it could be a great thing, it could be horrible. But think about it, do you really dislike your nose or is it becuase he made fun of you. He's probably a dumb jerk who has a crush on you and doesn't know how else to express it but to make fun of you. 5-6 years from now you could be a huge model and your nose could be what sells your image. I am not pro or anti plastic surgery i just think it deserves an extremem amount of thought, because it usually doesn't stopp with one trip under the knife, soon you notice more imperfections and end up having a botched surgery. Look at someone like Jennifer Gray (baby from dirty dancing) Her nose was huge but it's what made her who she is. As soon as she got a nose job, she couldn't get another job. She had her own tv show and it got canceled in the first season. People even commented on how she wasn't as attractive anymore. It's going to hurt. It's major surgery. You'll be bruised and swollen, and it'll hurt like a ***** for a period of time. Oh and every girl says if i lose ten lbs. i'll be more confident, changing your apperance wont necessarily make you more happy. Building confidence comes from within and it comes from being flawed and being able to appreciate yourself depsite those flaws. You could be a perfect girl apperance wise and still be miserable.

I'm 13 years old and I live in the US. Are there any jobs that I can go into?

If you are considering something online you can check out the HubPages article Jobs for 13 Year OldsIt lists five good ways to make money as a 13 year old which my nephew used.Enjoy!Jake

How can a 13 year old apply for a job in the UK?

I would give you a job right now, based on this question.Your attitude and maturity is really quite fantastic. You obviously care very much for family and understand that your mum is doing her best for you all. She's setting a good example by going to school to create a better future for you all.Make sure that you don't neglect your own school work when you get your job. Don't try to take too much on.You can ask in your local newsagents to see if they have a need for a paper delivery person.You can ask if any local shops need help for a couple of hours after school and at the weekend.You can ask in the neighborhood (only people you know and your mum approves of asking) if you can do chores. Going to the shops, helping in the garden, putting the wheelie bins out, walking dogs. These are things people might need doing on a regular basis so you could build a good little round up.You could go to local takeaways, pizza delivery etc and see if they need leaflets delivered.What about Avon? You probably wouldn't be able to get an account yourself but if you promise to all the work, maybe your mum could do the initial set up.I'm struggling to think of anything else right now but I will come back to you when I do.Good luck sweetheart. Your mum must be so proud of you. I know I would be xx

How does a 12- or 13-year-old get a job? What kind of jobs can they get?

This is going to be fun to follow!The summer I turned 12, I got a job as shine boy at a shoe repair shop – excuse me, “shoe maker’s.” I had my own key to the shop and was responsible for opening the shop in the morning, shines, some dye jobs, cleaning, and customer service when the owner was not there. My son started carrying three routes of a weekly free newspaper when he was 9. Next child down was only 7 (I didn’t believe it either) when she got her first out-side-the home babysitting job. The parents that hired her made as the only condition that I or my wife be on call in case of emergencies. My youngest daughter was hired as an “assistant manager of a horse farm when she was 12. She was left in full charge of 23~24 horses whenever the owner was out of town.What is the best job? The one the 12 year old wants to do, can, do and can get hired to do.There are parents who see their child’s working as personal development and those who see it as showing their inability to provide. Guess where I stand on that question.

I'm 13 years old, How can I get a job online?

Ask your parents/guardian for permission. Check with your guidance counselor at school.Determine what you want to do.A job online is confusing - find a job by going online, or work online. TBD.Good luck.

What jobs can a 13 year old do in solihull?

you can try dog walking, or delivering newspapers or babysitting or mabey even doing little stuff around your house and ask your parents if they can give you some money for cleaning also i heard of people going on ebay and selling there old stuff to make money.
good luck :)

Can a 13 year old get a job at walmart?

yes, I am a restaurant owner and I just hired a 13 yo girl for summer. We included her in our student program, and most of companies have that program now. As long as you are willing to work and not thinking that you are young than you deserve to be treated specially, then you will do alright. if you work really good, you can even build your career there, say you can be a restaurant manager by the time you reach 20s.

What types of jobs can 13 year olds have?

I am almost 13, i have exaclty 20 dollars to my name, i want alot of things, but this is what ive been craving for for months now. I want a ipod but my mother says i must earn the money on my own. What type of job (other than prostitution, because i refuse to do that) will not inforce child labor laws and allow me to save up. What can i do?